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2006 NPC Indianapolis Bodybuilding Championships!

The 2006 NPC Indianapolis Bodybuilding Championships, promoted by gym owners Jon and Heather Pedigo was held on June 10th at Thomas Carr Howe Academy. Get the latest results, pictures, and commentary right here.

The 2006 NPC Indianapolis Bodybuilding Championships, promoted by gym owners Jon and Heather Pedigo was held on June 10th at Thomas Carr Howe Academy. was a major sponsor for the event. There were 102 competitors with a capacity crowd of about 700 spectators. The competition was unbelievable for a local level. All three Women's Bodybuilding class winners, Rita Kaya, Marilee DeArmond, and Julia Stamer, went to Junior Nationals the following weekend. Making their marks at 8th, 2nd, and 6th in their classes.

The Fitness Overall Winner of the Indianapolis, Tina Durkinn also competed at Junior Nationals and placed third in her class. From the Men's Bodybuilding Craig Hall the lightweight winner at the Indianapolis placed 3rd in his class at Junior's dropping down to bantamweight. Mark Ritter was the middleweight and overall winner at the Indianapolis and placed 1st in the welterweight class at Junior Nationals.

Trophy's were awarded to the top five finishers in each class, and the men's and women's overall winner received NPC Championship rings. The overall Figure Winner received $100 gift Certificate to Dick's Sporting goods.

Huge thanks to all of the competitors and spectators for making this event a success. We look forward to promoting it again next year.

Videos of the event are available from Greg Klotz. You can contact him at

    View Pictures From The Show Here.

Here are the placings, please forgive mis-spellings some of the entries were hard to make out!

Full Results

Mens Open Overall:

    Mark Ritter

Men Open Super Heavyweight:

    Chad Bryant

Men Open Heaveyweight:

  1. Kevin Knapp
  2. Tim Mcguire
  3. Jasom Mcclaran

Men Open Light Heavy:

  1. Phil Tommson
  2. Pat Parsons
  3. Jordan Mcgee

Men Open Middleweight:

  1. Ben Barkes
  2. Robert Fisher
  3. Dale Lee

Men Open Welterweight:

  1. Mark Raem
  2. Jay Deeber
  3. Dennis Jones

Men Open Lightweight:

  1. Craig Hall
  2. Scott Russel
  3. Maiz Sorpeza

Men Open Bantam & Overall Teen:

    Ryan Cowart

Women Figure Overall:

    Joni Hockett

Figure - 5'6" Up:

  1. Meshawn Bates
  2. Rachel Wade
  3. Claire Davies

Figure - 5'4.5" - 5'6":

  1. Ramona Jackson
  2. Christy Kelly
  3. Brenda Jovis

Figure - 5'2.5" - 5'4":

  1. Navy Remainder
  2. Jane Archer
  3. Tabitha Smith

Figure - Up To 5'2":

  1. Joni Hockett
  2. Tina Durkinn
  3. Kelly Long

Women Open Overall:

    Julia Stamper

Women Open Heavyweight:

  1. Julia Stamper
  2. Tajer Grant

Women Open Middleweight:

  1. Marilee Darman
  2. Vivian Meyers

Women Open Lightweight:

  1. Rita Kaya
  2. Julie Arnold


    Tina Durkinn

Masters Figure (Over 40):

  1. Joni Hockett
  2. Marci Percy
  3. Ramona Jackson

Mens Masters Overall:

    Kevin Knapp

Mens Master 50-59:

    Ted Bolin

Mens Master 30-49:

  1. Kevin Knapp
  2. Tim Mcguire

Mens Overall Novice:

    Ben Barkes

Mens Novice Heavy:

  1. Phil Thompson
  2. Pat Parsons
  3. Keith Gentry

Mens Novice Middle:

  1. Ben Barkes
  2. Robert Fischer
  3. Daniel Hicky

Mens Novice Light:

  1. Craig Hall
  2. Scott Guy
  3. Maiz Sorpeza

    View Pictures From The Show Here.

If you are reading this, and were a competitor at the show, please send me your email for special coupons at

We were unable to get pictures from the show of all contestants, as of now we only have pictures of the female competitors. If you are a male competitor and can send me digital photos, please do so at and I will pass them onto to be posted.