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An Interview With IFBB Figure Pro Jen Becerra!

Coming off a serious knee injury Jen has made the switch from Fitness to Figure. Learn how she overcame this obstacle and what she hopes to bring to the Pro Figure world.

5 Questions With
IFBB Figure Pro Jen Becerra

[ Q ] How did you get into Pro Figure and who was your inspiration?

    A: I made the decision to compete in Pro Figure due to a serious knee injury. It was a decision that would be difficult because of my love for performing in Fitness competitions, but it was necessary for me to get back on stage as soon as possible.

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    This was the best opportunity that would allow me to still do what I love. There is not just one person that has inspired me to compete in Figure competitions. It was a team of the most supportive group of professionals that I've ever had the opportunity to work with that gave me the strength and inspiration to get through the training process.

    Charles and Christine Anderson at A Team Fitness, The Thompson family, Dr. Lowe, Lisa Bell and Susan Lilly at TIRR Rehabilitation Centers and most importantly my husband, were the most influential people that gave me the tools, motivation and support to compete in Pro Figure competitions.

[ Q ] Where and when did you turn Pro?

    A: I turned Pro at the 2004 NPC National Fitness Championships in Dallas, TX. Winning 1st place in the Short Class.

[ Q ] If you could change one thing about Pro Figure what would it be?

    A: Honestly, right now I am too new to the sport of Figure to truly answer this question. Personally, I love this sport and want to continue to learn and grow with it as the sport continues to change.

[ Q ] You suffered a near career ending injury, care to explain?

    A: On October 1, 2005, what would be my debut as a Pro Fitness Guest Poser; I was warming up my routine when the inevitable happened. Performing a skill I had done a million times in 6 inch boots (when dancing with the Houston Rockets Power Dancers), barefoot I went into the air twisting and before I knew it, landed and was on the ground. I knew it instantly, I had torn my ACL!

    The most excruciating pain!! I knew this was not good for my fitness career, but all I could think about was all the training put into that show and the 8 yr. old little girl, LeeAnn Thompson, who was depending on me to do the show with her.

    I made some changes to the routine and the show went on! A week later, I had the surgery and the next day, started rehabilitation. I knew competing in Fitness for 2006 was not an option, but I had to get back out on the competition stage. So, this competition being my first Pro Show and my first time back on the competition floor means the world to me.

    I could have ended my career just then, but I have too much heart, passion and dedication to finish what I've started. So, I'm very glad to have the opportunity to compete in Pro Figure this year.

[ Q ] Should you win the Colorado Pro how would it change your life and outlook on your future as a competitor?

    A: This show would change my life in a way that would make me stronger and wiser. I have never competed at this level and have a lot to learn about competing as a Pro. If I happen to do well enough first time out, I would know that absolutely giving it 100% everyday for the past 6-7 months through the trials and tribulations that have occurred in my life, has paid off and was well worth it!

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    IFBB Figure Pro Jen Becerra.

    I will continue work hard with the passion that drives me to do the best that I can with each and every competition. Either way, this show will help to establish me in the Figure industry and put my name on the map as a Pro competitor. I will look at this show as, "This is where it all started!" This is the beginning of what I hope to be a successful career!