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2006 OCB Arizona Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Contest Review!

2006 OCB Arizona Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Contest was held on September 9th in Phoenix, Arizona. With a sold out crowd and 61 fantastic natural bodybuilders and figure competitors the show was spectacular!

OCB Arizona Natural Review

Images © M. Simon 2006

September 9th at the Herberger Theater in Phoenix, Arizona was the meeting place of 61 fantastic natural bodybuilders and figure competitors competing in the O.C.B. Arizona Natural. They came from several states to flex for the overall title of Arizona Natural. There were representatives from Texas, California, Maryland, Penn., Colorado, N. Mexico and Arizona. This is becoming known as the contest to enter and to obviously attend since it was a SOLD OUT Crowd for the evening event! The Competition was in tribute to the Firefighters of 9/11 that had lost their lives.

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Various Competitors From The Show.

-> Best Posing Awards:

After an invocation from Father Carlozzi ,Chaplain for the Phoenix Fire Department, Melvin “Rock the House� Ware revved up the audience to his robotic posing routine and was awarded the Best Poser for Men’s BB.

Maribel Miller awed the audience by coming out in a full body tiger suit to the song Eye of the Tiger and was awarded Best Poser for Women’s BB. She also was the novice winner coming in with a tight package. In women’s BB Albuquerque’s Clarita Grant brought a tight and clean physique to win the short division. The tall division was won by another Albuquerque competitor Amy Daniels. Arizona’s “Golden� girl Anne Golden came in with a physique that could not be denied taking home a lot of hardware!

-> Battle For Women's Overall:

After a hiatus of several years since being on the competitive stage she started out winning the master’s division before moving onto the open Medium division. Thus the overall title was up for grabs from the Albuquerque area with Clarita Grant and Amy Daniels against the Arizona “Golden Girl�. Anne prevailed for the overall win with her etched back and detailed legs. What is truly amazing and an inspiration about this fabulous competitor is that she has rheumatoid arthritis and has had bilateral hip replacements!!! (Now what excuses have you used to not train???)

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Various Competitors From The Show.

-> Novice Divisions:

The men’s novice division overall winner introduced the audience to a first time competitor Josh Jurhill that came in like a veteran competitor with striated glutes and deep etched abs. The men’s overall was the battle of country wide competitors. Short division winner from California: Ricky Lee Bryant, Medium winner Joe Patton from Penn. And Texas visitor Greg Kerr. All three men having the muscle to be worthy division winners it came down to condition verses fullness. Ricky needed to come in tighter to be a threat for the overall so it was Joe Patton’s to die for symmetry and muscle fullness up against the vascular and striated Greg Kerr.

The Star of Texas Greg Kerr finally getting the thumbs up from the judges and winning the overall title.

-> Figure Divisions:

On to the figure division’s where 29 outstanding and beautiful women strutted their stuff in front of enthusiastic crowd.

All the figure divisions were very competitive, however, the 2 masters groups were the most competitive classes and the winners Susan Bailey (40+) and Heidi Mierendorf (35-39) exemplify what women desire to achieve in a physique.

Novice Short winner Rebecca Hahn and tall winner Denise Shaw took the stage for the overall novice trophy. The sensuous Rebecca getting the nods from the judges over the elegant Denise for the win. The open division’s continued to rack the brains of the judges. Winners: Johanna Dickerson, (short) Rebecca Hahn (medium) and April Hill (tall) came prepared and ready to take the title. April Hill had won her class the past 2 years.

Would the 3rd time be a charm?? After going through a grueling comparison April who had improved an already awe inspiring physique would not be denied that overall win this time around.

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Various Competitors From The Show.

-> Rewards From Sponsors:

The overall winners of all classes were also rewarded 2 gym bags. One from HDT with protein powder and nutrition bars. Plus an added supply from Scivation with Substance WPI Protein. The second bag was from Beverly International and full of their goodies!

-> Special Thanks:

Cathy Chappell and Tina Watkins of Cutting Edge Productions would like to thank all the great athletes that entered the contest and Prime sponsors: Max Muscle, Body by Scott ,Beverly International, BB.Com and Max Sports nutrition for helping to make a successful competition.

Next year’s contest will prove to be even bigger and better with an added I.F.P.A PRO FIGURE DIVISION. The temperature is already rising in Arizona in anticipation for 2007!! Can YOU HANDLE THE HEAT?????

Images © M. Simon 2006