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2006 NPC Southeastern USA Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Championships Results!

2006 NPC Southeastern USA Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Championships were held in Longwood, Florida on October 7th. It was an awesome scene of hard work and perseverance that each athlete had endured leading up to the contest!

Full Contest Review

The 2006 NPC Southeastern USA Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Championships was held at Lyman High School in Longwood, Florida on October 7, 2006.

In recent years, the NPC Southeastern USA Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Championships has seen competitor and attendee numbers drop. New promoters Chris Eaddy and Debi Williams made it their personal goal to bring this Level 5 National Qualifier Event back to superstar status. They were extremely excited when this year’s event was one the competitors, as well as, the guests will remember for years to come.

-> Guest Posers:

    The promoters welcomed their Special Guests, Johhny Stewart, IFBB Masters Pro Bodybuilder, Isabelle Turell, 2006 IFBB North American Light Heavyweight Winner, Angela Debatin, IFBB Pro Athlete and the Seminole County Special Olympics Powerlifting Team.

    Featured guest poser Phillip Heath not only brought down the house when he appeared on stage but also took the time to show the fans what the next level of IFBB Bodybuilder is all about.

    As Phil puts it

      “Now, as an IFBB pro, I intend on representing the sport of bodybuilding in a way that many people can relate to and in a way that mainstream society will respect. I hope to be one the greatest of all-time, but even if I fall short of that dream, I want to have as much fun as I possibly can because of one’s career in bodybuilding being so short. I will continue to bring my best package to every contest and also stay humble and personable.�

    Phil was true to his word. He spent many hours talking to the fans and signing autographs. The NPC Southeastern USA Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness Championships were very lucky to have him and are hoping to see him again next year.

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    Phillip Heath.

    The show opened with the Presentation of the athletes. Each competitor was individually awarded a Medal of Honor and a personal thank you from the promoters. As the National Anthem was played, the audience had the chance to see all the athletes on stage in a group. It was an awesome scene of hard work and perseverance that each athlete had endured up to that pivotal moment. The Parade of Elegance with the Figure Competitors immediately followed the anthem.

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    Figure Competitors.

-> Figure Competitors:

    It was a night for the Figure Competitors. With 30 competitors in all the classes, the competition was tough. The Master Figure Classes held their own with Christie Matkozich taking home the Over 30 award, Dawn Sinay taking home the Over 40 award and Maureen O’Connell taking home the Over 50 Award.

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    Master Figure Class.

-> Open Figure Classes:

    The Open Figure Classes were difficult for the judges. The Short Class Trophy winner was Nicole Gist. The Medium Class Trophy was awarded to Paulette Broomfield. Amy Bates took the Tall Class Trophy home with her. With such strong winners in each class, the Overall Open Figure winner was not an easy decision. After careful consideration, the judges awarded Nicole Gist with the honor of Overall Open Figure Winner.

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    Open Figure Class Winners.

-> Men’s Masters Divisions:

    The Bodybuilding portion of the show kicked off with Men’s Master Bodybuilding. Kenneth Grossman was the Over 35 winner, Timothy Sutton was the Over 40 winner and the Over 50 trophy was awarded to Al Lio.

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    Men’s Master Bodybuilding Winners.

-> Women's Masters Divisions:

    It was then time for Women’s Master Bodybuilding. In a class by herself and looking great, the Over 40 trophy was awarded to Ann Katz. Next was the Over 50 division, a tough choice for the judges, but the final decision sent the trophy home with Josafina Monasterio.

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    Ann Katz (left), Josafina Monasterio (right).

-> Women’s Open Divisions:

    The time had come for the Open Bodybuilding Divisions. There were two classes this year in Women’s Open Bodybuilding. The Lightweight Class Trophy was awarded to Claudia Alderman and the Heavyweight Class, with three competitors, was awarded to Lucy Wilson, who with the judges approval, also took home the Overall Women’s Open Bodybuilding trophy.

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    Claudia Alderman (left), Lucy Wilson (right).

-> Men’s Open Divisions:

With six classes in the Men’s Open Bodybuilding division, the male competitors certainly showed the crowd what they were made of. After several rounds of fierce competition, the judges finally decided on Michael Echevarria as Bantamweight winner, Jerry Bell Jr. as Lightweight winner, Michael Pentangelo as Middleweight winner, Bobby Ortiz as Lightheavy Weight winner, Ty Pope as Heavyweight winner and the Superweight trophy was awarded to Toby Slusher. This left the judges with the extreme task of deciding on the Overall Men’s Open Bodybuilding winner. After several rounds of posing, posedowns and waiting, with a one point difference in first and second place, the Overall Men’s Open Bodybuilding Trophy was awarded to Ty Pope.

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Men’s Open Bodybuilding Winners.

-> Overall Champions:

    The promoters wish to congratulate all the athletes, especially the OVERALL Champions, and wish to thank all the people, behind the scenes, who made the evening a success. See You Next Year!

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    Overall Champions.