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2006 Washington State Championships Review & Pics!

The 2006 Washington Health, Fitness & Beauty EXPO took place July 15th in the posh Auburn Performing Arts Center, WA. Get the latest review, results, and photos right here.

There was something for everyone at this year's 2006 Washington Health, Fitness & Beauty EXPO. From vendors hawking all kinds of supplements, training wear, and beauty aids to a NAS strongman/woman competition and beyond. The event climaxed with the 2006 Washington State Bodybuilding and Figure championships.

By popular demand the event was returned to Auburn's posh Performing Arts Center. The venue, big enough to hold the capacity crowd was still intimate enough to see the intensity of the competitor's faces as they battled for the State Championships.

The open men's overall line-up was one of the most impressive in recent years. Dominated by the big guys, heavyweight Raffi Feters was flanked by the super heavy Charles Dorby and the light heavy Bobby Rogers. As head judges Gordon Myco took the athletes through quarter turns and mandatory poses it was evident that Feters was well on his way to victory. But that doesn't tell the whole story.

Feter's was given a good push earlier in the evening by fellow heavyweight, Vic Olvera. Both bodybuilders were hard and shredded. It was the toughest call of the evening. I believe it was Feter's thickness that prevailed.

The light heavyweight class was equally close. It Bobby Rogers' legs that set him apart from former Evergreen State champ Gary Horton. Horton, who was favored to win the overall, hit his inspiring free-posing routine to perfection. He was awarded the best poser award later in the night.

The novice men featured some great up-and-coming physiques as well. Mark Schukantz's athletic build put him far ahead of the lightweight pack. His classic lines give Schukantz a bright future if he continues to develop his natural symmetry.

Novice heavyweight Matt Porter hit the stage running with his powerful posing routine. From the ground up Porter's physique looked hard and full. His arms and delts were outstanding and nearly over-shadowed his great chest and back development.

The masters men overall came down to a split decision. The over forty winner, Bobby Rogers took the title but over 50 Dan Meece stole the show. In the last few months Meece has kicked his training into high gear and dialed in his diet. He was in the best shape ever and is far from hanging up his posing trunks.

Consistent with the trend the women's bodybuilding classes were thin. The ladies that did show came to win. Teresa Mason took both the master's 35 and the open lightweight divisions. Mason continues to refine her shape for every show. Pound for pound she is one of the best in the northwest.

Open heavyweight winner, Judy Harris, is another great competitor that continues to improve every time she competes. The crowd was for her and I think she was a bit surprised by the response her routine garnered. If Judy ever realizes her potential the big surprise will be on the competitors who have underestimated her.

The figure competition was brought out a dozen ladies. These girls weren't your average bathing suit beauties. They obviously trained hard and dieted well for the show. Callie Marunde looked fantastic and presented herself well. If audience response counted she would have been the winner outright. It was Heidi Riegsecker's shapely physique and sultry smile that put her first in the short class.

Donna Freund won the medium class with a strong showing by second place Amanda Kingham and third place Stephanie Elder. The lone competitor in the tall class was Sheila Salinas.

Salinas has been knocking on the door for the past several years. I have seen her make some radical changes in the past few months. For this show she actually had to smoothen up a bit. What ever she did, worked. She took home the overall Washington State Figure title.

IFBB Pro Tonia Williams and her husband Jeremy have been promoting this show for several years now. They make a great team. In fact, they brought the whole family along to insure the success of the show. I met everyone from four generations of Williams' including the family dog. The event was spectacular had something for all ages. Congratulations to Tonia and Jeremy; better known as Beauty and the Beefcake.

The Results

Men's Bodybuilding

    Junior Men:

    1. Nai Abdul Quadir

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      Nai Abdul Quadir.

    3. Scott Hoffman

    4. Click To Enlarge.
      Scott Hoffman.

    5. Elliot Weyand

    6. Click To Enlarge.
      Elliot Weyand.

    7. Talon Venturo

    8. Click To Enlarge.
      Talon Venturo.

    Masters Men 40:

    1. *Robert Rogers

    2. Click To Enlarge.
      Robert Rogers.

    3. Tracey Beets

    4. Click To Enlarge.
      Tracey Beets.

    Masters Men 50:

    1. Dan Meece

    2. Click To Enlarge.
      Dan Meece.

    3. Joseph Lucia

    4. Click To Enlarge.
      Joseph Lucia.

    5. Michael Moseley
    6. Kirk Jensen

    7. Click To Enlarge.
      Kirk Jensen.

    Masters Men 60:

    1. Walt Radke

    2. Click To Enlarge.
      Walt Radke.

    3. Robert Mussell

    4. Click To Enlarge.
      Robert Mussell.

    5. Tom Nasky

    6. Click To Enlarge.
      Tom Nasky.

    Novice Lightweight:

    1. Mark Schukantz

    2. Click To Enlarge.
      Mark Schukantz.

    3. Josh Vogler

    4. Click To Enlarge.
      Josh Vogler.

    5. Justin Vena

    6. Click To Enlarge.
      Justin Vena.

    7. Naim Abdul Quadir
    8. Kyle Crotty

    9. Click To Enlarge.
      Kyle Crotty.

    Novice Heavyweight:

    1. *Matt Porter

    2. Click To Enlarge.
      Matt Porter.

    3. Joe Myers

    4. Click To Enlarge.
      Joe Myers.

    5. Mike Moody

    6. Click To Enlarge.
      Mike Moody.

    7. Tracey Beets
    8. Gavin Wagner

    9. Click To Enlarge.
      Gavin Wagner.

    Open Bantamweight Men:

    1. Milton Feagens

    2. Click To Enlarge.
      Milton Feagens.

    3. Josh Vogler
    4. Fernando Galvin

    5. Click To Enlarge.
      Fernando Galvin.

    6. Michael Mosely

    7. Click To Enlarge.
      Michael Mosely.

    Open Lightweight Men:

    1. Bradley Sikes

    2. Click To Enlarge.
      Brad Sikes.

    3. Jerome Williams

    4. Click To Enlarge.
      Jerome Williams.

    Open Middleweight Men:

    1. Sean Lynch

    2. Click To Enlarge.
      Sean Lynch.
    3. Shannon Brunson

    4. Click To Enlarge.
      Shannon Brunson.

    5. Naim Abdul Quadir

    Open Lightheavy Men:

    1. Robert Rogers
    2. Gary Horton

    3. Click To Enlarge.
      Gary Horton.

    4. Maxwell Carlisle

    5. Click To Enlarge.
      Maxwell Carlisle.

    6. Eli Walsh

    7. Click To Enlarge.
      Eli Walsh.

    8. Steve Perry

    9. Click To Enlarge.
      Steve Perry.

    Open Heavyweight Men:

    1. *Raffi Feters

    2. Click To Enlarge.
      Raffi Feters.

    3. Vic Olvera

    4. Click To Enlarge.
      Vic Olvera.

    5. Joe Myers

    Open Super Heavy Men:

    1. Charles Dorby

    2. Click To Enlarge.
      Charles Dorby.

    3. Rob Schouten

    4. Click To Enlarge.
      Rob Schouten.

Women's Bodybuilding

    Open Lightweight Women:

    1. Teresa Mason

    2. Click To Enlarge.
      Teresa Mason.

    Open Heavyweight Women:

    1. *Judy Harris

    2. Click To Enlarge.
      Judy Harris.

    Masters Women 35:

    1. Teresa Mason


    Figure 5'2":

    1. Heidi Riegsecker
    2. Callie Marunde

    3. Click To Enlarge.
      Callie Marunde.

    4. Genie Markwell

    5. Click To Enlarge.
      Genie Markwell.

    Figure 5'4" to 5' 6":

    1. Donna Freund

    2. Click To Enlarge.
      Donna Freund.

    3. Amanda Kingham

    4. Click To Enlarge.
      Amanda Kingham.

    5. Stephanie Elder

    6. Click To Enlarge.
      Stephanie Elder.

    Figure Over 5'6":

    1. *Shelia Salina

    2. Click To Enlarge.
      Shelia Salina.

    Figure Over 35:

    1. Kay Wishchoefter

    2. Click To Enlarge.
      Kay Wishchoefter.

      * Denotes overall winner

      Text & Photos by Mark Mason