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2006 Garden State Classic Bodybuilding And Figure Championship Review & Results!

Pedro Diaz and Paul Hendricks promoted the 3rd Annual Garden State Classic on June 24th, 2006 at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). Get full results, pics, and commentary right here!

Pedro 'Pete' Diaz owner of Plaza Fitness Center and Paul Hendricks promoted the 3rd annual Garden State Classic Bodybuilding and Figure Championships on June 24th, 2006 at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).

The MC for this event was Yvonne Harper. Yvonne is well known throughout the NPC for her dynamic personality and thorough expediting experience. Yvonne gracefully and pleasantly crowd enthused and energetic.

The guest poser for the evening was New Jersey's own, IFBB Pro Craig Richardson. Craig always puts on a great performance and is a great crowd pleaser. Look out for Craig when he brings home the first New Jersey Pro Show title, in Atlantic City on September 23, 2006.

We would like to extend a special thank you to our sponsor, and Michele Lynn, the NJ representative. offers great exposure to not only the promoters of the NPC shows, but to all competitors and representatives of the sport of bodybuilding.

Garden State Classic Full Results

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Overall Winner: Taylor Boyd

-> Overall Winners:

    Regina Cardone
    Michael Martino
    Andree Allaire
    Taylor Boyd Jr.

    View Photos From The Show Here.

arrow Figure

    Figure Class A (Up to and including 5'4")

      Joanne O'connor 3
      Rachel Fowlkes 2
      Zoe Klyce (Winner) 1
      Marianne Abbasso 4

    Figure Class B (Over 5'4")

      Marisol Suarez 2
      Regina Cardone (Winner) 1

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arrow Bodybuilding - Men

    Teen (Age 13-19)

      Paul Knight 2
      Nick Trigili (Winner) 1
      Eugene Borcan 3

    Masters A (Over 35 under 176 1/4)

      Anthony Devino (Winner) 1
      Victor Monet 2

    Masters B (Over 35 under 176 1/4)

      Mike Atkins 2
      Frank Ulrich 5
      Michael Martino (Winner/Overall) 1
      Ken Andress 4
      Omar Monroig 3

    Novice Men Lightweights (Four Divisions)

      Jesus Sanabria (Winner) 1

    Novice Men Middleweights

      Lonnie Jones 4
      Steven Diaz 2
      Todd Maloney (Winner) 1
      Marcelo Telo 3

    Novice Men Light-Heavyweights

      Marl Sanzari (Winner) 1
      Kenneth Young 2

    Novice Men Heavyweights

      Nick Trigili 3
      Erick Weaver 2
      Taylor Boyd Jr. (Winner/Overall) 1

    Open Men Bantamweights

      Anthony Devino (Winner) 1
      Jesus Sanabria 2

    Open Men Lightweights

      Victor Monet (Winner) 1
      Luis Reyes 2

    Open Men Middleweights

      Paul Knight 6
      Lonnie Jones 5
      Steven Diaz 3
      Todd Maloney 2
      Marcelo Telo 4
      Joshua Katz (Winner) 1

    Open Men Light-Heavyweights

      Mike Atkins 2
      Omar Monroig 4
      Marl Sanzari 3
      Kenneth Young 5
      Isaias Rodriguez 6
      Michael Martino (Winner) 1

    Open Men Heavyweights

      Erick Weaver 2
      Brenton Rousey (Winner) 1

    Open Men Super-Heavyweights

      Taylor Boyd Jr. (Winner/Overall) 1
      Steven Bodnar 2

    View Photos From The Show Here.

arrow Bodybuilding - Women

    Masters Division 1st

      Andree Allaire (Winner/Overall) 1


      Andree Allaire (Winner/Overall) 1

    View Photos From The Show Here.

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