2006 Boise Fitness Expo Video Content.

2006 Boise Fitness Expo video is already available for the world to see. Check it out and see what you think!

2006 Boise Fitness Expo Videos

The 2006 Boise Fitness Expo took place on April 7-8, 2006 in Boise, Idaho. For those that could not attend, here are some video clips!

Some of these videos were user-submitted. If you would like to see your video featured here, please contact Will.

Boise Fit Expo Weekend Highlights

Highlights spanning the entire two-day 2006 Boise Fitness Expo weekend event! Featuring background music "There She Goes" by Brother Love (brotherloverocks.com) featured at the Podsafe Music Network (used with permission)!

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MPEG (46.9 MB)

Friday Night, Second Half

This video was user-submitted by Richard Barnet from Caldwell, Idaho. He captured the second half of the Friday evening events, and compiled the highlights into a short 6-minute video clip.

See IFBB pros Jay Cutler and Bob Cicherillo face off in a posedown, hear the SuperVapors play, catch the karate demonstration, the Fire Kittens, the Indiana Pacemates, and more!

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Jay And Bob: Posedown

Jay Cutler and Bob Cicherillo in a posedown.

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Jay And Skinny Guy: Posing 101

Jay Cutler schools the skinny kid.

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Belly Dancing

Cymma~Tribe Belly Dancing Performance.

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MPEG (11.0 MB)

Boys Dancing

Boys Dancing.

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FAME Results

FAME results.

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Fire Kittens

The Fire Kittens, a Boise fine arts entertainment group.

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Fitness Dancers

Fitness dancers.

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MPEG (9.28 MB)

Girls Dancing

Girls dancing.

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MPEG (10.2 MB)

Kids Dancing

Kids dancing.

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Martial Arts

Shao-Lin demonstrations.

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MPEG (10.0 MB)

Little Girl Dancing

Little girl dancing.

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MPEG (9.33 MB)

Strongman Corey St. Clair

Strongman Corey St. Clair.

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Powerlifter Priscilla Ribic

Powerlifter Priscilla Ribic.

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