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2006 Paxton Power Gym Strongman And Strongwoman Contest Review & Results.

2006 Paxton Power Gym Strongman and Strongwoman Contest held in Paxton, Ma. A great group of athletes came from all over to compete! Check out the review and results of the show here.

Strongman and Strongwoman events

A great group of athletes came out for the 2nd annual Paxton Power Gym Strongman and Strongwoman contest held in Paxton, MA.

-> Log Press:

    The contest started with the log press medley, with the women first to show off their pressing ability. Stephanie Luther was first and showed the crowd that the four logs were not a problem, completing them in 35:78 seconds. Not to be outdone was April Ciaffaglione who finished all 4 in an amazing 29:31 seconds.

    Next were the lightweight men with Brendan Hall finishing all four in 42:22 and Thomas Mutaffis winning the event with 40:85. The heavyweights also proved that all four could be done with Justin Warren pressing all four in 31:31 and Tom Ciaffaglione with a staggering 24:84.

-> Farmers Walk:

    The farmer’s walk was next with Stephanie Luther showing off her fast feet for a time of 15:38 as well as Elliot Storey in the LW with a time of 14:00. In the heavyweights Tom Ciaffaglione finished in 14:50 for another win.

-> Keg Carry:

    In the keg carry for distance Margaret Boyle amazed everyone with a distance of 257 feet. In the lightweight men Mike Westerling carried for an amazing 305 feet but Elliot Storey dug deep for the win with 340 feet. Greg Koziol won the heavyweights with 230’4�.

-> Deadlift:

    Next was the deadlift for reps with Amy Shedrick a newcomer to the sport setting the bar high with 9 reps. Again April showed great power with 16 reps for the win.

    In the lightweight men Joe Farino and Brendan Hall both pulled 15 reps but it was Mike O’Connor who brought the house down with 16 reps. Greg Koziol in the heavyweights left blood on the bar with an incredible 13 reps.

-> Atlas Stones:

    The day finished up with the atlas stones. Margaret Boyle and April Ciaffaglione fought to the end both getting three stones but it was April’s time of 17:53 that gave her the win. Mike Westering in the lightweight men set the time to beat with all 4 stones in 27:41 but it was Brendan Hall who edged him out with a time of 23:32. Proving it’s not over until the last stone hits the platform heavyweight Justin Warren did just that in 16:13 but it was Tom Ciaffaglione who sealed up a win with a time of 14:87.

    Strong Women Competitors.

-> Results:


    1. April Ciaffaglione
    2. Margaret Boyle
    3. Stephanie Luther
    4. Amy Shedrick

    Lightweight Men

    1. Brendan Hall
    2. Elliot Storey
    3. Mike O'Connor
    4. Craig Strohmeier
    5. Thomas Mutaffis
    6. Joe Farino
    7. Mike Westerling
    8. Mike Amici
    9. Mark Boyle
    10. Chris Vaughn
    11. Billy Wolt
    12. Edward Gray
    13. Pete Donzelli
    14. Chris Ledemeir

    Heavyweight Men

    1. Tom Ciaffaglione
    2. Justin Warren
    3. Greg Koziol
    4. Brett Somerville
    5. Stephen Ryan
    6. Patrick Kahney
    7. Tim Bertrand
    8. Brian Masiello
    9. Mike Petraca
    10. Ross Martin

-> Special Thanks:

    A huge thank you to all the help. Our floor crew Tim, Dan, Chris, Mike and Joshua. Also to Art McDermott from Poliquin Performance Center East and CJ Murphy from Total Performance Sports. Without you the contest would not have been such a huge success.

    Another thank you to our great sponsors., APT Pro Wrist Straps, House of Pain Ironwear,, the Vitamin Shoppe, Fat Bastard Barbell, Strong! Magazine, Paul Conzo Day Spa and Total Performance Sports. These companies help keep our sport growing!

    See you next year.

    Nathan and Shayna FitzGerald

[ Click Here For Full Results ] (pdf - 52kb)