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2006 NPC Northern Classic Bodybuilding & Figure Championship Review & Results.

2006 NPC Northern Classic Bodybuilding & Figure Championship held in Tacoma, Washington. The extravaganza drew over sixty competitors and near a thousand fans!

2006 Northern Classic Championships Review & Results.

The 2006 Northern Classic Championships was the perfect vehicle for Shawn Casey’s comeback.

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Shawn Casey.

Absent from NPC stages for nearly a decade, Casey burst back into the limelight defeating the likes of Tramell “Swat Dog� Taylor, the Little Big Man Henry Jung, and Alex “Hollywood� Tolstopiatov for the overall title. But that doesn’t begin to tell the whole story.

-> Guest posers:

    The guest posers were a venerable who’s who of the newest crop of Northwest up-and-comers. Alaskan Kevin Creeden gave a flawless exhibition showing why his symmetry is known across the country. Jason Ciarabellini, fresh from his 2006 Junior National light heavyweight victory, was as thick as a brickhouse. Gerris Deach’s melodic routine left hopes that women’s bodybuilding is alive and well. Super Heavyweight Kenny Gipson was on hand to give fans the sight of what three hundred pounds of solid muscle looked like. Kenny placed in the top ten at the recent USA's and turned a few heads doing it.

    Enough can’t be said for the featured poser Garrett Downing. Always willing to chat with fans about muscle wars or diet and training with competitors, Garrett owns the title of the nicest IFBB pro in the game.

    Rounding out the celebrity line-up was the lovely Jessica Nabinger. Jessica is one of the hardest working competitors on the West Coast. Whether it be competing in national caliber shows or being on hand to sign photos or hand out trophies, Jessica is always at the front of the line.

-> Competitors:

    The blond bombshell Vickie Harold came all the way from Idaho to win her first ever figure competition. Vickie defeated Wyoming’s favorite Michelle Manning in the over thirty-five class.

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    Vickie Harold.

    Redmond’s own Sharon Falcon took the figure short class while Kimberly Worsman of Vancouver, USA won the figure tall. Amanda Lapore, also of Vancouver, deserves an honorable mention. Look for her in the near future.

    In a solid novice division lightweight Tyson Wentz wrestled the overall all title from heavyweight Juan Alonso. Alsono has been slowly making his mark in the Northwest improving with each show. If he dials in his diet he could be a future contender.

    That classy gal from Lakewood, Glenda Shepard strutted her stuff in a fur coat, teasing the crowd before displaying her rock-hard muscularity and pleasing shape. Glenda took the overall women’s master title as well as the best poser award. You go girl.

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    Glenda Shepard.

    In the masters men classes it was John Shepard winning the over forty title and Joseph Lucia taking top honors in the over fifty as well and the master’s overall award. Joseph is trained by former USA champ Tom Doyle. Judging from Lucia’s physique and posing routine I would say he listened to Doyle well.

    Lightweight Kim Clanton, middleweight LeAnn George, light-heavyweight Patricia Card, and heavy weight Tina Worthey squared off for one of the most exciting open women’s overall comparisons in recent memory. Each lady had their strong points and did their best to flaunt them. Head judge Gordon Myco took the foursome through two complete rounds while the judges wrestled over their decisions. In the end it was middleweight LeAnn George who took top honors and the overall battle-axe and Kippy belt.

    The open men’s classes were hard fought and in some cases controversial. Open bantamweight Milton Feagans brought a fan club from nearby Silverdale. I think Milt has taken the bantam class in the last five shows I have attended. He is always a crowd pleaser during the pose down.

    Lightweight Henry Jung is in his fifties now but he can still strike fear into men half his age. Jung is a lifetime natural competitor and his physique is flawless. His fluid and flowing posing routines are always a welcome respite to the hardcore gangster routines that are in vogue nowadays.

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    Henry Jung.

    Alex Tolstopiatov is a middleweight with a bright future. He has been refining his body with each season and his free-posing routine has something for everybody. Alex’s day is coming and I think it is closer then many think.

    The light-heavyweight was the class of controversy. Spokane’s Mell Taylor has been on a hot streak ever since his comeback two years ago. This guy has got guns as well as the rest of the package. He commands respect every time his takes stage.

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    Mell Taylor.

    The “comeback kid� was forced to relinquish his title as well as the overall title to Shawn Casey. As I mentioned earlier in this report Casey was coming off nearly a decade away from the competitive stage. He had that edge that Taylor had not long ago. I see an old-fashioned rivalry coming up between the two. Stay tuned to the NPC Northwest stages to see it played out.

-> Final results:

    Novice Men Lightweight

    1. Tyson Wentz, Redmond, WA
    2. Jimmy Castillejos, Medford, OR
    3. Tracey Beets, Puyallup, WA

    Novice Men Heavyweight

    1. Juan Alonso, Tigard, OR
    2. Henry Jones, Vancouver, WA
    3. Orin Pitman, Sedro-Woolley, WA

    Masters Women over 35

    1. Glenda Shepard, Lakewood, WA
    2. Jeanne Morris, Tacoma, WA
    3. Cheryl Brose, Bremerton, WA

    Masters Men over 40

    1. John Shephard, Lake Tapps, WA
    2. James Harris, Seattle, WA

    Open Women Light Weight

    1. Kim Clanton, Puyallup, WA
    2. Allison Clerc, East Wenatchee, WA

    Open Women Light Heavy Weight

    1. Patricia Card, East Wenatchee, WA

    Open Men Bantam Weight

    1. Milton Feagans, Silverdale, WA
    2. Jeff Cheslik, Tacoma, WA
    3. John Beck, Kelowna, BC

    Open Men Lightweight

    1. Henry Jung, Clackamas, OR
    2. David Gomez, Ft. Lewis, WA

    Open Men Middle Weight

    1. Alex Tolstopiatov, Salem, OR
    2. Tim Robertson, Tacoma, WA
    3. Sam Palmer, Spokane, WA
    4. Darrin Downs, Bellingham, WA

    Open Men Light Heavy Weight

    1. Shawn Casey, Bellevue, WA
    2. Mel Taylor, Spokane, WA
    3. Paul Stephenson, Kennewick, WA

-> Special Thanks:

    Elite Productions presented a flawless show at the posh Tacoma Convention & Trade Center. The extravaganza drew over sixty competitors and near a thousand fans as well as dozens of health and fitness vendors from all over the country.

    The ever-flamboyant MC Kim Farrison had been on the road for the past couple months working as far away as Hawaii. Kim was ready to party in T-Town. And party he did. Farrison was even more over-the-top in front of his hometown crowd.