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2006 Idaho's Strongest Man Contest Review & Results!

2006 Idaho's Strongest Man contest held at the Hot Rod Café on August 26th. Nineteen men and women in 5 divisions battled for the title with a huge draw of spectators!

Post Falls, Idaho was host to the LARGEST Strongman Show in the North West. Idaho’s Strongest Man competition was held on Saturday, August 26, 2006. Nineteen men and women in 5 divisions, battled for the title with a huge draw of spectators!! The Hot Rod Café provided a great venue for tire flipping and semi-truck pulling on a beautiful sunny day!

Order Of Events

-> Teen division:

    The Teen division showed a lot of strength. Travis Wasileski stole the show being the strongest in 4 of 5 events. At 191lbs and 18 years old, Travis dead lifted 300lbs on a 2" axle for 25 reps! Micah Hinck showed strength and potential for future shows.

    At 197lbs and 18 years old, Micah flipped a 500lb Tractor tire and pulled a weighted sled 100’ in just 42.53 seconds! Congratulations also to Jon Heffley and Adrian Kramar who came out to compete against the big boys and are excited to be a great force in years to come.

-> Womens division:

    The Womens division was small in competitors but large in strength!! Kristyn Vytlacil made 130lbs look light in the clean and press with 12 reps! She is definitely an inspiration to all women who want brute strength! Kristyn also went 22 feet in the farmers walk and pulled the truck 60ft in just 20 seconds. Kristyn’s future in Strongman is evident!

-> Masters division

    The Masters division was very impressive and a statement to all that anyone can be strong if they stay strong. Blake Johnson was an awesome competitor at the young age of 66!! Blake is an inspiration to me, if I can do half of what he is doing at his age I will be very happy. Blake fought all the way even though he was the only Master to show up…he never gave up on an event or slacked off because he was the only one.

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Various competitors from the contest..

-> Men’s light weight division:

    The Men’s light weight division was a battle to the finish. Both of these competitors were strong in body and in mind. Don Forman won the division with a total of 7 points. Don is a local boy from Post Falls Idaho and a very strong athlete. Mike Evarts was his challenger and a good one at that. To watch these two was throat numbing to the crowd. There was a lot of cheering.

-> Men’s mid weight division:

    The Men’s mid weight division was the largest division this year. We had 6 very strong men competing for the title of Idaho’s strongest man. Joey Unruh from Montana and Charles Bean battled for first place all the way to the end. Joey ended up winning the competition with one less point then Charles.

    Joey dominated the Farmers Walk taking 250lbs in each hand and making it 45.4 ft in seconds. This was especially hard beings that the handles on the Farmers Walk were almost 2" around. This is a true test of strength and grip!

    Joey ended up tearing all of the muscles between his ribs on the tire flip/sled drag event, and still went on to pull the semi truck for the win. Very impressive competitors in this division.

-> Men’s heavy weight division:

    And last but not least the Men’s heavy weight division. Tim Nagy was bar far the dominator in this division. He took first place with only 7 points. The next closest competitor was Jay Hagadorn with 11 points.

    Tim was very impressive in strength and size. This 35 year old weighed in at a whopping 315lbs. He pressed the 250lb 12" steel log over his head with an easy 11 reps. Tim was also the only competitor to complete the tire flip sled drag event! The tire weighing 700 lbs and the sled weighing 500lbs was a exhausting event for all of the divisions.

    Jay Hagadorn was a strong athlete pulling 450lbs on the 2" axle deadlift 11 times! And always my favorite at a show to watch Rocco Liogghio!!! Rocco is a 45 year old athlete. And when I say athlete I mean just that! He made the tire look so easy that people in the crowd were asking for a try to flip it. This is one strong man and did a great job finishing 3rd for the heavyweights.

-> Special Thanks:

    Idaho’s Strongest man would never have happened if it were not for our Sponsors!!!! We had over $5000 in supplies and prizes given to the show. Each of the athletes received a duffle bag from filled with all kinds of supplements.

    The First place prize package was worth over $300. PMD and GNC supplements donated over $1600 in supplements for the prize packages. A supplement package was also given out to our main sponsors for the event and out to our volunteers. There was a lot of planning and a lot of work that went into making this happen and I thank all of our volunteers and sponsors for making this a great success!!!

    Next year will be even bigger! The event was covered in every local newspaper and TV station for 4 days. That helped draw a great many spectators. Some of the events you could hear a pin drop…everyone was just in awe. The top 2 competitors will be receiving an invitation to go compete in USA Nationals.

    The top 3 teens will also be receiving an invitation to go to USA Teen Nationals. Thank you again sponsors for helping make this happen and thank you Athletes for being true athletes and giving North Idaho a great show of strength. See you next year!!!!

    Luke Patterson

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Various competitors from the contest..

-> Results:

Division: Competitor: Farmer Carry: Axle Dead: Clean/Press Tire/Sled: Truck Pull: Total: Placing:
Women Kristyn Vytlacil 1 1 1 1 1 5 1st
Masters Blake Johnson 1 1 1 1 1 5 1st
Teens Travis Wasileski 2 1 1 2 1 7 1st
  Micah Hinck 3 2 3 1 2 11 2nd
  Jon Heffley 1 4 2 3 3 13 3rd
  Adrian Kramar 4 3 4 4 4 19 4th
LWt. Don Foreman 2 1 1 1 1 7 1st
  Mike Evarts 1 2 2 2 2 9 2nd
MWt. Joey Unruh 1 3 5 1 2 12 1st
  Charles Bean 5 1 1 3 3 13 2nd
  James Alexander 4 2 2 2 5 15 3rd
  Jesse Briles 3 5 3 4 4 19 4th
  Pete Marcoff 6 4 6 6 1 23 5th
  Chad Larson 2 6 4 5 6 23 5th
HWt. Tim Nagy 2 1 1 1 2 7 1st
  Jay Hagadorn 3 3 2 2 1 11 2nd
  Rocco Liogghio 4 2 3 3 3 15 3rd
  Erik Mc Murray 5 5 5 4 4 23 4th