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2006 NPC Big Dust Classic Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Contest Review!

The 2006 Big Dust Classic Bodybuilding & Fitness Contest was held on October 14th in Cincinnati, Ohio. The contest has grown significantly and there were 57 competitors from as far away as Michigan, and as far south as Georgia!

Contest Review

The Second Annual NPC BigDust Classic was another success. Dustin E. Ware is the NPC Promoter and Trainer for the show. The show which has been held at the University of Cincinnati, in Cincinnati, Ohio, has grown significantly and there were 57 competitors from as far away as Michigan, and as far south as Georgia.

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Various Competitors.

The BigDust Classic has a wide-range of classifications filled by quality athletes. This year’s show added the Fitness Competition, which proved to be exciting as well. This new class added yet another dimension to the show.

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Fitness Division Winners.

It is the goal of the BigDust Classic to provide a broad range of classifications that fitness athletes can enter and compete in. The BigDust Classic is an opportunity to showcase their hard work and commitment to the sport of body-building.

-> Guest Poser:

    Once again there was a large audience at both the morning and evening shows. Pro, Mr. Richard “Tricky� Jackson, entertained the crowd with his posing expertise, he was awesome in his presentation and left the crowd wanting more.

-> Sponsors:

    Sponsors for the show included:, Supplements To Go, Camps Body Shop, Lean Life, Golds Gym and Gymbo’s Personal Fitness.

-> Overall Winner:

    The Overall show winner of the 2nd Annual NPC BigDust Classic was from the Light Heavy Weight classification.

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    Contest Overall Winners.

    After the show, a local radio station interviewed Dustin, along with Lean Life owner, Hank. As always, the National Physique Committee supported the show, ensuring professionalism was maintained at all times.

-> Upcoming Event:

    I look forward to the 3rd Annual NPC BigDust Classic with an even larger group of competitors, and audience. Mr. Markies Porter and Mr. Mark Egbert added their professional expertise with music, that was both timely, upbeat, and entertaining. For further information regarding next year’s show contact Dustin Ware at or visit the website at