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2006 Eagles Wings Bodybuilding, Xtreme Fit And Figure Competition Review & Results!

2006 Eagles Wings Bodybuilding, Xtreme Fit and Figure Competition was held on September 30th in Red Wing, Minnesota. The promoters, Annette and Randy Pullen are pleased with the outcome of the event.

Full Contest Review

The third annual Eagles Wings Competition was held on September 30th in Red Wing, Minnesota. The promoters, Annette and Randy Pullen are pleased with the outcome of the event. They promote the show because of their love for the sport. They find pleasure in preparing the show for the competitors who have worked so hard to prepare for their event. They shared this year the reason they chose the name Eagles Wings for their show.

The name comes from the spiritual meaning Eagles hold. An Eagle is the strongest bird there is. The strength, dedication and determination that a competitor endures to prepare for a show is the same as that of an Eagle. As the competitors took the stage for Eagles Wings this year, the audience knew that each of the competitors had spread their wings just like that of an Eagle.

The Figure overall winner for 2006 is Annie Masterjohn. The Open male overall winner is Matthew Barnett. The Open overall female winner is Libbe Erickson.

-> Best Posing Awards:

    There was a best poser awarded to a male and female. Peter Fitschen took home the award for best poser male, and Libbe Erickson took home the best poser female. Annette and Randy like to award people for getting their entry in first. They award a prize to the first male and first female entered.

-> First Entry Prizes:

    The first male entered this year is Dennis L. Rude, and the first female registered is Ashley Rathke. Annette and Randy would like to remind you to get your entry in early for the October 6, 2007 show to increase your chances of being the first to enter.

-> In Memory Of Don Letendre:

    Annette and Randy Pullen have permanently dedicated their show to a good friend, Don Letendre who died just a short few months before their first show in 2004. It is because of Don that they decided to try their hand at promoting a show. It is Don who showed them the way in the beginning and Don who believed in them that they would be able to do it. Annette and Randy know that Don is in Heaven watching over their show each year. He is making sure that things go well, and that the show continues to be a huge success.

    They would like to thank everyone who keeps Don in their heart, because the love of the sport was in Don’s heart. It was Don who helped Annette learn to pose when she first chose to compete in 2003. He took an afternoon of his time to make sure that when Annette set foot on stage in his show, she would not be uncomfortable at all. It is that love that he passed on to Annette and Randy and the same love that they pass on to anyone who enters their show. Annette and Randy have vowed that if they are asked for help, it will be given.

-> Upcoming Shows:

    Please be sure to check out the next Eagles Wings in Red Wing Minnesota on October 6, 2007. Watch for more details. Please email for more information about competing next year.

-> Some Words From Some Of The Competitors:

    This was my second year in Women's Bodybuilding at Eagles Wings. I turned 50 and had a great time doing the routine to "Born to be Wild". This year I brought home firsts in Novice, Open and Masters, as well as the top female poser award. The people were super and it just doesn't get any better than that!

    Libbe Erickson, Stillwater, MN

    Eagles Wings was my first bodybuilding competition, and I did not know what to expect. After five minutes with the promoters and other competitors, I knew this would be the first of many competitions for me. The atmosphere was great and the competition was the most fun I have ever had.

    Jon Polos, Oakdale, MN

    My name is Jill Samuelson-Omath and I'm 39. Eagles Wings was my first show. I've never seen a bodybuilding show before, much less competed in one.

    The production at Eagles Wings was upbeat and professional. I guess am now an "official" Figure competitor! I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease late last year and had been very sick until about eight months ago. With the proper medical attention, nutrition, and workout, miracles can happen. I am proof - I walked on stage!

Contest Results:

    Male Short Novice

      1st Matthew Barnett
      2ndJason Vetos

    Male Medium Novice

      1st Peter Fitschen
      2nd Jon Polos
      3rd John Morrisette

    Male Tall Novice

      1st Kyle Rinn
      2nd Samuel Swenson
      3rd Brandon Redlinger
      4th Dennis Luke Rude

    Male Submasters

      1st Peter Kolas

    Male Masters

      1st Brent Mielke
      2nd John Morrisette
      3rd Dennis Luke Rude

    Figure Short

      1st Annie Masterjohn
      2nd Janet Frank Atkinson
      3rd Debby McCray
      4th Ashley Rathke

    Figure Medium

      1st Tonya Mikelson
      2nd Denise McCann

    Figure Tall

      1st Barbara Capece
      2nd Shelly Greenfield
      3rd Jill Samuelson-Omath


      1st Jake Urton

    Female Novice

      1st Libbe Erickson
      2nd Janet Hausken
      3rd Michele Just

    Female Submaster

      1st Janet Hausken

    Female Master

      1st Libbe Erickson
      2nd Michele Just

    Female Open

      1st Libbe Erickson
      2nd Janet Hausken
      3rd Michele Just

    Male Open Short

      1st Matthew Barnett
      2nd Peter Fitschen
      3rd Jason Vetos

    Male Open Tall

      1st Kyle Rinn
      2nd Peter Kolas
      5th Dennis Luke Rude
      3rd Samuel Swenson
      4th Brandon Redlinger

    Figure Master

      1st Barbara Capece
      2nd Denise McCann
      3rd Debby McCray

    Figure Overall-Annie Masterjohn

    Male Open Overall- Matthew Barnett

    Best Posing Award-Male-Peter Fitschen
    Best Posing Award-Female-Libbe Erickson
    First Registered-Male-Dennis Luke Rude
    First Registered-Female-Ashley Rathke