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The 2006 Third Annual OCB Spirit Of America Championships - Review & Results!

The Third Annual Spirit of America was held April 29th at the Mattacheese Middle School in Cape Cod, MA. Cape Cod is quickly turning into a hotbed of bodybuilding competition... Full results and reviews available right here. See who won!

The third annual Spirit of America was held April 29th at the Mattacheese Middle School on Cape Cod MA. Cape Cod is quickly turning into a hotbed of bodybuilding competition as 97 athletes entered this years contest. The house was packed as the athletes took the stage, starting with the IFPA, MS, MA.

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Ms. Fitness

Nine competitors took the stage competing for National qualification for the Ms. Fitness Nationals being held later this year in Las Vegas, NV. All the ladies performed well, but in the end it was the renowned Dawn Butterfield taking top honors.

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Dawn Butterfield.


Thirty excellent physiques battled it out in the figure division with many notable entries. In the novice division Blyth Alberg took the class "A" division. Ms. Alberg has an incredible physique and is sure to go far, this was just her second contest. In the class "B" Mary Schlichte dominated a tough class and was awarded the novice overall title.

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Blyth Alberg & Mary Schlichte.

In the masters class Debbie Squizzero edged Carla Pagel for the top spot. The open classes were teeming with future professional physiques. Notables were the aforementioned Mary Schilchte, Blyth Alberg and Debbie Squizzero. Other top candidates included Tina Peratino, Amy Chabot, Bernadette Richards and Kristen Roundsley.

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Debbie Squizzero.

The class champions were two women's pro bodybuilders turned figure competitors, Kelli Correa and Carla Pagel and masters champ Debbie Squizzero. In the end Carla Pagel reversed her masters class placement and won the IFPA Pro Card for Figure.

Novice Men

The novice men were anything but that. With two competitive classes it was the symmetrical and balanced Greg Mendosa as the class I champ going against the ripped and ready Ernst Joseph. Mr. Joseph posses one of the hardest and most conditioned physiques of the night.

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Ernst Joseph.

In the end Mr. Joseph's muscularity gave him the edge and he was awarded the overall novice. Teen champ Jermaine Morgan also made a big dent in the open and novice class. Remember this 1year olds name, I think you will be seeing quite a bit of him in the future.

The Women

Cathy Stinkney won the highly competitive masters class and new comer Cara Lombardo did double duty taking both the novice and open classes. The outstanding poser award went to "Cat women" Rachelle Cannon.

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Me-Yow! Rachelle Cannon.

Ms. Cannon has an outstanding physique and will soon get her pro card. Her performance as "Cat Women" brought the house down! Others to watch are class I champ Lisa Watson and the shredded Cathy Stickney.

Masters Men

Scott "old Navy" Hults continued his winning ways taking the masters over 60 and long time competitor John Jackson was crowned 50+ champ. John is an icon at New England events and still looks as good today as he did when I first met him in the early 90's.

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John Jackson.

In the over 40 John Sanacore brought a greatly improved physique to take the class II honors but ran smack into Joe "the tank" DeMarco! Joe has one thickly muscled physique and really brought it this day. In my opinion he is the best 40+ bodybuilder I have seen on stage.

Open Men

There were five classes of open men split evenly by weight as per OCB guidelines. With the IFPA pro card on the line the best of the best came ready for battle. In class I the shredded Eric Peratino edged novice class I champ Greg Mendosa. In class II there was a tough battle between two incredible physiques in masters overall champ Joe DeMarco and Matt Carey.

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Eric Peratino.

This went right down to the wire with Matt getting the final nod. In the open class III Richard Marquis Zane like physique took the class over 50+ champ John Jackson. In class IV Former AAU Mr. America and muscle mania Champion John Puskarich came in his all time best condition and took the class over ripped and ready Andrew Scott.

Andrew had missed his open class and had to be placed in this class. Although he was outweighed by 20 pounds he managed a solid runner-up spot. The best poser of the night also came from this class with Big Mike Hudzik's as Jedi warrior. The biggest battle of the night was in the final class where ten top bodies collided.

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Big Mike Hudzik.

The top five are all future pros with Darrek Pagel, husband of the figure overall champ Carla, taking fifth. New England Champ Christian Matyi had the biggest legs in the show and was a solid fourth place. In third from DC was Mike Shubert displaying his all time best condition.

The battle for number one was between Layne Norton and Chris Motil. Layne is one of the most complete bodybuilders I have ever seen, with the best triceps in the show. However, today was Chris' day.

Chris has continued to improve and this was by far his all time best. In the overall it came down to the wire with Chris Motil receiving his IFPA pro card and the all expense paid trip to the October IFPA pro show with over $6,000 in prize money at stake.

Thank you to all the athletes who competed and to our sponsors, and Beverly Int.

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What The Competitors Had To Say

Blyth P:

    "Congrats to all the OUTSTANDING athletes who competed in the SOA. What a fantastic show! Sean, Deb and Kayla Sullivan ran that show like the pro's they are... smooth and professionally! Great job everyone!"


    "What a great show and great competition. Sully, I was very impressed and thank you Deb and Kayla for all your help. Layne, you are AWESOME!!! Sorry, I didn't recognize you without the glasses. See you in Nov and maybe in Indy too. Everyone did a great job. My favorite part was couples. It was the first time I saw it and it was beautiful."

Cathy S:

    "How great you all were at the show yesterday. What a fantastic group of people to spend the day with. The singer of the National Anthem was inspirational. It was worth the work and worth the effort to experience my second competition ever with all of you at the SOA 2006.

    "The only thing we take with us when we go are the relationships we develop through life and I'm proud, honored, and feel very humble to have met all of you. I hope to be lucky enough to build solid relationships with some of you over time.

    "I can't believe how hard this sport is! My favorite client, Oliver, says hello to all of you! Here is a picture of us after his outdoor training session. I feel truly blessed to have yesterday to hold on to as one f my joyful lifelong memories."

    Thank you,

Big Mike H:

    "What an outstanding show! I have never seen so many large and shredded carcasses under the same roof in all my life! On top of that, I had the opportunity to meet some really outstanding people this weekend!

    "The show couldn't have been run better. Team Sully always puts in an amazing effort to make their shows provide for the best experience possible, Thanks guys!

    "Congrats to all the competitors. I look forward to seeing you all in shows to come."

Tina P:

    "Words cannot describe how wonderful the Sullivan's made this weekend! I was so happy to finally get to meet Sully's other (better) half and his beautiful daughter Kayla - who was wonderful singing the Nat'l Anthem. This was definitely the largest show we've done and with all the competitors and although it did go later then expected, it was all so worth it.

    "Sully, I couldn't have done this w/o you. You helped Eric and me to our absolute best conditioning ever and I'm looking forward to working with you for the fall shows!"

Kristy C:

    "A big "thank you!" to the Sullivan family and everyone who helped make this show possible. What a great experience! My family and I both enjoyed your hospitality tremendously."

Kim L:

    "I had a great time at the show... everyone looked amazing... I have no words to describe... just blows my mind! Sully and Deb worked so hard and it was a great show! Justin and all the other helpers worked their @ss off... hat's off to them!"

Craig Y:

    "The show was great and was run very well, but just had lots of people, but was run as fast as could be done and still looked great!"

Old Navy:

    "The SOA was my 10th bodybuilding competition. For me, it was the best show I've ever done. Sully and Deb, thank you for bringing us together for such a super-grand event. I'll Be Back!"


View the full results right here:

OCB Spirit of America
April 29, 2006 - Cape Cod, MA

    Ms. Fitness

    1. Dawn Butterfield #30
    2. Jodie Cohen #28
    3. Karen Irvine #27
    4. Amy Nigrelli #23
    5. Yenny Polanco #24
    6. Jenni Thompson #22
    7. Stacy Moutafis #29
    8. Tonya Potrzebowski #25
    9. Lanette Wood #21

    Figure Novice 1

    1. Blythe Alberg #5
    2. Theresa Evans #3
    3. Daniele Fenton #6
    4. Amy Chabot #7
    5. Mary Boyorek #20
    6. Lauren Ventura #4
    7. Jennifer Fogweather #8

    Figure Novice 2

    1. Mary Schlichte* #14 (Novice Overall Winner)
    2. Karen Irvine #27
    3. Bernadette Richards #19
    4. Tiffany Foster #11
    5. Kristen Roursley #17
    6. Charlotte Drake #18
    7. Darlene McVeigh #16
    8. Suzanne La Grasse #13
    9. Christina Niccoli #15

    Figure Masters

    1. Debbie Squizzero #12
    2. Carla Pagel #9
    3. Mary Schlichte #14
    4. Karen Irvine #27
    5. Bernadette Richards #19
    6. Mary Boyorek #20
    7. Darlene McVeigh #16
    8. Charlotte Drake #18

    Figure Open 1

    1. Kelli Correa #2
    2. Blythe Alberg #5
    3. Tina Peratino #1
    4. Theresa Evans #3
    5. Mary Boyorek #20
    6. Lauren Ventura #4

    Figure Open 2

    1. Carla Pagel* #9 Open Overall Winner
    2. Amy Chabot #7
    3. Danielle Fenton #6
    4. Tiffany Foster #11
    5. Kristi Carter #10
    6. Charlotte Drake #18

    Figure Open 3

    1. Debbie Squizzero #12
    2. Mary Schlichte #14
    3. Bernadette Richards #19
    4. Kristen Roursley #17
    5. Darlene McVeigh #16
    6. Christina Niccoli #15
    7. Tonya Sarlanis #26

    Men's Teens

    1. Jermaine Morgen #92
    2. Daniel Bernstein #56
    3. Keith Levesque #68
    4. Charles Hatchett #93

    Women's Novice

    1. Cara Lombardo #83
    2. Blythe Alberg #5
    3. Debbie Antonelli #85
    4. Cindy Beaudin #90
    5. Anna Jones #89

    Men's Novice 1

    1. Greg Mendosa #44
    2. Briand Beaudin #71
    3. Albert Gaccione #97
    4. Tony Da Silva #101
    5. Scott Allen #69
    6. Paul Jankins #70
    7. Don Estey #79
    8. Keith Levesque #68
    9. Eric Rosberg #96

    Men's Novice 2

    1. Ernst Joseph* #72 (Novice Overall Winner)
    2. Jermaine Morgan #92
    3. Steve Sims #54
    4. Richard Marquis #74
    5. John Zambetti #57
    6. Craig Lindberg #73
    7. Guerby Pierra #95
    8. Daniel Bernstein #56
    9. Brian Dyer #98

    Women's Masters

    1. Cathy Stickney #84
    2. Carla Pagel #9
    3. Lisa Watson #86
    4. Debbie Antonelli #85
    5. Kim Lachance #82

    Men's 60+

    1. Scott Hults #42
    2. Bob Calzini #75

    Men's 50+

    1. John Jackson #76
    2. Scott Hults #42
    3. Bob Calzini #75

    Men's 40+ 1

    1. Joe De Marco* #46 (Masters Overall Winner)
    2. Glenn Nazarian #94
    3. Briand Beaudin #71
    4. Don Estey #79
    5. Ray Lacouture #81
    6. Andrew Marquis #80

    Men's 40+ 2

    1. John Sanacore #53
    2. Tom Tecca #78
    3. Mark Johnson #77

    Women's Open 1

    1. Cara Lombardo* #83 Open Overall Winner
    2. Cathy Stickney #84
    3. Carla Pagel #9
    4. Blythe Alberg #5
    5. Kim Lachance #82

    Women's Open 2

    1. Lisa Watson #86
    2. Rachelle Cannon #88 (Female Best Poser)
    3. Debbie Antonelli #85
    4. Dawn Brega #87

    Men's Open 1

    1. Eric Peratino #43
    2. Greg Mendosa #44
    3. Jeff Roux #45
    4. Chris Costa #41
    5. Scott Alan #69
    6. Scott Hults #42

    Men's Open 2

    1. Matt Carey #47
    2. Joe De Marco #46
    3. John Sanacore #53
    4. Glenn Nazarian #94
    5. Nigel Edgerton #52
    6. Albert Gaccione #97
    7. Mark Johnson #77
    8. Keith Levesque #68

    Men's Open 3

    1. Richard Marquis #74
    2. John Jackson #76
    3. Tony Da Silva #101
    4. Peter Boucher #48
    5. Daniel Bernstein #56
    6. Eric Rosberg #96

    Men's Open 4

    1. John Puskarich #58
    2. Andrew Scott #50
    3. Nathan Singelteary #61
    4. Jermaine Morgan #92
    5. Steve Sims #54
    6. Mike Hludzik #55 (Male Best Poser)
    7. Brett Oteri #67
    8. John Zambetti #57

    Men's Open 5

    1. Chris Motil* #64 (Open Overall Winner)
    2. Layne Norton #59
    3. Mike Shubert #66
    4. Christian Matyi #100
    5. Darrick Pagel #62
    6. Anthony Smith #63
    7. George Zanellato #60
    8. John Graves #65
    9. Rich Campanini #99
    10. 10 Guerby Pierra #95

    Mixed Pairs

    1. Tina Peratino & Eric Peratino #43
    2. Blythe Alberg & John Puskarich #58

    View Pics From the Show Here.