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2006 Muscle Beach International Classic Results & Pictures!

Get the latest results and pictures right here from the 2006 Muscle Beach International Classic! The show was held May 29th in Venice, California.


The Muscle Beach International Classic Bodybuilding and Figure competition was held this Memorial Weekend at the legendary home of bodybuilding - Muscle Beach Venice. Fifty excellent athletes competed in the sun and experienced the nostalgia of past bodybuilding legends.

The Norwegians swept the overall winners with Kim Torgersen, overall men's, Oslo Norway, Marthe Sundby, overall women's, Oslo and Hege Mathison overall figure, Hammertest Norway. The Tuff Stuff best posing routine was awarded to Scott Smolchuck from Chino Hills California for his excellent posing routine.

Among the highlights of the show was the presentation of the Muscle Beach Venice Bodybuilding Hall of Fame awards sponsored by Iron Man Magazine. Legendary Mickey Hargitay brought the audience to tears as he described his bodybuilding career and told the fans that bodybuilders are not just the muscle of the body but also exhibit the muscle of their brain.

Glenn Sundby one of the original founders of Muscle Beach in Santa Monica and Samir Bannout Mr. Olympia 1983 were on hand to receive their awards.

In recognition of the men and women of the Armed Forces the show opened with an F-16 flyover and an induction ceremony of new recruits by Colonel Rick Reaser. Static equipment from the Army was on display and everyone enjoyed the challenge of the climbing wall supervised by Army Sergeants.

The Air Force Commanders Jazz Ensemble played both days of the event and were a highlight of the afternoons.

World Gym International hosted the event and along with other vendors including, House of Pain,, Apex Nutrition and INSTONE offered the public education and giveaways to promote health and fitness.

The next Muscle Beach Competition will be the Mr. & Ms. Muscle Beach on July 4th, 2006. For information please go to or e-mail From Joe Wheatley Productions thanks to all the athletes and sponsors who made this Memorial Weekend event a truly exciting time.

Muscle Beach Venice Memorial Day 2006! Muscle Beach Venice Memorial Day 2006!
Since the beginning, the events at Muscle Beach have always been open to the public at no charge. This practice continues... Get the latest review and history right here for Muscle Beach on Memorial Day, 2006, held in Venice, California!
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arrow Men


      Kim Torgersen

    Super Heavyweight

      1. James Vandervest


      1. Kim Torgersen
      2. Jose Venegas
      3. Ramsey Korban
      4. Kim Allyn
      5. Craig Davidson
      6. Lester St. George

    Light Heavyweight

      1. Prinston Martyn
      2. Scott Blake
      3. Justin Hunter
      4. Rado Pagac
      5. Javier Vargas


      1. Rene Rivas Chavez
      2. Tom Pia
      3. Kinshasha Moffitt
      4. Rod Bentley
      5. Lorenzo Reynaga
      6. Jake Weidmann


      1. Junie Vicente
      2. Saul Orosco
      3. Mark Cosciello

    Masters 40+

      1. Scott Smolchuck
      2. Rod Bentley
      3. James Vandervest
      4. Fred Rodriguez

    Masters 50+

      1. Kim Allyn
      2. Philip Piviroto
      3. Richard Krieger

    Masters 60+

      1. Jim Arrington
      2. David Vito
      3. Russ Young
      4. Robert Diebolt
      5. Cliff Nelson


      1. Justin Hunter
      2. Christopher Barajas

    Muscle Beach Hall of Fame Recipient

      Samir Bannout
      Glenn Sundby
      Mickey Hargitay

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arrow Women


      Marthe Sundby


      1. Marthe Sundby
      2. Dawn Thomas
      3. Sharon Dzunbira
      4. Evelyn Jackson
      5. Dyonu Cole
      6. Jackie Lee


      1. Dawn Thomas
      2. Jackie Wager

arrow Figure


      Hege Mathison

    Class A

      1. Sharon Dzunbira
      2. Karla Reyes
      3. Dawn Thomas
      4. Charrilyn Bautista

    Class B

      1. Hege Mathison
      2. Andrea McQueen
      3. Cedrica Straker
      4. Andrea Kincaid
      5. Simone Pirtle

    Class C

      1. Erin Lutz
      2. Karin Cring
      3. Madison Chase
      4. Tara Hein
      5. Breanne Field

    Masters Figure 35+

      1. Hege Mathison
      2. Dawn Thomas

    Masters Figure 45+

      1. Jackie Wager
      2. Jackie Lee

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 Mandel Family
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Comedian, Actor, Howie Mandel & Family
Watching Some Impromptu Posing.
Photo By SecondFocus.