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2006 Boise Fitness Expo Review!

The 2006 Boise Fitness Expo, which included a FAME & NPC Contest, turned out to be the best we have seen to date. From the first show in 2002 to now we have come a long way. Read below to see what took place...


With a crowd that was rocking like there was no tomorrow, the Boise Fitness Expo once again turned out to be a spectacular event. The event was emceed by none other than Lonnie Teper himself. Champions like Jay Cutler, Bob Cicherillo, Monica Brant, Jesse Marunde, Priscilla Ribic and many more filled the Big Easy Concert house made it a star studded event.


Local rock band Supervapors opened up the show with a rendition of an old Pink Floyd song that started everyone off on the right foot.

Strong Men & Pretty Faces:

    Well maybe not everyone... not all of the FAME competitors started off on the right foot. Looks like some got started on their left foot or maybe it was a case of the cold feet?

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FAME Competitors.

    Of the competitors that ended up competing, only Amy Cook and Rett Crites left that night as a pro. Rett Crites won the trip to the World Championship's and a FAME magazine spread.

    In between each of the major events, small showings of athleticism were presented in various forms of dance like hip-hop, tap, group, and many others.

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Dance Break!

    Strongman competitors Jesse Marunde and Corey St. Clair were on-stage to throw around the weight like girly-men. After his second try, Jesse Marunde (youngest American, at age 22, to ever qualify for the World's Strongest Man contest) put up an impressive 360lbs during a log clean and press. Corey St. Clair completed a farmer's walk around the stage with 800lbs and did not even break a sweat. Will he give Jesse competition in the coming years?

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Jesse Marunde.

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Corey St. Clair.

    After the strongman competitors were done, the FAME Model Search finals were presented and Rett Crites won the male model search and Amy Cook won the female model search earning them both a pro card. Rett Crites was the lucky winner of the roundtrip airfare and entry into the World Championship's in Toronto later this year along with a FAME magazine spread.

Pose Downs:

    Then the big boys came upon stage... first off, Jay Cutler. Jay was looking impressive at around 300lbs just 5 months before the Olympia. After an impromptu pose down with a fan (Jay is going to have some competition in the coming year - see below), Bob stepped up to the plate, just 1 week before his showing at the 2006 Master's World Championships.

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Jay Along With Some Major Competition.

    At only 1 week out, striations and seriated muscles popped out whenever Bob would walk or talk. When it came down to the pose down, Bob showed Jay what it looks like to show up in contest condition. Bob was a crowd favorite along with a favorite - co-emcee Nancy DiNino...

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Bob & Jay.


With a rocking crowd of over a thousand, the event turned out to be bigger than ever before! The event is going to have to be held at a bigger location next year due to the lack of room or breath.

The pro's wooed the crowd, the FAME model contestants showed that hard work and determination can get you anywhere; strongman competitors pushed the limits of human strength while the competitors of the other events kept everyone going in-between the big shows.

I want to personally thank everyone for coming out and visiting the 2006 Boise Fitness Expo. Without your support, we would not be able to put the event on for FREE! Thanks once again to all that competed and those that showed up.

See you next year.