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2006 IAM Fitness Iron Warrior Bodybuilding And Figure Championships.

The 2006 IAM (Ironfish Athletic Ministries) & Fitness Pacific Northwest Iron Warrior Bodybuilding Championships was a great success this year. Get the latest results, photos, and commentary right here!

The 2006 IAM (Ironfish Athletic Ministries) & Fitness Pacific Northwest Iron Warrior Bodybuilding Championships was a great success this year. Although small we would have to say that the crowd was very energetic and supportive of this fundraising event. The show started off with the playing of the national anthem by one of I.AM. Fitness's participants 11 year old Ray Kyler on the saxophone - While giving a flawless performance, Ray later appeared on stage with the other kid and teen fit participants for whom this contest was formed.

Kid Fit Awards:

    Next was the kid fit awards. Seven kids who have participated or are participating in the IAM Fitness kid fit program have received their medals and certificates for their fulfillment of at least 2 months of free personal fitness training at IAM Fitness provided for fatherless, obese and at-risk kids. After receiving their awards and meeting all of the athletes on stage the show began with our five figure competitors.


    After a strenuous night of nerves, posing and flexing, it was figure competitor Laurie Kendall of Vancouver WA who captured the first place prize displaying beautiful lines of symmetry, and proportions.

    Second place was captured by Andrea Arndt of Vancouver WA who also displayed great conditioning in the short amount of time she prepared for this show. Third place went to a beautiful Jamie Collins from Portland Oregon, 4th place went to Wendy Henderson of Vancouver WA and 5th place went to Natalie McComb from Vancouver WA.

Women's Lightweight:

    Next was the women's lightweight bodybuilding category in which first place went to first timer Kori Engstrom. For her first contest Kori displayed incredible muscularity and put on a great routine and show. Kori was the only female competitor for women's bodybuilding this year but had there been more competitors in this category, we have no doubt that Cory would have done just as well.

Men's Lightweight:

    Next was the men's lightweight category in which Michael Crull edged out first timer Josh Escabido to win the first place medal. Mike displayed legendary leanness and was shredded while Josh was a little softer but displayed great thickness for a first timer.


    At intermission time our guest poser and President of IAM Fitness treated the crowd with a performance that was dedicated to our men and women serving in the armed forces who are fighting the war against terror in the Middle East and other places around the world.

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Guest Poser & President Of IAM Fitness.

Middleweight Men:

    Then came the middleweight men with big Jared Taylor of Vancouver WA. Being his first contest, Jared displayed incredible abs; huge deltoids and a very muscular back double biceps pose which was very well deserving of the first place spot. Second place went to Aaron Hendren. This was also Aaron's first show and he displayed a lean muscular physique.

    The fourth place spot went to Robert Cheekes of Corvallis OR. Robert will get the most fired up and inspirational award as he put on a very emotional posing routine.

Light Heavyweight:

    Moving on we come to Light Heavyweight Kris Shumway. Kris displayed natural leanness with only 2-3 weeks dieting for this show! He competed because he said that he wanted to do it for the kids.


    Coming to the heavyweight class, our first place finisher was Shawn Smutts.

    Shawn also is a first timer and did a fantastic Job preparing for the show displaying good leanness, and muscularity to take the first place medal. Our second place heavyweight finisher was Duane Longhoffer. Although Duane's conditioning wasn't the best, his story or where he'd come from is one of the best.

    Being a born-again Christian, Duane made his request known to God. He had to loose 52 lbs, he thought, in order to be competitive. Duane lost 45 lbs in 31/2 months but went through with the show anyway - one of the reasons being that it was a fundraiser event.

    We plan on putting Duane's full story up at To round the night off we came to the overall title with Big Jared Taylor narrowly taking the overall title. What a great show the Iron Warrior was and we look for to our next fundraiser the IAM Fitness Golden Kingdom Super Pro/Am on October 21 at the same location.

      View Pics From The Show Here.

Iron Warrior Placing


    1. Laurie Kendall
    2. Andrea Arndt
    3. Jamie Collins
    4. Wendy Henderson
    5. Natalie McComb

    View Pics From The Show Here.

Lightweight Women:

    1. Kori Engstrom

    View Pics From The Show Here.

Lightweight Men:

    1. Michael Crull
    2. Josh Escabido

    View Pics From The Show Here.

Middleweight Men:

    1. Jared Taylor
    2. Aaron Hendren
    4. Robert Cheekes

    View Pics From The Show Here.

Light heavyweight Men:

    1. Kris Shummway

    View Pics From The Show Here.

Heavyweight Men:

    1. Shawn Smutts
    2. Duane Longhoffer

    View Pics From The Show Here.


    1. Dick Iverson

    View Pics From The Show Here.