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An Interview With Mr. USA Phil Heath!

Mr. USA Phil Heath has gone through some major changes now that he entered the arena of the pros. Five years ago he had no intention of being a bodybuilder. Learn where he thought he was headed.

5 Questions With Mr. USA, Phil Heath

[ Q ] How has your life changed daily since becoming an IFBB Pro?

    A: My life has changed very quickly in regards to becoming an IFBB Pro, by being able to fully concentrate on competing and promoting the sport through the help of my sponsors, family and friends. I realize that as a professional, I must exhibit this label in everything that I do, in order to be respected amongst my peers and fans.

Mr. USA Phil Heath
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Mr. USA Phil Heath.

[ Q ] Why haven't you left Denver, CO to move to the Mecca of BBing in California?

    A: I decided to stay in Colorado for one major reason, because I started my new life [bodybuilding] here and the fan support and atmosphere here is fantastic. I love visiting other areas such as California, but here I get a chance that no other bodybuilder gets a chance to do, which is help create more notoriety toward this state in this sport.

[ Q ] How many days a week do you do cardio and what type of diet works best for you?

    A: I normally perform two days of cardio, but seven days a week preparing for this contest. My diet has changed since last year, which has been strictly based on white chicken and egg whites for my protein.

    My carbs have stayed very moderate and even lower than most others, but I feel that it hasn't taken anything away from my fullness and has kept me in better conditioning than in past competitions.

[ Q ] Do you feel the sport of BBing is growing in popularity and what would you do differently to promote the sport better than it currently is?

    A: I feel that the sport of bodybuilding is growing definitely because of our champions being on television commercials and talk shows and even more mainstream non-bodybuilding magazines. I would help promote this sport more by being a true professional and showing the public that I have a humble, great personality and hard work ethic that many can respect.

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    I would like to emulate previous champions such as Lee Haney & Arnold Schwarzenegger in their pursuit to create greater opportunities for people in and outside of the fitness world. Earning the public's respect isn't that difficult when you carry yourself like a true professional and stick to being an ambassador of the sport and role model for others.

[ Q ] Did you see yourself competing as a professional in 2006 5 years ago and if not why?

    A: I actually never even thought I'd be a bodybuilder, better yet, pro five years ago. I was playing college B-ball and my main goal was to play overseas and then work in the field of computer science!