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2006 INBF Washington State Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Championships!

The 1st annual INBF Washington State Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Championships were held in Everett, WA on August 12th. Get the latest results, commentary, and pics right here!

The 1st annual INBF Washington State Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Championships were held in Everett, WA on August 12th. A total of 25 athletes were in attendance with enough competitors in each open event to award WNBF pro status. They came from Arizona, Oregon, California, Idaho, Washington and Canada. Over 50% of these athletes were competing for the first time. The show ran smoothly! Overall it was a very successful 1st year.

As new INBF promoters and competitive bodybuilders, my husband Kevin James and myself Denise, wanted to make sure our athletes were treated with the respect they deserve. As a new WNBF pro myself, we totally understand all the hard work in training and dieting that is involved in preparing for a contest.

Special Thanks:

    We owe special thanks to our judging panel: WNBF pros: Wade Brown, Terri Reeves, Katy Holmes, Bob Bell, Tina Smith, Sherry Boudreau and former CNBF president Ted Kewin. Our main support and guidance has come from INBF promoters Bob Bell & Tina Smith along with Charlie Carollo. Many thanks to David and Jackie Lawson along with all our volunteers, and sponsors that made all this possible.

Women's Masters:

    The show kicked off with Women's Masters, there were 3 women ages ranging from 40 to 60. Earning 1st was Carmen Peddy (40) who displayed good muscularity and a well defined back. A close 2nd went to Dianne Cumberland (60). She brought a well conditioned and symmetrical physique to the class. 3rd place went to Monica Ewing (49), with a nice quad sweep, good symmetry and an excellent poser.

Men's Masters:

    Men's Masters had only one contestant this year. Chuck Thomson (53) from BC, Chuck has great upper body muscularity and thickness with arms that made the younger guys envious. He is a true all around competitor and has been competing for many years.

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Chuck Thomson.

Women's Novice:

    Women's Novice had 3 first time competitors. 1st went to a lean, well conditioned Leslie Hilton (WA) with capped shoulders and great arms. 2nd place went to Teresa Johnson (WA) with wash board abs and good back development. 3rd place went to Farrah Fairbrook (AZ) with good structure for further growth.

Men's Novice:

    Men's Novice only had one competitor this year. Paul Gross, 23yr old from WA showed his lean well structured physique with excellent posing.

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Paul Gross.

Women's Open:

    Women's Open, which was one of the toughest classes in the show! 1st place and winner of her WNBF pro status went to the best conditioned woman in the show: Shannon Grandbois of (WA). She had the overall package with symmetry and muscularity along with leanness to take home the sword. Very close behind for 2nd was a last minute Figure cross over.

    Lupe Aguilar of (OR), had wide capped shoulders and a small waist giving her a great V-taper, along with good overall muscle development, she just needed to be leaner for the #1 spot. In 3rd Renee Doucette (BC), was in great condition, lean, muscular and posing which earned her the best female posing award.

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    Renee Doucette.

    With some added upper body muscularity Renee will be hard to beat. Coming in 4th went to Monica Ewing (WA) with beautiful symmetry and quad sweep, just not as lean as the top 3. 5th place went to newcomer Chrystal Rubert (WA) with wonderful structure and loads of muscle. Will need to watch out for her in the future when she comes in leaner!

Men's Open:

    Men's Open consisted of three classes.

    Men's Middle Weights:

      First, men's middle weights with 3 competitors: 1st place Alex Tolstopiatov (OR) this young man was totally ripped and vascular, broad capped shoulders, showing a nice V-taper. I see big things in his future. Alex also received the award for best male poser.

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    Alex Tolstopiatov.

      In close 2nd place Mike Franke (OR) had great muscularity and thick upper body and quads; he just needed to be a little tighter to win. 3rd place went to Chuck Thomson with great arms and calves just lacked in leanness in comparisons.

    Men's Light Heavy:

      Men's Light Heavy Class had only one competitor: Tony Quincy of (WA). Tony did an amazing job preparing for this contest; he lost over 60lbs in 6 mos. He has great width in his back. Calves were full and overall condition good.

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    Tony Quincy.

    Men's Heavy Weight:

      Men's Heavy Weight Class: 1st place and winner of his WNBF pro card went to Fred Larson of (CA). Fred was confident and had overall balance and muscularity with great thickness through out. 2nd place Jeremy Nichol (BC) Mr. Wings! Great lats!!! Needs muscular thickness in his chest and hamstrings to beat Fred. 3rd place went to Jason Clark (ID) who had loads of muscle and good symmetry; he just lacked conditioning at this show.

Women's Figure:

    Last but not least and a definite crowd pleaser is the Women's Figure competition. This year we have two classes a short and tall class.

    Short Class:

      The short class had two competitors 1st place and overall winner: Winning her WNBF Pro card is Lupe Aguilar of Oregon, with an almost perfect physique she came in with great shoulders, tiny waist and good conditioning showing muscularity without striations. Presentation was smooth and confident she just lacked some color. 2nd place Andrea Thompson (BC) presented herself beautifully! Just lacked in muscle shape and could come in a little tighter to be a big threat at future shows.

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Lupe Aguilar & Andrea Thompson.

    Tall Class:

      Tall class 1st place went to Kristine Anderson who was by far the most muscular in the group. She was confident and presented herself with style, skin and suit color flattered her well. To take overall Kris needs to ad shoulder and back width. Great future! 2nd went to Charlotte Clark (CA) who had extremely lean, nice lines in legs and shoulders, just needs more muscular size for overall appearance.

      3rd place Laura Null (WA) had nice shoulder width and upper body muscularity. Lacked in confidence and posing skills to present her physique better. In close, 4th place went to Adrean Rudie (WA) who was lean with long lines, beautiful hair and suit color. Also needs confidence in posing and upper body muscle size for a more balanced look.

Final Thoughts:

    Head Judge Wade Brown really put every athlete through their paces and made them all work extremely hard. This is so important for each athlete to feel that after all the months/years in training they are given their time on stage to shine. Kevin and I look forward to an even bigger and better show next year!!!!

    We were lucky to have friend, show sponsor and one of Seattle's top choreographers; Sue Romero and her sister Rose performed a high energy dance routine to entertain athletes and our audience.

    A huge thank you goes out to BODYBUILDING.COM for their encouragement and sponsorship of our first annual show. We can't thank you enough and look forward to next year!

Final Results

Women's Master's:

    1st - Carmen Peddy, WA
    2nd - Dianne Cumberland, WA
    3rd - Monica Ewing, WA

Men's Master's:

    1st - Chuck Thomson, BC

Women's Novice:

    1st - Leslie Hilton, WA
    2nd - Teresa Johnson, WA
    3rd - Farrah Fairbrook, AZ

Men's Novice:

    1st - Paul Gross, WA

Women's Open:

    1st - Shannon Grandbois, WA ***
    2nd - Lupe Aguilar, OR
    3rd - Renee Doucette, BC
    4th - Monica Ewing, WA
    5th - Crystal Rubert, WA

Men's Open:

    Middle Wt.

      1st - Alex Tolstopiatov, OR
      2nd - Mike Franke, OR
      3rd - Chuck Thomson, BC

    Light Hvy.

      1st - Tony Quincy, WA

    Heavy Wt.

      1st - Fred Larson, CA ***
      2nd - Jeremy Nichol, BC
      3rd - Jason Clark, ID

Women's Figure:

    Short Class:

      1st - Lupe Aguilar, OR ***
      2nd - Andrea Thompson, BC

    Tall Class:

      1st - Kristine Anderson, WA
      2nd - Charlotte Clark, CA
      3rd - Laura Null, WA
      4th - Adrean Rudie, WA

    *** denotes new WNBF Pro, pending urinalysis results.