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2006 Mass. State Strongman/Strongwoman Championship Charity Competition!

Total Performance Sports hosted the 5th Annual NAS-Massachusetts State Strongman/Strongwoman Championships at Wonderland Greyhound Park, in Revere, MA. Learn more about the competition and see results here!

Total Performance Sports Presents:
The 2006 Mass. State Strongman/Strongwoman Championships Charity Competition!

August 5, 2006

On Saturday, August 5, 2006, Total Performance Sports hosted the 5th Annual NAS-Massachusetts State Strongman/Strongwoman Championships at Wonderland Greyhound Park, in Revere, MA. The event was a huge success and 100% of the profits helped to benefit two great local charities: The Chelsea Soldier's Home and the Melrose Humane Society.

As usual, this event would not have been possible without the help of our sponsors! Many local business, national companies, and individuals came together to lend their support as well, with financial and product contributions pouring in from all over the country. Furthermore, the day's festivities were made even better by the wonderful turnout of volunteers, athletes, spectators and media who came to lend their support as well.

The Competition

This year's event brought in over 26 athletes to compete in the 5th Annual NAS-Massachusetts State Strongman/Strongwoman Championships. With 5 weight classes, and prizes galore, there was plenty of competition to go around.

The weight classes broke down into the following:

  • Heavyweight Women
  • Lightweight Novice - Under 230lbs.
  • Heavyweight Novice - Over 231lbs.
  • Lightweight Men's Open - Under 230lbs.
  • Heavyweight Men's Open - Over 231lbs.

We had set up 3 qualifying events:

  1. The Log Clean & Press for Reps
  2. The TPS Tombstone Carry for Distance
  3. The Tire Flip

The total scores would be counted and the top 4 finishers in each weight class would then go on to the final 2 events:

  1. The APT Pro Wrist Straps Short & Heavy Death Medley:
    • Conan's Wheel
    • And the 2" Farmers Walk Handle Deadlift for Reps
  2. And finally, the Atlas Stones.

The Events - Log Clean & Press for Reps. The first event of the day was the Log Clean & Press for Reps. Our athletes lifted a Strongman Log their chest and then pressed it overhead as many times as possible in 60 seconds. The Log Clean & Press is a traditional Strongman event that the crowds enjoys and is a great test of endurance and upper body strength.

One of the standouts of the day was Justin Warren in the Men's Heavyweight Open Class. Justin got 5 reps with a 275lb. log - very impressive.

Additionally, the audience was thrilled to receive shaker cups and water bottles filled with a mini towel and coupons from All of the swag came in handy during the warm summer day as it got everyone excited to see what the rest of the day had in store!

Inzer Advanced Designs - TPS Tombstone Carry for Distance The second event of the day was the TPS Tombstone. This is Husafeld-styled stone carry where the competitors lift a very heavy (250-350) granite stone high on their chest and basically run with it for 25 feet, turn, and do it again, going for a maximum distance in 60 seconds.

This event is very hard and painful on the arms and it is also almost impossible to breathe due to the ridiculously heavy rock heaped onto your chest. But even under circumstances like that, we had some outstanding performances.

Heavyweight Open Class

    Justin Warren gave the best show of the day once again in the Men's Heavyweight Open Class. He traveled a distance of 224' carrying a 350lb stone! In the Women's Heavyweight Class, TPS' own Jane Stabile went an incredible 173' with a 215lb. stone.

    Critical Bench - Tire Flip - 75' The third test of the day was the Tire Flip. Athletes were required to flip huge tractor tires, some up to 800 pounds, over a 75' course in 60 seconds or less. As the Tire Flip is a test of total body strength, explosiveness, and endurance, and we wound up with some great performances by our athletes for this one.

Novice Lightweight Class

    In the Novice Lightweight Class, Total Performance's own Danny Pare completed the course in under 34 seconds. Danny is only 17 and has a promising future in Strongman. But the best show of the day came from Brian Masiello in the Men's Lightweight Open. Brian flipped a 650lb. tire 75 feet in an amazing 28 seconds!

The Final Events

After the first three events, we tallied up the scores and the top four athletes in each class went on to the final two events and a chance for the win!

APT Pro Wrist Straps Short & Heavy Death Medley:

    The first of the final two events was the APT Pro Wrist Straps - Death Medley which consisted of lifting a Conan's Wheel loaded up to 540lbs., completing one full turn, then immediately moving on to the 2" Farmers Walk Handle Deadlift for Reps.

    This was done in a 90 second time limit. 90 seconds might not sound like a long time, but if you've never tried it, you'll never understand that 90 seconds really feels more like an eternity.

    The Conan's Wheel gets its name from the torture device used in the movie, Conan the Barbarian. Athlete's must pick up a steel bar in their arms, balance it, and then walk a full circle as fast as they can without dropping it.

    Then they must immediately move on to the Farmers Walk Deadlift, where they must pick up a set of Farmer's Walk Handles loaded up to 580lbs! The worst part is that they also had 2" thick handles to contend with which make it much harder to lift.

    Since this event was sponsored by APT Pro Wrist Straps, any athlete using APT straps qualified for a special prize package donated by APT. The winner was Wil LeDuc, from the Men's Heavyweight Open Class, with an unbelievable 19 reps on the Deadlift.

Atlas Stones:

    The final event of the day is everyone's favorite: the Atlas Stones. Our athlete's had to hoist 5 giant, concrete balls, weighing up to 355lbs. onto a 48" high platform in under 60 seconds. What a show we had here!

    In the Lightweight Novice Class, only .7 seconds separated Jim Johnson from Danny Pare, who won the event in 24.53 seconds.

    In the Lightweight Men's Open Class, it was a blowout with Shamsul "The World's Strongest Malaysian" Emrich toasting his competition by nearly 20 seconds. Shamsul also received the "Total Athlete" award, which is decided by the judges and given to the person who shows the most heart, sportsmanship, and desire to win. Shamsul received a prize package from for this.


Here's how our day ended up:

Heavyweight Women:

    1st - Margaret Boyle
    2nd - Jane Stabile

Lightweight Novice - Under 230lbs:

    1st - Danny Pare
    2nd - James Johnson
    3rd - Mike Amici

Heavyweight Novice - Over 231lbs:

    1st - Mike "Mailbox" Peloisi
    2nd - Ross Martin
    3rd - Zach Bussiere

Lightweight Men's Open - Under 230lbs:

    1st - David Mihalov
    2nd - Shamsul Emrich
    3rd - Curtis Lake

Heavyweight Men's Open - Over 231lbs:

    1st - Justin Warren
    2nd - Will LeDuc
    3rd - Steve Ryan

Last But Not Least

Our Rolling Thunder competition finished the day on a high note by bringing even more funds for our charities. For $5, anyone could try their luck with the 'beast of a handle' to see how their grip fared over the others. Athletes and spectators alike ponied up their cash for a chance to win a special prize package from IronMind. After all was said and done, it was Joe Mugovero with a 200lb. pull winning top honors for a second straight year in a row.

Final Thoughts

Overall we had a great day with an amazing crowd turnout and even media coverage by several local newspapers. Our athletes gave 100% to win a chance to move on to compete in the NAS Nationals, and mainly, in my opinion, personal pride.


    Again, this would not have been possible without the generosity of our sponsors: APT Pro Wrist Strap,, Critical Bench, Diesel Crew,,, George C. Ferullo Jr., CPA, PC, Herb Connolly Motors Co., Inzer Advance Designs, IronMind, MAX KettleBells, Office Max, ProPower Nutrition, and Total Nutrition Technology.

Special Thanks:

    Furthermore, a special thanks goes out to my floor crew, run by Jim "Junior" Maggio, our judges, Dave Memont, Keith Medeiros and Dave Kinahan, our event coordinator, Laura Chesley, and NAS' Willie Wessels, who not only supervised the scoring, but also helped to load and unload our equipment truck.

"I couldn't have done it without everyone's help. I thank you all!"

See you next year!

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