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2006 NPC All Forces & Pacific USA Naturals Championships!

The 2006 All Forces & Pacific USA Naturals Championships were held in Anaheim, California! Get the latest results, pics, and commentary right here.

That's right, the combined forces of the most formidable military machine in the history of mankind came to flex and pose in Anaheim, California on August 19th. At the invitation of show producer & commander in chief, Jon Lindsay, the NPC All Forces joined with the Pacific USA Naturals Bodybuilding & Figure Championships.

Approximately 85 athletes came to show what they had and what they are made of. This is an interesting show because it not only brought out active duty competitors but also a very large number of first time competitors. The Pacific USA is a "great entry level show" according to top level trainer Kim Oddo.

Now Kim has been the trainer of choice by such greats as Monica Brant and many others for 20 years. So if he says that this is good first time show and he himself backs it up by bringing his trainees to compete, well I would say it must be true.

United States Navy:

    Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to your United States Navy:

Sarah Smith Sarah Smith
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Petty Officer 2nd Class, Sarah Smith.

    And specifically to Petty Officer 2nd Class, Sarah Smith. From Bullhead, Arizona and 21 years old, Sarah actually had never seen the ocean until she joined the Navy in January 2004. She is now a radar ops specialist and in September she becomes a crew member of the Aegis platform destroyer, USS John Paul Jones. She will be on board this 8,300 ton guided missile ship of the fleet with 300 other personnel.

    Cruising at a top speed of 30+ knots, Sarah, who describes herself as a small town girl, will be off to see the entire western hemisphere seeing ports in Australia, Hawaii and Japan. And she says the crew might be comprised of as many as 100 women. But how do you go from radar to figure competition? Sarah says she was very athletic in high school but after enlisting she found herself a 5 ft 6, 160 pounder with 34% body fat.

    With the determination that this girl shows, you know what happened. She started going to the gym and working out only back in January of this year. In April she decided to try figure competition and the results speak for themselves with this being her first competition.

    Sarah says that her best friend, her Mom, did not even recognize her. Sarah was also quick to point out that really helped her get where she is. She really appreciates the quick shipping when she needed her list of supplies which included fat burners, tanning products and even her Bikini Bite. I think Sarah might do more for Navy Recruiting than the movie "Top Gun" ever did.


    Well how about those civilians?

    I think that this was indeed a great entry level show because all of these athletes were the happiest bunch of competitors I have seen all year. And included is first timer 19 year old John Lora. Now John got really lucky because at the Santa Clarita Athletic Club in California back in April he met the "blond bomber" himself, Chris Cook.

    Well you just can't help but do good with Chris telling you how to work out, what to eat and what supplements to take. Chris was at the show of course to back up John in case he needed a little inspiration. And again in the category of parental surprise, John's dad in the audience, United States Marine Corp Staff Sgt Jessie Lora, said he also did not recognize his son and was amazed at how big he had become.

    Dad says his son introduced him to John plans to go on to become a trainer getting certified through Pro PTA, the Private Trainers Association.

John & Friends John
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John & Friends.

United States Army Rangers:

    "Readily will I display the intestinal fortitude to fight on..."

    A part of the Creed of the United States Army Rangers. Units specifically designated as "Rangers" date back to 1670 in the American frontier. But it was in 1756 when Major Robert Rogers formally organized the Rangers among the American colonists to fight the British during the French and Indian War. And now a part of Ranger history is US Army Ranger and 22 year veteran, Miguel Perez Martinez out of Fort Bliss, TX.

    This 41 year old from Puerto Rico has been working out for eight years and started competing seven years ago. At 5 ft 7, he packs a huge 216 pounds. And from the photos you can see that at 41 years old this guy is really something else.

    As an Army Ranger he is indeed one of the best, having already gone on those special Army tours in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq. Miguel might get a little break from competing because it looks like he is being deployed back to Iraq. But hey, he picked up some heavy hardware right here in Anaheim.

Miguel Perez Martinez
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And now for a little helpful advice for the kids out there....

Andrew Serrano & Bob Cicherillo
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Andrew & Bob.

Teen Champion:

    So what pearls of bodybuilding wisdom is our own World Champion Bob Cicherillo giving to new teen champion, Andrew Serrano? Well next up for Andrew is a pose down with some of them other guys.

    Far be it from Bob to stir up a little trouble, but it seems that Bob thinks it would be a good idea for Andrew to give those guys a good elbow shove here and there. You know, push his weight around. Get in there and mix it up. I think our new teen champ held that advice in the back of his mind for maybe the next competition.


    Lots of people came out for this show and it was a great time. Your favorite companies were there including EFX, Labrada Nutrition, John Scott's Nitro, VyoTech and Met-Rx. And as usual there were lots of samples to pick up, people to meet and lost to see. And never to be out done was Always with the first with the most, and always the biggest and the best, gave away every t-shirt and towel and the champ Bob Cicherillo matched biceps with every fan that came along.


And what is next on the schedule? Well you can look right here on to find an upcoming show somewhere near you. And will be covering many of them so come on back often to see what's new. But like I always say, get out to a show in person. It is great fun, you will learn a lot, you will get motivated and you will meet great people. The next Lindsay Production is the NPC Tournament of Champions on September 23rd in Anaheim California.

This is always a great show. And I will give you a little inside information. Kim Oddo alone will be bringing twenty of his figure girls to compete in that show. It is well worth your time to go see twenty of "Oddo's Angels" compete let alone get to see the rest of the show. So go out to a show and support your sport. And keep coming back to for more competition news, photos and more.

And thanks again to the show producer commander in chief, Jon Lindsay.

John Lindsay
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John Lindsay.