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2006 Anchorage Bodybuilding & Figure Contest Results!

The 2006 Anchorage Bodybuilding & Figure contest was an incredible event. Check out the full results & pictures from the contest here.

Contest Results

-> Women's Divisions:

    Women’s Figure over 35

      1st Place Debbie Fowler - Powerhouse
      2nd Joanne Prefrock - AK Club Anchorage
      3rd Invilz Pribe - AK Club Anchorage

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Various Competitors.

    Women’s Figure 5’3� and over

      1st Dsiree’ Clark ( Women’s Overall Figure) - World Gym
      2nd Crystal Howland - Powerhouse

    Novice Women

      1st Meghan Doyle - AK Club Anchorage
      2nd Candy Mattingly - AK Club Fairbanks

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Various Competitors.

    Light Weight Women (up to and including 125 pounds)

      Rebecca Lovdahl ( Best Poser) - AK Club Fairbanks

    Heavy Weight Women (over 125 pounds)

      1st Stephanie Figarelle ( Women’s overall) - Home Gym
      2nd Crystal Schiffibauer - AK Club Fairbanks

-> Men's Divisions:

    Novice Men

      1st Les Bridgeman - Powerhouse
      2nd Eric Kala - World Gym

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Various Competitors.

    Junior Men


    Middleweight Men

      1st Scott Lyons
      2nd Brit Brit - Elmendorf

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Various Competitors.

    Lightweight Men (143 ¼ to 154 ¼)

      Geoff Bomin ( Men’s Overall) - Fitness Place
      John Wayne Johnson - Powerhouse

    Light Weight Men (176 ¼ to 198 ¼)

      1st Caleb Harvey - Powerhouse

    Heavy Weight Men (198 ¼ to 225)

      1st John Lehe - AK Club