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2006 OCB Yorton Cup National Bodybuilding & Figure Championships Review!

The 2006 OCB Yorton Cup National Bodybuilding & Figure Championships were held November 4, 2006 in Pittsburgh, PA. Adam Shawver claimed the overall title with the help of his signature huge, striated quads.

Contest Review

The OCB Yorton Cup national championship held November 4, 2006 in Pittsburgh, PA drew competitors from 18 states. This was the third year since the Yorton Cup was established. The show was named after Chet Yorton, who among other things, held the first-ever natural bodybuilding competition (1975).

This year's event featured a special treat. 1966 Mr. America, 1966 Mr. Universe, 1975 Pro Mr. Universe and one of only three men to ever defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chet Yorton, was on hand for the first time. In addition to addressing the audience at the beginning of the show and presenting the overall awards to the new champions, Yorton performed a guest posing routine.

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Chet Yorton.

This was his first appearance back on the bodybuilding scene in more than two and a half decades, and even at age 67 now, Yorton still looked incredible. The audience gasped at first sight of him.

-> Figure Divisions:

    In the Figure portion of the show, Mary Beth Schlichte was one of the standouts. She ended up vying for the Open overall title, but the surprise was the other class win - the Masters age 45 and over category! No one would guess she met that eligibility.

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    Mary Beth Schlichte.

    Shelly Cicero transformed her physique since her last appearances and showed noticeably fuller, rounded, toned muscle, which really set her appearance off.

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    Shelly Cicero.

    Veronica Davis clinched the Novice overall title. Her wide upper back created an impressive taper to her waist.

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    Veronica Davis.

    Angela Larsen was another standout. Her deep abdominal muscle bellies drew attention and served as a highlight of the rest of her impressive physique, which included great overall symmetry and rounded and sculpted shoulder caps.

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    Angela Larsen.

    Monika Rodgers ended up the Open overall winner among the so many impressive physiques. Her slender waist, sharp lines carving out her muscle shape, and balanced physique, both in size and leanness, helped lead her to victory.

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    Monika Rodgers.

-> Women's Bodybuilding Divisions:

    In the women's bodybuilding, it was a third straight year of a stellar lineup. Lisa Cooney had her best showing to date, had a very impressive upper body highlighted by a great back, and refined her posing to show everything in a most impressive manner.

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    Lisa Cooney.

    Kristi Carter made her debut in bodybuilding, switching gears from figure, and she made quite an impression. She brought a balanced physique with pleasing lines of detail and despite it being a first time in bodybuilding, really had her mandatory poses down to show it all nicely.

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    Kristi Carter.

    Among the heavy-hitters in the Open division was Laura Heyne who carries impressive size, built in part by a background in powerlifting. Shauna Birge showed excellent muscularity paired with stunning symmetrical, deep-bellied, shapely muscle all over. Jamie McLaughlin couldn't be touched though.

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    Laura Heyne.

    Her long powerlifting background has given her dense muscle that seldom can be matched, and she showed up with the hardness to make it nearly impossible to topple her. She's sure to make others take notice if she moves on to IFPA pro competition, which she qualified for with her victory, and will likely be one of the tops there too.

-> Men's Bodybuilding Divisions:

    In the men's bodybuilding, Larry Wizorek had solid muscle and came in hard as usual. Jason Janov caught the eye of many. At only age 20 his size and symmetry gave others, including Chet Yorton, the impression that he's going to be one of the tops in the sport. Luther Bradford had a great build. His muscle shape is superior to most, and he had sharp, crisp detail too.

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    Larry Wizorek (left), Jason Janov (center), Luther Bradford (right).

    Bruce Madeya packed super size. Eric Martin looked to be one of, if not the, leanest and hardest physiques in the show. The size and ripped conditioning of Adam Shawver couldn't be overcome though. Shawver claimed the overall title with the help of his signature huge, striated quads.

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    Adam Shawver (left), Eric Martin (center), Bruce Madeya (right).

-> Next Year's OCB Yorton Cup IV:

    Next year's OCB Yorton Cup IV Nationals will be held in the Washington, D.C. area and is sure to be even bigger and better. It will include IFPA pro divisions, Ms. Fitness and Fitness Model divisions. It's tentatively set for October 20, 2007. Details will be available on as they become available.