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2006 100% Raw Wilmington Bench Press Classic Review & Results!

The 2006 100% Raw Wilmington Bench Press Classic was held on October 28th in Wilmington, DE. Some of the worlds strongest men and women competed in this amazing show of strenth. Will Lynch benches 600 pounds! Learn more here....

Contest Results

-> Men's Overall:

Wt. Class Name Lift
148 R. Bullard 150
148 C. Grant 105
148 R. Roberson 80
165 M. Mason 320 $
165 M. Binkley 320
165 S. Wesley 315
165 T. Berthold 265
165 T. Chappell 225
181 A. Graham 360
181 M. Brown 300
181 C. Maxwell 210
181 M. Omokaiye 170
198 W. Lynch 440
198 A. Bannerman 410
198 M. Summerfield 330
198 B. Gabbert 305
198 T. Whitted 250
220 C. Pickett 405
220 E. Thayer 290
242 J. Lewis 600 *$
242 J. Goodnight 365
242 P. Serra 355
242 R. Strange 345
242 J. Matthews 345
SHW D. Owens 470
SHW H. Canada 465 *$

    * - State Record
    $ - National Record

-> Women's Overall:

Weight Age Group Name Lift
132 Open R. Bullard 150
132 45-49 C. Grant 105*$
148 50-54 R. Roberson 80 *$
181 45-49 M. Omokaiye 170

    * - State Record
    $ - National Record

Contest Review

The Wilmington Bench Press Classic brought in a great group of quality lifters. A lot of new faces, as well as veterans like Ed Thayer and Brad Gabbert. 100% RAW is great about offering a multitude of divisions for the lifters, but Paul and I always like to stack the lifters up by weight class, to see who is the best on any given day. Some times it’s the open lifters, sometimes the master, and even a teen can steal the spot light.

Click Image To Enlarge.
The Men Of RAW.

In 148 it was neither, as the woman dominated this class. Rebecca Bullard’s 135 opener was enough to win, but ended with a very impressive 150 at only 126 pound of body weight.

The most competitive class of the day was 165, where first through third was decided by a mere five pounds. Scott Wesley needed all three attempts to get 315 to stay in the meet, and earn third place. Michael Brinkley opened with 315 and ended with 320 on his third, but Michael Mason would go 300, 315, and 320 to win on body weight.

Anthony Graham used a 360 to easily secure the class. Marcus Brown finished second. Michelle Omokaiye benched 175 for the biggest woman’s bench of the day which is now the national record.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Michelle Omokaiye.

Only two lifters have won four consecutive World Titles, and one of them is Will “Chill� Lynch. He dominated the 198 class with 440, and believe it or not he’s capable of a lot more. I’m sure we’ll see him try to make it five in November.

Not to be overlooked is another strong lifter, Anthony Bannerman, who hit 410. Weighing 185 he could go down a class, or stay put depending on Will’s class, and have a good chance at his own world title. Carleton Pickett used a 405 bench to secure the 220 class over the always popular Ed Thayer.

Wow. Jauncey “Rock� Lewis nailed 600 pounds at 242 to destroy the competition by nearly 250 pounds. This is one lifter who absolutely needs to be at the Worlds.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Jauncey “Rock� Lewis.

The battle in this class was for second, as four lifters were separated by twenty pounds. Master lifter Jimmy Goodnight went 1 for 3 but the 365 was enough to hold off Pete Serra who hit 355, as well as James Matthews and Ryan strange who both hit 345.

The Wilmington Bench Classic ended with two veterans dueling for the Heavy Weight title. Donald Owens and Herman Canada both nailed 450 openers. Herman would take the lead with 365 on his second attempt, but Donald would answer with 470. Neither could get their third attempt, giving Donald the overall title.

This was another fantastic meet by the 100% RAW federation, and a nice precursor to the biggest meet of the year. The 2006 World Championships. Lift hard, but most importantly keep it fun.