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2006 OCB Centaur Pro/Am Review, Results & Pics!

The OCB Centaur Pro/Am was held, with great success, on June 24 in San Diego, California. Get the latest results, commentary, and pics right here.

Ricky Bryant showed massive size, especially in his upper body, to take 3rd in the Men's Masters 40+ divisions. The cuts of Danny Chavez claimed 2nd, and Ron Coleman took the division.

Dena Anne Weiner claimed the top spot in the Figure Masters 35+ division. She displayed a great set of abs. Maggie Batten was her biggest threat. Batten took 2nd with her shapely size and good symmetry, but Weiner's conditioning just couldn't be matched.

Marie Allen was the only one to stop Weiner from winning the Figure Open division too. Allen showed an impressive V-taper and an amazing back.

Gayle Gray claimed the title in the Women's Bodybuilding division. She showed excellent definition in her back and had good overall definition.

Andrew Scott gave Ron Coleman a tough time in the Open division. Scott showed great separation complete with striations in his quads. The deep muscle bellies, full and shapely muscles, and rock-hard conditioning of Ron Coleman couldn't be stopped though. He went on to lay claim to the Men's Bodybuilding overall title.

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The Three Overalls.

Amateur Results:

Bodybuilding - Men & Women

Men's Juniors

Men's Masters 40+

    1 Ron Coleman #3 (MD) centaur
    2 Dany Chavez #2 (NM) centaur
    3 Ricky Bryant #4 (CA) centaur
    4 Robert Remillard #5 (CA) centaur

Women's Bodybuilding

    1 Gayle Gray #10 (NM) centaur


Figure Masters 35+

    1 Dena Anne Weiner #11 (CA) centaur
    2 Maggie Batten #14 (AZ) centaur
    3 Delinia Lewis #15 (CA) centaur
    4 Sandy Zeller #9 (AZ) centaur
    5 Denise Shaw #13 (CA) centaur

Figure Open

    1 Marie Allen #18 (VA) centaur
    2 Dena Anne Weiner #11 (CA) centaur
    3 Meggie Batten #14 (AZ) centaur
    4 Delinia Lewis #15 (CA) centaur
    5 Sandy Zeller #9 (AZ) centaur
    6 Cindy Newman #20 (CA) centaur

Men's Open

    1 Ron Coleman #3 (MD) centaur
    2 Andrew Scott #16 (RI) centaur
    3 Danny Chavez #2 (NM) centaur
    4 Ricky Bryant #4 (CA) centaur
    5 Aaron Whitten #17 (AZ) centaur
    6 David Pat #1 (CA) centaur

IFPA Centaur Pro Figure Results:

Figure Pro

    1 Stephanie Brumfield #8 (VA) centaur
    2 Katrina Roundtree #6 (VA) centaur
    3 Colleen Castaneda #7 (TX) centaur

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Figure Pro.