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REDDROX Inc. Feedback From Arnold Classic!

The 2007 Arnold Classic went off with a bang and couldn't have been a better place to show new products! Here is a brief review from the Expo!

REDDROX Inc. had decided to exhibit at the recent Arnold Classic as a mechanism to bring to market our new product launch, REDDROX VITAL HYDRATION. This is the first time we had exhibited at this event. In the past we have attended and exhibited at the key EXPO'S and Supply Side Events geared to the Dietary Supplements and Nutraceutical Industry.

In the anticipation of a new product launch we had decided to review a number of mechanisms for brining to market our new product. We of course looked at all the traditional and non traditional avenues, The Classic, is certainly one of those we shall continue with.

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In the area of Internet we selected We realized early on in the review of candidates that this is a company set apart from others. has a dedicated customer focus; a keen working relationship with the entire staff, but most important the philosophy and leadership of the principles of the company. The fostered integrity and demonstrated stewardship by the leadership carries through the company at all levels.

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Lisa Maria.

This is a company driven by flawless execution and transparent delivery. It is clear why the leaders of the industry in Sports Nutrition trust their brand names to Further it is clear why the growth of the company continues to flourish.

Finally, the display at the Arnold Classis was brilliantly represented; one of which we are proud to have our product and banner associated with. This is a company well respected among its peer group.

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At The Booth.
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Kudos to the staff and management of

Arnold Classic Interview.
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A Brief Interview With Thomas Of REDDROX, Inc.

[ Lisa ] What was the most interesting thing about the Arnold Classic Expo?

    For REDDROX we were impressed with the overall participation - 100K+. Further the companies represented are the Icons of the industry. In addition the Bodybuilding and Fitness competitions, were world class.

[ Lisa ] How did the fan's react to your new product?

    Pleasantly surprised, we exceeded our expectations - we served in excess of 7,000 samples of our product. Further, the questions and comments were favorable. We were most encouraged.

[ Lisa ] Are you planning on attending any other expo's this year?

    Yes, we will attend Supply Side East, Supply Side West and the EXPO to be held in Anaheim, Ca. We feel we need to continue to capture as much exposure as possible, being a new entity.

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Thomas & Lisa At The Arnold Expo.
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