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2006 NPC Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta Contest Review & Results By Jacqui Skibba!

2006 Tokyo Joe's NPC Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta Fitness, Figure & Model Search Championships were held in Denver, CO on October 21st. Find the full contest results and picture galleries here!
Written by Jacqui Skibba, CSCS

Contest Review

-> Future Fitness & Figure Stars Shine In The Mile High City:

    When you think of a fiesta, visions of margaritas, piñatas, and mariachi bands may come to mind. However, for fitness and figure fans in the Mile High City, once a year the word takes on another meaning. The 40-plus competitors that braved the cold and snowy Colorado morning on October 21st chose to delay their nacho eating and tequila shooting as they smiled, posed, flipped, flexed, and quarter turned their way to fitness and figure success.

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Various Competitors.

    Celebrating its 4th year, the NPC Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta is the only NPC show of its kind. Choosing to eliminate the men’s and women’s bodybuilding competitions, co-promoters IFBB Fitness Pro, Carla Sanchez and NPC Rocky Mountain Chairman, Jeff Taylor have once again proven that fitness and figure can stand alone in the sport, draw a crowd, and generate revenue and sponsorship dollars.

    The contest featured Women’s and Men’s Fitness, collegiate figure, three age division for Master’s Figure, three height classes in novice and four in open figure, Junior fitness, and a fitness model search sponsored by

    The contest is becoming a favorite for young and first time competitors, as was evident by the size of the Novice figure category. At the end of the evening, under 5’2� class winner Miranda Hubbard walked away with the novice and Open figure titles, while Teresa Nystrom finished first in every division she entered, including the overall Master’s figure title, and 1st place in both the novice and open over 5’6� divisions.

2006 NPC Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta Review By Isaac Hinds 2006 NPC Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta Review By Isaac Hinds.
2006 NPC Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta Fitness, Figure & Model Search Championships were held in Denver, CO on October 21st. Read the contest review written by Isaac Hinds.
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    With continued training and practice, I am sure you will see these and the other outstanding competitors gracing the national stage very soon.

    The fitness model search is always a popular event with participants and the audience, more so this year with the addition of the Fan Favorite category. Audience members could vote for their favorite model and the winner would share the spoils with the winners of the men’s and women’s divisions.

    The contest featured a swimsuit round, followed by an athletic wear round. Division winners Lindsey Giometti and Jason Carlton (who also won the men’s fan favorite category) won the opportunity to shoot with famed-industry photographer Terry Goodlad, as well as a portfolio shoot with local photographer Rob Hawthorne, supplements, and other prizes valuing over $500.

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Lindsey Giometti and Jason Carlton.

    The women's Fan Favorite award went to returning model search participant Chelsea Shirley, prompting enthusiastic cheers and applause from her many supporters in the audience.

    As always, the highlight of the evening came with the performances by the Junior Fitness participants. These dynamic, energetic young ladies, ages 6-12, wowed the crowed with stage presence beyond their years, not too mention fitness and dance skills to rival many national and pro level competitors. Sitting in the audience, it was easy to be transported 10-15 years into the future, and imagine these young ladies gracing the Fitness Olympia stage.

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Junior Fitness Participants.

    With the recent decline in fitness participants at the national level, one would hope that more promoters will take their cue from Carla Sanchez, and provide the opportunity for the next generation of fitness stars to showcase their talents and hone their skills on the competition stage.

-> Special Guest Performers:

    The night was complete with performances by Elements of Motion, a co-ed hip hop and breaking group, The Denver Nuggets Dancers and IFBB Fitness Pro, Julie Childs. Other IFBB Pros making special guest appearances included Elaine Goodlad, Christine Pomponio-Pate and Phil Heath who was a celebrity judge for the fitness model search.

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Denver Nuggets Dancers (top), Elements of Motion (bottom) .

-> Special Thanks:

    Congratulations to all of the Fitness Fiesta participants, and to Carla Sanchez, Jeff Taylor and the Rocky Mountain NPC on another outstanding and exciting event. Thanks also to Isaac Hinds who took hundreds of photos for an upcoming feature story for the NPC News. We hope you’ll join the party again next year. Now bring on the margaritas!

    Jacqui Skibba is a personal trainer and national level NPC competitor based in Denver, CO. She is a proud member of the Performance Ready Fitness and Figure Team. For more information, please visit

-> Sponsors:

    Tokyo Joe’s, The Point Athletic Club, The Squires Clinic,, iSatori,, Christine Marsh Designs, JavaFit, Cyto-Charge, J. Anthony Wear, Stryker Physiotherapy Associates, Rob Hawthorne Photography, BodyPhotage and NPC News.

-> Promoters:

Contest Results

    Women’s Model Search

      1 Lindsey Giometti
      2 Chelsea Shirley
      3 Renee Paul
      4 Amanda Berthod
      5 Katy Bixler
      NP Liza Kampstra
      NP Eowyn Suchan
      NP Kimberly Hall
      NP Kristina Hull
      NP Melissa Robinette
      NP Lisa Held
      NP Yasamin Barghelame
      NP Diana Stark
      NP Brigitte Brodski
      NP Jaime Jon’ee
      NP Stephanie Brown


      Chelsea Shirley

    Men’s Model Search

      1 Jason Carlton
      2 Malcolm Havens
      3 Andy Holmes
      4 John Krane


      Jason Carlton


      Collegiate Figure

      1 Amanda Berthod

    Figure 30 - 35

      1 Liza Kampstra
      2 Eowyn Suchan

    Figure 35 - 40

      1 LeeAnn Johnson
      2 Evon Schones
      3 Noriko Higginbotham
      4 Lisa Boren
      5 Kit Balasopoulov
      6 Lynette Nickodemus
      7 Lisa Held

    Figure Over 40

      1 Teresa Nystrom
      2 Megan Squires
      3 Martha Pasquale
      4 Brenda Pomranka
      5 Faith Powelson
      6 Beth Humphrey


      Teresa Nystrom

    Figure Novice Under 5’4

      1 Miranda Hubbard
      2 Katy Bixler
      3 Amanda Berthrod
      4 Melissa Robinette
      5 Eowyn Suchan
      6 Brenda Pomranka
      7 Lynette Nickodemus
      8 Jackie Guerra
      9 Beth Humphrey
      10 Krystal Bouet

    Figure Novice 5’4 - 5’6

      1 Martha Pasquale
      2 Kit Balasopoulov
      3 Yasamin Barghelame

    Figure Novice Over 5’6

      1 Teresa Nystrom
      2 LeeAnn Johnson
      3 Brigitte Brodski
      4 Heidi Joy Tuck
      5 Melissa Radulovich
      6 Lisa Held
      7 Milissa Bizer
      8 Jaime Jon’ee
      9 Diana Stark
      10 Amy Cebollero


      Miranda Hubbard

    Figure Open Under 5’2

      1 Miranda Hubbard
      2 Liza Kampstra
      3 Katy Bixler
      4 Euowyn Suchan
      5 Lynette Nickodemus

    Figure Open 5’2 - 5’4

      1 Melissa Robinette
      2 Faith Powelson
      3 Beth Humphrey

    Figure Open 5’4 - 5’6

      1 Evon Schones
      2 Lisa Boren

    Figure Open 5’6

      1 Teresa Nystrom
      2 LeeAnn Johnson
      3 Brigitte Brodski
      4 Megan Squires
      5 Melissa Radulovich
      6 Lisa Held
      7 Amy Cebollero


      Miranda Hubbard

    Men’s Fitness

      1 Jason Carlton

    Junior Fitness Ages 7 & Under

      1 Bianca Laratta
      2 Paulina Diegel

    Junior Fitness Ages 8 - 10

      1 Victoria Bixler
      2 Guiliana Laratta

    Junior Fitness Ages 11 - 14

      1 Dominique Laratta

Contest Information

-> When:

    OCTOBER 21, 2006
    Prejudging - 10:00 am
    Finals - 6:00 pm

-> Where:

    3001 S. Federal Blvd
    Denver, CO 80236

-> Ticket Info:

    General Admission - $15
    VIP Reserved - $35

    * Get tickets online here!

-> Contest Promoters:

-> Awards:

    Women's Open Fitness, Women's Open Figure and Women's Novice Figure: 1st -5th in each height class.
    Men's Fitness: 1st-5th one class
    Junior Fitness 1st-5th in each age group, (10 yrs. and under, 11-14 yrs. and 15-19 yrs)
    Women's Figure Age Group Over 30-40, 40+: 1st -5th each class.
    A Team Trophy will be awarded to the highest scoring team. ($20 fee per team is required)
    Overall Champions receive an overall award.

-> Host Hotels:

    Fairfield Inn Denver Lakewood
    11907 W 6th Avenue
    Golden, Colorado 80401 USA
    Phone: 1-303-231-9939
    Fax: 1-303-235-4552
    Sales: 1-303-231-9939 ext. 410
    Sales fax: 1-303-235-4552

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