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2006 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Contest Review!

The third annual 2006 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Contest was as exciting as usual. We had over ninety competitor entries and a sold out evening show. Read here to find out who won each challenging division!

Contest Review

This was our third year promoting the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic, the third year we have had over ninety entries and our third year having a sold out evening show. We kicked things off, literally, with a demonstration by Master Gee’s Martial Artists. They used glow in the dark weaponry demonstrations and fighting under a strobe light. The crowd was awe struck!

We began the show with our bodybuilding divisions, and the master women once again proved that this not a sport only for the very young. Third spot went to Gail Emanuels and second place went to Bindi Bains-Mackoruk. First place was awarded to Catriona Misfeldt.

-> Women’s Bodybuilding Division:

    In the grandmaster women’s division, second went to Marina Boons and first to the energetic Cindy Williams.

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    Grandmaster Women’s Division.

    In the lightweight women division, Bindi Mackoruk took second while Liana Duncan was awarded first in the class.

    Third place in the middleweight women went to the statuesque Cynara Holder. Catriona Misfeldt was given the second place spot and the first place trophy went to the grandmaster winner Cindy Williams.

    The heavyweight women’s class saw a master and grandmaster return to the top spots, with Tara Mackay in third place, followed by grandmaster Marina Boons taking second and master Gail Emanuels taking first.

-> Men's Bodybuilding Divisions:

    The lightweight men’s division only had one competitor, but he was an incredible competitor! He went on to hold his own in the overall competition.

    The middleweight men were all extremely impressive, with third spot going to Joel Verbruggen. Dan Craig was given second place and he was beat out by only one point to winner Steve Wilson.

    In the lightheavy men’s class, the only competitor was Rob Brubracher, a young competitor with a huge future in the sport. He fit right into the overall line up and was a contender to take the whole show.

    The always anticipated heavyweight men’s division did not disappoint. Returning competitor Warren Grant took third place while the �"friendly giant� Alan Winkler landed in second. Alan came back to the stage after a break of about 6 years and was by far the most massive competitor we have seen at a novice show in many years.

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    Heavyweight Men’s Division.

    First place was given to Chris Parker, in his competitive debut.

-> Fitness Divisions:

    As an IFBB Professional Fitness competitor myself, it was great to see that fitness was still surviving and thriving at our show. We had FIFTEEN fitness girls in this event, a record for us and across the country.

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    Fitness Competitors.

    An absolutely adorable Monika Kornas took the third spot in the short class with a great Christina Aguilera routine. Second place went to the fireball Kim Scoffins, who’s routine was crowd pleasing and bursting with personality. The class was won by seasoned veteran Lindsey Lipovsky who presented a great combination of physique and routine.

    Leigh Doerksen took the third place position in the tall fitness division with a Vegas themed routine. Lisa Kinney took the second place spot with a well shaped and conditioned physique and tight routine. First place went to dynamo Jena Greenall who performed a high energy caporea routine.

    Our guest performers were Tanji Johnson and Nicole Rollolazo, who performed a fantastic routine together.

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    Tanji Johnson and Nicole Rollolazo.

    We also asked them to judge and present an award to the fitness girl with the best routine. They chose the youngest competitor in our show, 16 year old Serena Mudry who peformed a routine high in gymnastics skills, extreme flexibility and fantastic dance transitions. Serena was clearly thrilled to receive this award from Tanji and Nicole! (Best Fitness Routine)

-> Figure Divisions:

    Figure was as popular as ever. We had 52 figure athletes divided into five classes. All the ladies seem to have done their homework, showing a high caliber of physiques as well as presentation.

    The first was the master figure class, and the ladies proved that experience is key in this sport. Bindi Mackoruk Taking third place was Bindi Bains-Mackoruk, with Cindy Preeper taking second and a very well conditioned Kelly McTaggart took the first place spot.

    Next to come out were the figure short ladies and out of fifteen great competitors, the final three were Gabriela Deleeuw in third place, Angie Paterson in second place, and Teresa Funk won the class.

    In the medium height class, third place was taken by Cindy Preeper, and Kelly McTaggart took the second place spot, leaving a thrilled Sarah Lakas-Pitcher to win the title.

    In the medium tall height class, Mel Veroba took third place while Jennifer Motino took second. The class was won by the shapely and polished Vaneska Zahuta.

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    Medium Tall Figure Class.

    In the tall height class, Miki Groholski took third place while Andrea Peterson took second to her training partner and friend Michelle Krack who walked away with the tall title.

-> Overall Awards:

    The overall women’s bodybuilding award went to the lightweight champion Liana Duncan. The overall men’s award went to the heavyweight Chris Parker. Both overall winners were well fought and well won.

-> Best Posing Award:

    The best poser award for the women went to the elegant Bindi Bains - Mackoruk. The men’s best poser went to heavyweight winner Chris Parker, with a humorous and crowd pleasing routine. Congratulations to Bindi and Chris! As promoter and MC for the evening, we love the routines that entertain the audience!

-> Special Thanks:

    We are extremely pleased with the event and have a ton of people to thank. To our volunteers who make us look SO good, the guest performers, the sponsors, the fans and athletes, we appreciate the enthusiasm, support and effort everyone put forth to make it a fantastic experience for everyone involved. We look forward to another great show next year.

    Sandra Wickham, IFBB Pro