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2006 Empire Natural Classic Bodybuilding & Figure Contest Review & Results!

The 2006 Empire Natural Classic Bodybuilding & Figure Contest was held in Waterloo, New York on Sept. 30th. Read here to find out who prevailed in each challenging division.

Contest Review

For the second year Waterloo, the birth place of Memorial Day, hosted The Empire Natural. With the morning prejudging crowd in there seats the competitors where ready to take the stage for an event three times the size of last years competition. All was quiet and grueling pre-limbs had stared. The crowd came to life as the Junior Division took the stage to start what was to be one of the most grueling Prejudging events ever seen.

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Middle Weght Division (left), Heavy Weght Division (right).

The quality of the competitors was outstanding. Each had prepared well which made the judging extremely difficult. After two and a half hours of the sweat dripping prelims the competitors took a well deserved brake to prepare for the evening competition.

-> Special Recognition:

    Before the evening started there was a special recognition given to Mike and Jamie Halsey from all their friends and colleagues for their dedication and support of Natural Bodybuilding. Over the past seven years Mr. and Mrs. Halsey have put much of there time and effort into the promoting of Natural Bodybuilding and bring a quality of sport and sponsorship for those like

-> Junior Division:

    The Junior Division was taken over by a new comer Benjamin McKinney. This 17 year old has outstanding symmetry and conditioning. Ben will definitely be a front runner in the years to come. After coming in second to Benjamin McKinney in the Junior Division Jeffery Strong came back to clinch the Novice Light weight division.

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    Benjamin McKinney.

-> Men's Open Divisions:

    Brian Peterson overthrew the Light weight Division in pre-judging with unheard of conditioning putting him instantly into the evening Overall showdown.

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    Overall Showdown.

    John Cubit from Kentucky with his 205lbs was a show favorite. His posing routine gave him best poser for the night and placed him into the overall in the evening event.

-> Women’s division

    Although the Women’s division was light in competitor’s Bard Prouty came in tight to just barely nudge out Marie Bates for the first place title.

-> Figure Division:

    In the Figure Division Stephanie Willis a new comer to the Division gave Sheila Mettler a heard win with Tilmeka Washington tight in the running. But Sheila Mettler gained the points with her stage presence and took the lead by only marginal points.

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    Figure Division Competitors.

-> Overall Pose Down:

    The highlight of the night came with the Mens Overall Pose down. In the pre-judging John Cubit after traveling over 1,300 miles had a slight lead over Brian Peterson. The five men went though an earth shattering series of mandatory poses. In the end Brian Peterson had come up with just a fraction of a point difference to take home the Over All Title.

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    Brian Peterson.