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2006 Day Of Strength Strongman Challenge Review & Results.

2006 Day Of Strength Strongman Challenge held in New London, Wiconsin on September, 9th. Look here to find out the record breaking power lifts! Check out the review and pics here.

Power Lifting Events

The overall standings for strongman were 29 years and younger 1st place Wayland Weller, 2nd Place Jon Kester, 3rd place Ahren Von Uhl, and 1st place 30 years and older Jon Hobson (his competitors didn't show up).

-> Farmers Hold:

    Farmers hold for time, 261 pounds in each hand.

    Eric Seefeldt, 47.93 seconds
    Bret Oswald, 1minute 6.34 seconds
    Wayland Weller, 47.81 seconds
    Jon Kester, 55.84 seconds
    Tony Seefeldt, 35.28 seconds
    Jon Hobson, 51.25 seconds
    Ahren Von Uhl, 28.47 seconds

-> Atlas Stones:

    The first stone is 223pounds, the second stone is 239 pounds, the third stone is 270 pounds and the forth stone broke my scale; it took four 80 pound bags of concrete mix to make it. Only 2 people have ever been able to platform it, 1 of them being Wayland Weller.

    Eric Seefeldt got the 1st stone in 10.48 seconds, it took him 1minute 11.99 seconds to get the second one, he ran out of time after that. Bret Oswald got the first stone in 22.40 seconds and the 2nd in 36.45 seconds. He wasn't able to get past that; it was his first time ever doing stones. Wayland Weller got the 1st stone in 1.45 seconds, the 2nd in 9.44 seconds, the 3rd in 23.34 seconds, and the 4th in 1 minute 52.56 seconds.

    The there was Jon Kester he got the 1st stone in 6.49 seconds, the 2nd stone in 16.39 seconds and the 3rd in 1 minute 2.32 seconds. 16 year old Tony Seefeldt had a hard time he only got 1 stone and it took him 1 minute 33.57 seconds. Jon Hobson got the first stone in 5.59 seconds, the 2nd stone in 25.19 seconds and the 3rd stone in 1 minute 3.39 seconds.

    Ahrens Von Uhl got the fist stone in 9.39 seconds and the 2nd stone in 55.89 seconds. From there we went to the truck pull. Eric Seefeldt pulled it in 42.69 seconds for 100 feet. Bret Oswald did it in 29.94 seconds. Then Wayland Weller came in at 29.63 seconds.

    Jon Kester was the fastest with 28.72 seconds. Tony seefeldt pulled it off in 33.78 seconds. Jon Hobson pulled it in 28 seconds. Ahren Von Uhl was able to do it in 30.65 seconds.

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Various competitors from the contest.

-> Axle Press:

    Then came the axle press, which was a thick bar with 245 pounds on it, they had 90 seconds to press as may times as possible. Only 3 were able to do it and they were Bret Oswald 6 presses Jon Kester 7 presses and Jon Hobson with 6 presses. The final event was the one handed deadlift were they had 3 attempts to lift as much weight as they could with one hand.

    The lifts were....

    Name Lift 1 Lift 2 Lift 3
    Eric Seefeldt 225# 275# 330#
    Bret Oswald 275# 375#  
    Wyalnd Weller 350# 375# 405#
    Jon Kester 240# 280# 315#
    Tony Seefeldt 225# 240# 265#
    Jon Hobson 330# 355#  
    Ahren Von Uhl 225# 285# 315#

    There was a tie for 1st place, the tie breaker was Waylands lift of 435#.

From there it was off to power lifting.

-> Bench Press:

    Teen 198 Robert Davison’s first 2 attempts of 135 were failures, I let him drop down, and the final lift was 120 pounds. MoisesValddez open 132 1st lift of 145 pounds was good, 2nd lift of 155 pounds was good. 3rd attempt he missed 165 pounds. Then me Tom Theama master 275 1st lift of 300 pounds was good I missed the 2nd attempt of 320 pounds I tried again 3rd attempt of 320 was good. Joseph Melito open SHW 1st lift 460 pounds was good, 2nd lift of 470 pounds also good, 3rd lift of 480 he failed at. Nathan Porter open 198 opened with 340 pounds ggod lift, 2nd lift was 350 pounds also good,3rd lift of 360 pounds was a failure. Nathan took 2nd place.

    John Klarkowski open 198 opened with 500 pounds which was good, the second and 3rd attempt of 525 was no good. John took 1st place. Jason Loker open 275 lifted raw 1st lift 380 pounds, 2nd lift of 405 pounds and 3rd lift of 430 pounds were all good, he made them look very easy.

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Bench Press.

-> Squats:

    Joseph Melito's squated 500, 550 pounds and 575 all very easy, he wanted to do more but his grip was too wide for my rack and he didn’t feel safe lifting more than that, he hoped to squat 800. Robert Davison's first squat of 200 was no good, I let him drop down to 180 for the 2nd squat which was good and 3rd squat of 190 pounds also good.

    Moises Valddez had a bad day in the squat he failed at all 3 of 230, 220, and 195 pounds. Nathan Porter only had 1 good squat with 440 pounds the 2nd and 3rd attempt of 450 pounds were no good.

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-> Dead Lift:

    Last but not least the dead lift. My 8 year old son Jesse Theama open 97 had a good open lift of 150 pounds, 2nd lift of 170 pounds also good. That wiped him out and after that he missed the last attempt of 180. Joseph Melito opened with a 640 pound deadlift and stepped out soon after with a sore back.

    Robert Davison had a good day dead lilfting. He opened with 250 pounds 2nd lift of 265 pounds was also good. He then set a personal record of 275 pound dead lift. Moises Valddez started out good witha deadlift of 340 pounds, 2nd and 3rd attempt of 350 pounds were failures.Nathan Porter was in the same boat.

    His 1st lift of 460 pounds was good last 2 attempts of 480 pounds were no good. Overall the competitors and spectators enjoyed the event.

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    Dead Lift.

    A Friend In Strength

    Tom Theama "Mister T"