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2006 Mountain States Bodybuilding & Figure Championships!

The 2006 Mountain States Bodybuilding & Figure Championships was a pro qualifier that took place on May 20th, 2006 in Salt Lake valley, Utah. Get results and pictures here!

On May 20th, 2006, forty of the areas best Natural bodybuilding and figure contestants met together to compete in the NGA Mountain States Natural Championship's. These Drug-Free athletes represented Idaho, Utah and Colorado, with each Open Class winner having the opportunity to become an NGA Pro.

This was the 34th year for this competition, the first held in 1973, then titled the "Mr. Intermountain Bodybuilding Contest." Later it was changed to the "Mountain American" for a year or two and then because of a name infringement, the name was changed once again to the "Mountain States Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Championships."

We give thanks to the NGA, National Gym Association,, Natural Bodybuilding Promotions L.L.C and the many sponsors that were involved in bringing this event to the Salt Lake valley.

This event was promoted by Natural Bodybuilding Promotion's L.L.C. and was sanctioned through the NGA, National Gym Association. The NGA is the largest Natural bodybuilding organization in the world and follows the IOC banned drug list. The NGA tries to influence young athletes in all sports, not to take drugs of any kind. If you decide to take drugs, we encourage you to compete in other organizations.

On the day of the competition, while the athletes were checking in for the days activities, Samantha Madsen, (very well known in Salt Lake among her health and fitness colleagues), was having an hour long, live radio interview with Dallas Griffiths at "1280" The Zone, radio station. Samantha's interview was such a success, and they were so impressed with her, they invited her back for more interviews.

Thanks, Samantha for being such a great ambassador to bodybuilding. Samantha then rushed to the competition where she was involved as one of the judges.

Terry Baldwin, an NGA Pro Bodybuilder gave a great posing performance which was appreciated by all of those who were fortunate to see him. Terry came as a guest poser and was in great shape! He would be highly recommended, to be invited as a guest poser at any bodybuilding event. At 50 years old, Terry is one of the world's greatest Drug-Free bodybuilders!


The pre-judging started at 10:00 a.m. and lasted for three hours. The teenage division was the first to enter the stage. Cody Stoddard and Joel Parker are both blessed with great genetics; these two young bodybuilders will surely help to inspire other teenagers to compete. Cody won 2nd place and Joel was the 1st. place teenage winner.

Mtn. States
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Joel Parker, Cody Stoddard.

Master's Division

The men's master division was a sight to behold. Remember that all of these athletes are at least 40 years old with some even being 50 years old. There were a total of 11 contestants signed up in this division, with two of them walking away due to the overall condition of the other athletes.

There were several of these masters that were also signed up to compete in the open division and would be taking more than one award home. This group of masters, many of whom have trained their entire life, with good diet, dedicated training and muscle maturity, can still be very competitive with the younger athlete.

    Dennis Young, a 43 year-old athlete, has been competing for about 10 years and has won several awards along the way. With the quality that was displayed among the other competitors, Dennis felt honored to win 5th place.

    Jimmy Breitsprecher is 44 years old, and had won the Mr. Utah masters division 4 weeks prior to this event. He came to this contest looking great, but with several other seasoned athletes competing, Jimmy was pleased with his 4th place win.

    Scott Steiner, at 43 has won awards in other contests that he has entered. Scott placed 3rd. at this event. He plans to keep trying for more wins.

    Bill Kirth, 43, has been blessed with many successes in life. Bill is a black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. Bill has also won several awards as a bodybuilder. He travels a lot with his employment and is known in many gyms in Utah, Idaho and Colorado. Bill was our 2nd place Master's winner.

    Ray long is the oldest of the masters and at 50 years old, is a threat to any contest he enters. Ray is a Junior High principal and is well respected by all of those that know and work with him. In his younger days before he retired from bodybuilding, Ray brought home many 1st place awards.

    Now after many years of coasting as a retired bodybuilder, the competition bug bit again, Ray was our Master's champion. Ray plans to get his pro-card and will be a great challenge at other pro-masters events.

Novice Lightweight & Heavyweight

There were two groups of Novice competitors, lightweight and heavyweight classes.

Craig Guerrero, was the 3rd place winner and enjoys weight training and watching the Gilmore Girls. Craig is 42 and was also one of our masters competitors.

Jeff Peterson, an Ogden resident, enjoys eating and also spending time with his wife. I'm sure that weight training should be included among his likes. Jeff placed 2nd in the Novice Lightweight.

Steve Callihan won 2nd place in his division a month ago at the Mr. Utah Natural contest. With his improvements over a 4 week period, Steve was able to take home his first 1st place win. He will now move on to the Open Division level.

Mtn. States
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Steve Callihan, Craig Guerrero, Jeff Peterson.

Andy Pardo, a new face to bodybuilding competitions, was one of our heavyweight competitors. He enjoys camping and has trained for 2 years. Andy won 3rd place.

Jake Gettings started training as a teenager. Martial arts and weight training, are his hobbies, he enjoys spending time with his wife. Jake won 2nd place.

Dennis Young, another masters competitor, has trained for several years and has also competed in many events - Dennis, you can now move on to the Open division. Congratulations! Dennis Young is our 1st place Novice Heavyweight winner.

Mtn. States
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Jake Gettings, Andy Pardo, Dennis Young.


When we announced that the next group were ready to be judged, which was the women's figure division, all of the guy's that were in the halls and in the lobby, came back into the auditorium so they could make their own judgment calls.

There were 9 beautiful competitors in this division. There were 2 or 3 that had been in other contests, but most of these women were novice competitors.

Dusti Tipton has trained for 9 years and in 2003 won 2nd place at this event. She enjoys camping, biking and running. Dusti won 4th place.

Amy Cook, a competitor from Idaho, has a very good record of taking home 1st place awards over the years. She is a High School teacher and is a great influence for health and fitness among her students. This year Amy would have to settle for a 3rd place win.

Amie Blair, as a novice competitor, say's that she loves life and the great people in her life that make up her support team. Amie loves chocolate, and with the help of her trainer and support team, was able to gain control of her intake of chocolate, and in a years time went from 190 lbs down to 118 lbs. Amie won 2nd place in this year's event.

Tiffany Holdman is another one of our Novice contestants. Tiffany says that a big part of her success goes to her trainer Shane Heugly, and her sister Holly Semanoff. Tiffany is the 1st place winner in this figure competition and will now have the chance to get her pro card.

Mtn. States
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Amy Cook, Tiffany Holdman, Dusti Tipton, Amie Blair.

Women's Bodybuilding

Wendi Ciampini and Shannon Muir were the only women bodybuilders in this years contest. Both of the women looked to me like they could have been sisters. Both are very good bodybuilders!

Shannon has trained for this contest for four months; she was pleased with taking 2nd place.

Wendi Ciampini won 1st place in this women's bodybuilding competition. Wendi gives credit to Xbalm and Isagenix, and training hard for her success. Wendi has two children and one incredible husband that take up most of her time. Bianca Purtell and Dave Edgell were a great help in preparing Wendi for this event.

Mtn. States
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Shannon Muir, Wendi Ciampini.

Men's Open Lightweight

The Men's Open Lightweight was the next group to enter the stage. Many times when competitors come from out of state, you know that they have done their homework and are ready to take home an award or two. Let's see just what these out of state athletes are made of.

Roger Schei, a past Mr. Idaho champion has also won many other awards in his bodybuilding career. Roger was good enough to barely beat out Brian Christensen for 3rd place. Roger and Amy Cook gives thanks and will always remember their hero Steve Williams, who got them started in competitions. Steve was always willing to be a judge at any of my contests. He died in 2005 in a water skiing accident and will be missed by all.

Jacob Larsen, what an up-beat athlete! His personality really comes out in his posing routine. This was by far the closest competition at this contest. Jacob was very willing and accepted his 2nd place award like a true champion.

Soc Tieng, had won the Mr. Utah title a few years ago and hasn't competed for a few years. His physique was very much like Jacob's, with each one having great strong points. Over the past few years Soc has made some good improvement and has a very pleasing physique. Soc won 1st. place in the open lightweight class.

Mtn. States
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Jacob Larsenr, Roger Schei, Soc Tieng.

Men's Open Middleweight

Jimmy Breitsprecher, placed 3rd in this Middleweight class.

Ray Long, our Masters Champion, was the 2nd place winner. Two win's, not too bad for a 50 year old veteran!

Ron Holyoak, one of our contestants from Idaho has trained for 4 years. When Ron competed a couple of years ago, he looked good, but now he looks great! He has been doing well in other contests that he enters. Ron won 1st place in the Middleweight Division.

Mtn. States
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Jimmy Breitsprecher, Ron Holyoak, Ray Long.

Tim Beamer, one of the Colorado entries, has one of those physiques that just keep getting better the more you look at him. Tim wasn't the biggest, but has a pleasant look. Tim won 3rd place.

Bill Kirth, placed 2nd and say's that he always enjoys a good contest. He comes in having done his best to prepare for a contest and accepts his placing with a smile on his face. He enjoys the overall great attitudes of these natural competitors and he also enjoys meeting new people that compete from out of state.

Craig Toth, another one of Idaho's finest physiques, came down to this competition in hopes that he would be the one that would be able to turn Pro. Since 1993, Craig has been winning events in Idaho. He came to Utah to see just how good he was. Yes, he was good enough to win 1st place in this division!

Mtn. States
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Tim Beamer, Bill Kirth, Craig Toth.

Open Division Winners

Now, the top three 1st place winners of the Open Division were asked to enter the stage. Soc Tieng, Ron Holyoak and Craig Toth. All three competitors looked great! Craig Toth was the Overall Champion and promises to be a threat to any and all that wants to challenge him at other events.

Craig made the comment that prior to his coming down for this contest, he thought the judging wouldn't be fair. He was very impressed with the judging through the entire event.

Mtn. States
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Craig Toth, Overall Champion.

We thank you for your comments and we also give thanks to the judging panel, all of whom have competed their whole life and are dedicated to you the bodybuilder and figure competitors.

The Judges

Head Judge:

  • Jon Snyder

Voting Judges:

  • Terry Baldwin
  • Marty Mendenhall
  • Samantha Madsen
  • Ron DeBry
  • Nancy Taylor
  • Chad German


Awards given at this contest were some beautiful swords and some great statues for the women's divisions - on request for next year, swords will also be given to all of the women division's.

Darren O'Donnell, our Master of Ceremonies, was smooth and relates very good with the audience. Since this contest, Darren has had offers to be the Master of Ceremonies at other Bodybuilding & Figure events. Good going Darren! (No, he doesn't sing.)

Heads up for next year for this event! Due to the constantly growing numbers of pro bodybuilders and figure competitors, we will be offering a pro-division at next years Mountain States Natural. So start preparing now for that event!

For more information about natural bodybuilding and figure contests look at the NGA web site at Also check out or visit