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2006 Vancouver Natural Classic - Bohm Brings Out The Big Guns!

The show boasted IFBB top guns, spicy fitness champ Adela Garcia and many others... Get results and pics right here from the 2006 Vancouver Natural Classic.

April 1, 2006 was no day for fools. Not at least at the Skyview High School auditorium in Vancouver, Washington, U.S.A. One hundred twenty-three of the best natural bodybuilding and figure competitors did not come to fool around. Neither did promoter Frank Bohm.

The show boasted IFBB top guns, spicy fitness champ Adela Garcia and the gentleman warrior Mark Dugdale, along with national sensation Shelia Bleck as guest posers. But Bohm didn't stop there. His surprise not-so-secret weapon was his collaboration with IFBB fitness pro, little Ms. Big, Tanji Johnson.

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Along with his regular cast of irregulars, including the irrepressible MC Kim "Kong" Farrison, this made for one of the best Classics in recent memory.


    View Pics From The 2006 Vancouver Natural Classic Here.

Junior Men

    It looks like another great year for the Junior Men under 20 years old. This year, Jake Hamaker and Robert Naranjo were back. Both a year harder and a year sharper. Naranjo's symmetry gave him the edge over Hamaker's conditioning for second. Newbie Nic Nichols was the obvious winner. His size, symmetry, and posing belied his youthful inexperience.

Women Over 35

    Renee Lamoreaux's conditioning and posing gave her the judge's favor over Tammie Martinjako. Martinjako has the potential of being a Master's contender with continued training and dieting. Look for her in the future.

Master's Men

    Daniel Rutherford took the majority of first place votes to bring home the Master's title. First by giving Mike Dooley the second place award by three points, and then by beating out Master's Over 50 winner, Wayne Kim. Rutherford looked the part of a blond beach bum that exuded the confidence of a winner at check-in the night before. He was a crowd favorite.

    It was good to see Ondra Galloway and Rich Sather back on the NPC stage. Both are veterans of a many of muscle wars.

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NPC stands for "National Physique Committee, Inc." Visit their website at

Mixed Pairs

    There were just two teams in the mixed pairs division, but they both came well-prepared. Amber Hill and Garrett Gilchrist performed a tasteful and at sometimes comical routine. Veteran Scott Schaffer and his partner Rachel Glazier blended melody with power ending up with Glazier being tossed about by Schaffer like a rag doll.

Women's Figure

    Sixty lovely ladies in four classes, the figure division made up the majority of the competitors at this years competition. There were many new faces as well as some regulars. Most improved has to go to short class winner Jen Turnbull. Jen has transformed her physique and her presentation from an also-ran to the winner's circle in the space of one year.

    Fifty-four year old Maxine Johnson, who swept several of the open shows last year ended up in third with her phenomenal physique. That, itself, shows the caliber of the competition this year.

    Renee Lirette was a strong winner in the Figure Over 35. Vancouver gal, Charlene Taylor, had a huge following and took first in crowd response.

    Tall class winner, Aimee Cook's symmetry was still evident this year. In the past Amiee has competed as a bodybuilder. Changing the conditioning between the two sometimes can prove difficult. Aimee succeeded with amazing results, however. Tori Mann finished three points behind Aimee in second place, with Sheila Salina taking third.

Women's Novice Bodybuilding

    With numbers steadily dropping in women's bodybuilding (there were five competitors in the novice class and six in the open) one can only wonder what can be done to save the division. Solo competitor in the women's lightweight class, Julie Dryer, and heavyweight class winner Janice Gaines-Ehlen offered good physiques and presentations. Gaines-Ehlen took the novice overall. Kari Howland finished second and Christine Felker third.

Men's Novice Bodybuilding

    As women bodybuilding numbers decline, the men continue to grow. As mentioned earlier, the caliber of the Junior Men Division was quite impressive. So, too, were the novice classes. Not only in numbers, but also in quality of competitors. The future looks bright in the men's ranks.

    Pete and Apple Grubbs dream of a full-service, bodybuilding lifestyle community has come to fruition. The Grubbs' former partnership with MaxMuscle has evolved into TeamEvolution.

    Novice lightweight winner and TeamEvolution member, Mike Robb, is an example of what a supportive group of like-minded individuals can achieve, proving the adage that the sum is greater than the total of its parts. This was Robb's first show.

    He arrived with a well-conditioned physique, performed like an old pro in prejudging, nailed his free-posing routine at the night show, took home the lightweight trophy and gave the big guys a run for their money in the novice overall. Travis Pierce and Josh Ramirez battled it out for second and third place respectively.

    The middleweight class was lead by Jack "The Man Of" Steele. Steele came to the show in serious condition. His showing in prejudging was impressive, but it was his night antics that sealed his competitions fate. Not only in the mids but also in the novice overall, which Steele eventually took.

    A distant seven points behind Steele was D'ghon Culpepper followed by Thayne Bosh in third. Don't let the point spread mislead you. All of these middleweights were in great shape or at least have the potential to compete in the near future.

    Bob Wilt was the clear-cut victor in the novice heavyweights. Robert Billington has a great upper body. When he fills out his legs, things could be different for the likes of Wilt.

Open Women's Bodybuilding

    Have I mentioned the sad state of women's bodybuilding? Well, the open classes almost proved me wrong. Yes, the numbers were low but the conditioning of the competitors is just what the sport needs.

    Figure crossover Cindy Goodrich looked great in the lightweight class. Just the right amount of size for her frame and a hard, athletic look gave her the class and the overall victory.

    For the past several years, I have been watching Cindy trying to find her niche - I think she found it. In spite of a couple of false starts, her professionalism in her free posing was impressive for the first-time bodybuilder.

    In the middleweights, Nancy Lublink's persistence paid off. She has been knocking on the door for awhile. Saturday night she kicked it off the hinges, taking all of the judge's number one votes. Heavyweight Patricia Card is another persistence woman. She has the build and with the right diet and training she could give Goodrich a run for the overall.

Open Men's Bodybuilding

    A great build and movie star good looks is what Rick Brewer brought to the stage in the open bantamweight class. Rick developed quite a following before the night was through, winning the class with Bill Willyerd second and Garrett Grant third.

    Mixed pairs competitor and solo lightweight Garrett Gilchrist held his own in the overall. Garrett is young and has a good future in the open classes.

    Middleweight Jeff Huang's posing routine was one of the best of the evening. Jeff is a neo-classicist making old-style poses look new and exciting. He took first and Tommy Clark second.

    There is no doubt that the light-heavies ruled the evening. Last year's novice winner Justin Stevens came to win. I talked to him after the prejudging and he was very pleased with his progress from a year ago. Stevens took second. Scott Schaffer hails from Central Point, Oregon. He has been competing in these shows for as long as I remember.

    He always comes in shape and ready to rain on someone's parade. He had to be satisfied this year for third place. It was Hawaiian transplant Paul Halalilo's sunshine that spoiled the party for the rest of the gang. Halalilo had the best build of the night and was in primo condition. He was a deserving overall Vancouver Natural Champion.

    If anyone could have beat Halalilo, it was heavyweight Twayne Rawls. Rawls' genetics make his physique nearly flawless. He was a touch flat, however. When he is "on", he is unbeatable.

    Second place Corey Hancock and third place Dave Fox could have won the class on any other night - they both looked great. Newlywed Mike Hughes was glad to be there and it showed. He looked like he was having the time of his life!

Evening Highlights

Some of the standouts of the evening for me were Mark Dugdale's guest posing routine and his three daughters' rendition of "God Bless America." I have to admit, I got a little misty-eyed during that one.

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Former Emerald Cup winner and national contender Shelia Bleck gave an eclectic posing routine using a bench as a prop. She gave a memorable performance last year, as well. As Bleck continues to redefine guest posing, she may be giving Diana Dennis a challenge.

IFBB fitness pro Adela Garcia flew around the stage like a boomerang only to apologize to the crowd for her lackluster performance due to jet lag. Wow, that was her tired and cranky? She should travel more often - I worked up a sweat just watching. Where was she? Returning from Australia. Where else?!

Adela Garcia-Friedmansky
Click Image To Enlarge.
Adela Garcia-Friedmansky.

Without a doubt, the most impressive part of the evening was the fans. Bodybuilding shows are notorious for being too long and the spectators getting placid. Not this night; not this crowd. Throughout the night, I noted that the decibel level continued to stay high. As a result, the competitors gave back even more. That is how a physique competition should be!


2006 Vancouver Natural Bodybuilding Top Five Placings

    * Denotes Overall Winner

    Open Men Heavyweight

    1. Twayne Rawls
    2. Cory Hancock
    3. David Fox
    4. Mike Hughes

    Open Men Light Heavyweight

    1. Paul Halalilo *
    2. Justin Stevens
    3. Scott Schaffer
    4. Sean Seumae

    Open Men Middleweight

    1. Jeff Huang
    2. Tommy Clark

    Open Men Lightweight

    1. Garrett Gilchrist

    Open Men Bantamweight

    1. Rick Brewer
    2. Bill Willyerd
    3. Garrett Grant

    Open Women Heavyweight

    1. Patricia Card
    2. Rachel Glazier

    Open Women Middleweight

    1. Nancy Lublink
    2. Jill Martinez
    3. Amber Hill
    4. Shari Kokubun

    Open Women Lightweight

    1. Cindy Goodrich *

    Novice Men Heavyweight

    1. Bob Wilt
    2. Robert Billington
    3. Gary Shaw
    4. Eddie Dominguez

    Novice Men Middleweight

    1. Jack Steele *
    2. D'ghon Culpepper
    3. Thayne Bosh
    4. Mike Kunish
    5. Garrett Cornatzer

    Novice Men Lightweight

    1. Mike Robb
    2. Travis Pierce
    3. Josh Ramirez
    4. Armando Trejo
    5. John Trunde

    Novice Women Heavyweight

    1. Janice Gaines-Ehlen
    2. Kari Howland
    3. Christine Felker
    4. Shawna Burnett

    Novice Women Lightweight

    1. Julie Dryer Mixed Pairs
    2. Rachel Glazier & Scott Schaffer
    3. Amber Hill & Garrett Gilchrist

    Masters Men Over 50

    1. Wayne Kim
    2. Mike Clark

    Masters Men Over 40

    1. Daniel Rutherford
    2. Mike Dooley
    3. Ondra Galloway
    4. Rich Sather
    5. David Snethen

    Masters Women Over 35

    1. Renee Lamoreaux
    2. Tammie Martinjako

    Junior Men Under 20

    1. Nic Nichlos
    2. Robert Naranjo
    3. Jake Hamaker
    4. Michael Guzman
    5. Bobby Petit

    * Denotes Overall Winner

2006 Vancouver Natural Top Five Figure Placings

    Women Figure Tall

    1. Amiee Cook
    2. Tori Mann
    3. Sheila Salinas
    4. Melissa Yerdon
    5. Beth Lay

    Women Figure Medium

    1. Jennifer Nicholas *
    2. Leslie Russell
    3. Maxine Johnson
    4. Katie Greenwood
    5. Shannon O'Day

    Women Figure Short

    1. Jen Turnbull
    2. Alison Malone
    3. Danielle Garman
    4. Renee Ussery
    5. Marissa Taylor

    Women Figure Over 35

    1. Renee Lirette
    2. Charlene Taylor
    3. Carolyn Secor
    4. April Lopez
    5. Bonnie Hobson

    * Denotes Overall Winner

    View Pics From The 2006 Vancouver Natural Classic Here.