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An Interview With IFBB Pro Johnny Moya!

IFBB Pro Johnny Moya disappeared from the bodybuilding scene a few years ago. Now he's back and doesn't regret a thing. Learn how Johnny got to where he is and where he wants to go from here.

5 Questions With IFBB Pro Johnny Moya

[ Q ] You disappeared from the scene - what happened and where'd you go?

    A: I felt I needed a change, a break. My body needed to relax, my mind needed to focus on other projects. I don't regret it; I feel I'm a better athlete now than five years ago, both mentally and physically.

IFBB Pro Johnny Moya
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IFBB Pro Johnny Moya.

[ Q ] How and when did you become Pro?

    A: I turned pro in 1997, I was the middle weight winner at the Nationals in Dallas that year.

[ Q ] What do you feel you need to accomplish as a bodybuilder and why?

    A: I feel I need to be at my best genetic potential. I hope that I can contribute to this sport by being a positive light, and not a negative one, like many others have done and continue to do so. I hope I can make a living out of the sport I love, and the sport I'm good at.

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[ Q ] If you could change one thing about the sport of Bodybuilding, what would it be and how would you change it?

    A: That is a difficult question to answer, at least, without sounding negative. The judging - it's gotten better. However, the sport needs to recognize physiques that the average person can relate to, more realistic bodies.

    I'm not saying that the monsters don't attract their share of fans, but I think we are missing the boat on another market. The more qualified, the better conditioned athletes should be able to make a living out of the sport itself.

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[ Q ] If you should qualify for the Mr. Olympia again, what would it mean to you and your career as a Pro?

    A: Qualifying for the Mr. Olympia again would mean everything. The prestige of the event itself can contribute to the opening of different avenues. The promotion of the sport becomes a lot easier for the public to accept whenever athletes that compete at the top of their sport speak. It justified my life as something I always wanted to be, a professional athlete.