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2006 Northern States Bodybuilding & Figure Championships Results & Review!

2006 Northern States Bodybuilding & Figure Championships were held on September 30th in Clearfield, Utah. Check out the contest results below. Jen Heath receives pro card at her first bodybuilding competition!

Review By James Purtell
Photography By Deedre Watts

Full Contest Review

The Northern States Bodybuilding and Figure Championship showcased some of the best natural athletes in the mountain state region. It was held at Clearfield High School in Clearfield, Utah on 30 September 2006. The 1st through 3rd place Novice winners received beautiful trophies from Neils Andersen Trophies. All the top three Open competitors received swords for their hard earned victories.

-> Men’s Masters Division:

    The Men’s Masters was very competitive. Jimmy Breitsprecher came in ripped and vascular. Jimmy opened the year winning the Utah Masters and rolled into the Northern States with an impressive physique that was too much for the rest of the class! Jimmy was able to hold off strong competition from 2nd Place Steve Miner and 3rd Place finisher Bing Fang.

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    Steve Miner (2nd), Jimmy Bretsprecher (1st), Bing Fang (3rd).

-> Men's Novice:

    The Men’s Novice division displayed polished physiques. Jonas Giatras took 1st Place while Kelly Moore placed 2nd showing an improved physique and great posing routine under the watchful eye of Dave Edgell (Personal Trainer and World Class Power Lifter from Golds Gym in Roy, Utah). Evan Lake took a close 3rd with nice definition and a well developed physique.

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    Evan Lake (3rd), Jonas Giatras (1st), Kelly Moore (2nd).

-> Women’s Bodybuilding Division:

    Women’s Bodybuilding featured 5 competitors with Jen Heath (Idaho Falls, Idaho) taking the coveted 1st Place trophy. Jen is a mother of four and sacrificed a lot to come in fantastic shape to take the top spot.

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    Jen Heath.

    Her hard work earned her a PRO card. Look for her to make a mark at the PRO level in 2007!

    Wendy Ciampini, the reigning Ms Utah 2006 took a close 2nd showing off a physique any woman bodybuilder would love. Her posing routine was unmatched and her stage presence incredible!

    Placing 3rd was Kaye Manrique; a polished veteran who came out of a semi-retirement to make it known she is not done! Her infectious smile is a joy to have on and off stage!

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    Wendy Ciampini (2nd), Jen Heath (1st), Kaye Manrique (3rd).

-> Figure Division:

    After intermission, was the Ms Figure, which featured three of the most beautiful ladies in Utah! The ladies displayed excellent poise and stage presence. Karlee Horrocks, a top model with Gym Hard Wear Clothing, took 1st Place. Her beauty and fine symmetry combined to make her unbeatable this night. She will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in 2007!

    Jessica Henline, daughter of Kaye Manrique took a close 2nd displaying fine lines and a gorgeous physique. She presented a tight physique, awesome lines and femininity that is the standard for all Figure women to try and achieve.

    3rd Place went to Tiffanie Gibson. Tiffanie held her own against Jessica and Karlee showing off a beautiful back and well developed legs. Look for all three to be knocking on the top spot in 2007!

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    Karlee Horrocks (1st), Jessica Henline (2nd), Tiffanie Gibson (3rd).

-> Men’s Open Division:

    The last event of the night featured the Men’s Open class. Pete Stokes brought a well conditioned and compact physique to the stage, barely edging veteran and top NGA Open Class competitor Soc Tieng. Pete has been out of the competition circle for a number of years and decided to get in and mix it up with the younger guys again and showed he was the best on this night! He was huge, hard and earned his PRO card outright!

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    Pete Stokes.

    2nd Place winner, Soc Tieng, has always showed up in every competition in outstanding shape. His chest development is unmatched! His good looks and charm definitely do not hurt him and is a crowd favorite! Soc will continue to dominate in 2007 and will for sure, regain the top spot soon!

    3rd Place winner Ray Long, took a close third with mass every bodybuilder wishes they had. Ray, a former world class powerlifter and Vice Principal at Fremont High School in Plain City, Utah, took plenty of hardwear during the 2006 season, and took home 3rd Place to add to his growing collection of bodybuilding awards.

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    Soc Tieng (2nd), Pete Stokes (1st), Ray Long (3rd).

-> Special Thanks:

    James and Bianca Purtell would like to thank Clearfield High School for use of their magnificent facility. They would also like to thank their sponsors:, who provided beautiful T-shirts for all the competitors, Golds Gym who provided equipment for use in the pump up room, Gym Hard Wear and Mona vie

-> Upcoming Events:

    Be sure to check out the Mr. and Ms. Utah competition at Northridge High School in Layton, Utah on 21 April 2007! If you would like information on future Utah bodybuilding events, contact James or Bianca Purtell at 801-731-9333 or e-mail


    Men's Novice

      1st Jonas Giatras
      2nd Kelly Moore
      3rd Evan Lake


      1st Jimmy Breitsprecher
      2nd Steve Miner
      3rd Bing Fang

    Women's Open Bodybuilding

      1st Jen Heath *
      2nd Wendy Ciampini
      3rd Kaye Manrique

    Women's Figure

      1st Karlee Horocks
      2nd Jessica Henline
      3rd Tiffanie Gibson

    Men's Open Bodybuilding

      1st Pete Stokes *
      2nd Soc Tieng
      3rd Ray Long

    * Jen Heath and Pete Stokes received their pro cards.