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The Winner Of The 'Pick The Top Ten' From The 2006 Iron Man Pro Show.

The winner of the 'Pick the Top Ten' from the Iron Man Pro show was Jonathan Fernandez. Jonathan was able to guess eight of the top ten winners... See who he picked in correct order. In addition we have listed what he ordered after winning the $500.

The winner of the "Pick the Top Ten" from the Iron Man Pro show was Jonathan Fernandez. Jonathan was able to guess eight of the top ten winners and won $500 in supplements from Jonathan is currently a resident in Venezuela.

Johnathan & Gustavo
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Johnathan & Gustavo.

Jonathan's Correct Picks

Okay, here is why I picked the top ten in order.

Starting from the bottom:

10. Chris Cook:

    The guy looked huge but was not as ripped as he was last year during the New York Pro. The size was definitely there as well as the attitude and confidence. I heard he prepared himself for the Iron Man with some advice from Kevin Levrone. You can definitely see Kevin's attitude in the new version of Chris Cook.

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    Chris Cook.

9. Ahmad Haidar:

    Looked great but was not as well conditioned as he had been in the past and the judges took that for granted. Also the competition was very hard in this lineup. He was looking great but really only deserved 10th place.

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    Ahmad Haidar.

8. Eryk Bui:

    Bui looked awesome and had great condition and muscularity for his Pro debut. But as I said before, the competition was too close to call for the top 10. If Bui added a little bit more muscle to his overall package and had maintained conditioning from last year's NPC contests then he would be a serious competitor now.

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    Eryc Bui.

7. Toney Freeman:

    Toney is getting bigger and better every time I see him onstage. Muscularity was his strength but his conditioning could have been better. He can still improve in this area. However because of his size (yes size does matter), he is going to be in the top ten at the very least.

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    Toney Freeman.

4. Kris Dim:

    Kris looked phenomenal; his muscles were outstanding and his conditioning was the best of the show. However, his symmetry was off and his upper body was over-powering his lower body. The judges saw this and penalized him for that.

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    Kris Dim.

3. Troy Alves:

    Troy was near his best when he showed up. He did a good job getting ready for this show although he still had a few areas to improve upon. Had he done that he could have grabbed a top two spot. In this show his front upper body was off along with the back of his lower body being off. Everything else was right on the money.

    Troy Alves Troy Alves
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    Troy Alves.

2. David Henry:

    David looked tremendous and was at his all time best. Everything was spot on including muscularity, symmetry and conditioning. The top two spots were to close to call. I can only think that he did not win because Lee Priest has paid his dues by being runner-up so many times. David has now paid his dues.

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David Henry.

1. Lee Priest:

    Deserves this win because he was at his all time best with no mistakes. This was his perfect show. He had the complete package with his hams being in great shape and his signature arms being dead on. His presentation was perfect and he has been runner-up to many times not to win this one.

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Lee Priest.


This was my report for the 2006 Iron Man Pro competition and thanks to for allowing bodybuilding enthusiasts from around the world this opportunity to watch and judge such a prestigious show from a different country in a different part of the world. Hats off to

Johnathan's Order

A list of what was ordered and what the final total came out to:

Here is what I ordered with the $500 dollars from

A Note From The Editor would like to thank all who participated and hopes to see the same great participation in future competitions. Congratulations to the winner and good luck to all who try again in the future.