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2006 NPC Lehigh Valley Championship Review & Results!

The 2006 Lehigh Valley Championships took place May 20, 2006 in Allentown, PA. Get the latest results and commentary about the show right here!

May 20, 2006 - Allentown, PA

One of the longest running bodybuilding shows in the Country - The Lehigh Valley - drew 76 outstanding competitors from VA, PA, NJ, NY, MD & DE. This NPC National qualifier offered men's bodybuilding (juniors, novice, open, master), women's bodybuilding (open, master), fitness, and figure (A,B,C, master) classes.

The head sponsors & Ab-ulous Meals were pleased with the turnout. And we thank them for their support ...

Several 3 way ties in multiple classes made this a difficult competition to Judge

"There were phenomenal physiques here today," states Dr. Gary Udit, IFBB Pro Judge & Mid-Atlantic NPC Chairman (, who also was the head judge for today.

Other distinguished judges were Todd Howe - NPC PA Chairman; Judges Ed Martin, Rod Strong, Andrew Landis, Tracy Hess, Tony Daniele, and Kathy Connors Kolosky. They all did a great job in judging such a tough field!

Overall Winners:

  • Ms. Angie Festamacher -- Overall Figure Champion (from field of 32)

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    Ms. Angie Festamacher.

  • Mr. William Ford - Overall Men's Open Champion (from field of 31)

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    Mr. William Ford.

  • Ms. Brenda Simmon - Overall Women's Bodybuilding (from field of 4)

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    Ms. Brenda Simmon.

  • Mr. Eric Sivilich - Overall Masters Champion (from field of 14*)
  • Mr. Chinedu Nriagu - Overall Novice Champion (from field of 23*)

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    Mr. Chinedu Nriagu.

    (* some crossed into open)


    Service Electric & TV 2 sports covered the evening show which will air in June. National competitors, Mrs. Carina Dupree, IFBB Pro-Figure & Mr. Terrance Crawl served as the TV commentators.


    The most emotional moment of the evening was the on-stage engagement of Jason McKinght to Lisa Maneto. Lisa was called to stage assuming she won the Best Figure Presentation award, but her knees started to visibly shake as she saw Jason walking out saying "Lisa there is no Best Figure award..." her whole body then shook as her hands covered her mouth and tears filled her eyes.

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    Jason went on, "I figure if we can live together and carb deplete at the same time and not kill each other then we belong together... " her and the crowds roar with Lisa's tear in the eye was breathtaking. Jason bent on one knee saying, "Lisa will you marry me?"

    This brought the entire house to its feet. They left the stage hugging each other while the audience, with eyes full of tearful joy, clapped. But Lisa quickly came back to the podium and shouted - "YES! The answer is yes, I will marry him!"

    The MC for the evening, Mr. Bill Grant, handled the evening like the pro that he is. "What could top that moment tonight?" Bill asked. Little did he know that more excitement was just around the corner with great routines that involved the crowd and unique competitor thank you's.

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    Jay Cutler & Bill Grant.

    Jay Cutler was the highlight of the night. He delighted the crowd, of approximately 800, by mingling through the auditorium giving audience members a very close-up personal view of the great icon. Jay also pulled one of his biggest fans from the audience and offered to do a pose down together. Shawn Crump - a national level competitor responded with "Wow!" and needing a little assistance with posing oil from the head expeditor, Shawn jumped on stage with his work boots still on and had some fun trying to upstage Jay.

    Co-promoters, Chrissy Johnson, Craig Johnson & Jack Sassaman pride themselves in hosting an enjoyable event for everyone - from families, to first time competitors, to seasoned amateurs. "We strive to improve the event every year and try to have something for everyone; BBQ chicken grilling on the lawn, an open expo with clothing/autographs, event media coverage, a large competitor area with closed circuit TV and a pump up room fit for the pro's," states Craig Johnson.

    "Yes, and we are glad that the atmosphere we create opens the camaraderie of the sport to every type of competitor! And we are glad that many people come back every year to compete in our show!" says Jack Sassaman.

Total Lehigh Valley NPC '06 Results

Juniors Novice Light Weight Novice Heavy Weight
1st Mike Knowles
2nd Dan Ladzenski
3rd Jon-Erik Haas
4th Scott Rosenblatt
5th Joe Spiegel
6th Stephen Kunigus
7th John Rosenblum
8th Ray Ragnalli
9th Peter Chung
10th Ramul Yukich
11th Scott Butz
1st Dan Ladzewski
2nd Jon-Erik Haas
3rd Kevin Keen
4th Scott Rosenblatt
5th Joe Spiegel
6th Scott Kemeter
7th Stephen Kunigus
8th Matt McQuiston
9th Jonathan Rosenblum
10th Peter Chung
11th Brian Dennison
12th Scott Butz
1st Chinedu Nriagu
2nd Rod Jarrar
3rd Nick Freglette
4th Josh DiGiovanni
5th Jack Chilcoat
6th Nathan Cooper
7th Allen Homan
8th Jason McKnight
9th Justin Kocher
10th Mike Rea
11th Ray Ragnacci

Women Open Lightweight Women Open Masters Women Open Mid-weight
1st Vivian Camphor
2nd Cathy Vichiotti
1st Brenda Simmon
2nd Stephanie Blair
3rd Robin Infante
4th Cathy Vichiotti
1st Brenda Simmon
2nd Vivian Camphor

Men Open Bantamweight Men Open Lightweight Men Open Midweight
1st - Brian Dennison
2nd- Peter Chung
1st- Jeff Moser
2nd-Jon-Erik Haas
3rd-Luiz Garcia
4th-Grant Heatherman
5th-Scott Rosenblatt
6th-Joe Speigel
7th-Scott Kemeter
8th-Matt McQuiston
1st-Dan Ladzewski

Men Open Light-Heavyweight Men Open Heavyweight Men Open Super-Heavyweight
1st William Ford
2nd Allen Hicks
3rd Keith Montgomery
4th Eric Sivilich
5th Chinedu Nriagu
6th Rod Jarrar
7th Nick Freglette
8th John DiGiovanni
9th Dan Bernstein
10th Nathan Cooper
11th Allen Homan
12th Justin Kocher
13th Scott Butz
1st Mike Knowles
2nd Julian Craig
3rd Sherman Newton
4th Mike Rea
5th Ray Ragnalli
1st John Justis

Mens Masters 35+ Men's Master 45+ Men's Master 55+
1st - Eric Sivilich
2nd-Kevin Keen
3rd - Allen Homan
4th - Jason McKnight
5th-John Justis
6th-Scott Kemeter
1st- Mark Wolf
2nd- Jack Chilcoat
3rd- Jeffrey Moser
4th- John Parvel
5th- David Thomas
6th- Kelly Bollinger
1st- Stan Ottman
2nd-Tony Goodley

Figure A Figure B Figure C
1st Angela Fenstermaker
2nd Shelly Albetta
3rd Charmaine Davis
4th Elizabeth Albetta
5th Kerri-Anne Faly
6th Dana Linn
7th Jean Jitomir
8th Diane Motel
9th Christine Koperna
10th Karen Russo
11th Lauren Rosen
12th Heather Viscomi
13th Dana Patrizi
14th Lisa Manento
1st Adele Lehman
2nd Heather McGee
3rd Jennifer Montella
4th Joanne Catania
5th Colleen Mahony-Sgro
6th Amy Burkins
7th Robin Infante
8th Tina Todd
9th Laura Bubnis
1st Francesca Okoye
2nd Irish McCarthy
3rd Jillian Koscielecki
4th Amber Mixell
5th Afton Hess
6th Emily Palmer

Figure Masters 35+
1st Heather McGee
2nd Colleen Mahony-Sgro
3rd Robin Infante
4th Diane Motel
5th Christine Koperna

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Congratulations to all those brave enough to compete!
Chrissy, Craig & Jack