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Big Benching In The City Of Big Shoulders!

100% Raw Powerlifting Federation hosted the 2005 Holiday Cash Bench Bash on December 10, 2005 in Chicago, IL. This was a landmark event for three major reasons...

December 10, 2005 - Chicago, IL

100% Raw Powerlifting Federation hosted the 2005 Holiday Cash Bench Bash. This was a landmark event for three major reasons: it was the first-ever 100% Raw Powerlifting event in the Midwest; the event itself was held at the legendary Irving Park YMCA, where the early Chicago Bears and Paul Anderson trained; and it was a successful drive to raise contributions for Chicago's homeless families.

Cornerstone Community Outreach (Chicago, IL) and Primo Center for Women and Children (Chicago, IL) were the recipients of cashless contributions raised through the event. Both organizations help homeless women and children with temporary and transitional housing, abuse counseling, educational programs, and food kitchens. Donations included clothing, food, personal care and hygiene items, and learning materials.

We were fortunate to have generous sponsorships from, APT's Pro Wrist Straps,, VFC Engineering, BMF Nutrition, and Buddhist Temple of Chicago which ensured that everyone had a fun and exciting time. With three rookies, several veterans, NO drugs and NO recoil shirts, this meet was rocking from start to finish!

Our certified judges were Leni Jane Collet (head judge), Tom Jorndt (left side), and Ted Oraham (right side).

If there could be an MVP in powerlifting, Mary Mayfield would be the MVP of this meet. Seeing that NONE of the support crew showed up, Mary graciously and effectively took charge of setting up, running the concessions, souvenir and information tables, acting as liaison between myself and the lifters, preparing the lifters' goody bags and single-handedly conducting the awards presentation.

Somehow, she even made time to take pictures of the meet. Mary really deserves the credit for the meet running as well as it did!

Big thanks also go to Bill Blackstone for taking the reins in conducting the weigh-ins as well as the technical meeting. Bill would make a great meet director and State Chairman, should he choose to assume those roles. Until then, I am very happy and grateful to have him as a mentor and guide.

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Bill Blackstone Conducts The Tech Meeting
As Yasser Haq & Chuch Barth Look On..

Now, On To The Action!

Terry Ma:

    This was the first competition for personal trainer Terry Ma (Morton Grove, IL). Having chosen to do so just one week prior, Terry had no technical powerlifting training, but went on to win the 148 class with a 210-lb best lift at 142-lb bodyweight. Terry then went on to put up 135 for 21 reps and a 19.96479 coefficient in the Reps Division!

Clint Phillips & Andrei Loginov:

    The 165 class saw a tight challenge between second-timer Clint Phillips (Chicago, IL) and 11-year veteran, Andrei Loginov (Russia). Clint won the Masters 40-44 division at the 2005 World Bench Press Championships in November with 285, thus setting an Illinois state record.

    For this meet, he came in at 164 bodyweight and put up 295 to take first in the Masters 40-44 division and raise the IL state record by another 10 pounds. Clint followed up by putting up 185 for 18 reps and a 20.30488 coefficient in the Reps Division.

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    Clint Philips.

    Competing with an injured hip, Andrei struggled in locking out his third lift of 330, but went on to win the 165 Open class with a 315 best lift at 165 bodyweight. Being a Russian citizen, but Illinois resident, this gives Andrei the new 165 Open state record.

Bill Blackstone:

    Winning seems to be a habit for 2005 Masters World Champion, Bill Blackstone (Wonder Lake, IL). He has been a record-setting champion in three other federations and is continuing that practice with 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation. Bill went 2 for 3 with a 385 best at 196. This gave him first place in the 198 Open, Masters 45-49 and Overall win with a coefficient of 1.964286.

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    Bill Blackstone Goes For 390.

    Still charged up from his powerful performance, Bill put up 225 for 18 reps and 20.66327 coefficient in the Reps Division.

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    Bud Lyte Announces Bill Blackstone's World Championship.

Joe Hummel & Chuck Barth:

    Rounding out the 198's, Joe Hummel (Algonquin, IL) took first in the 198 Masters 50-54 with 240; and Chuck Barth (Tinley Park, IL) took first in the 198 Submaster and Law/Fire Divisions with 335.

Yasser Haq:

    Yasser Haq (Toledo, OH) was one of two lifters who came in over their intended bodyweight; but this worked to his advantage. Weighing in at 202, the rookie just missed competing in the 198's, having to compete in the 220 Open instead where he went 2 for 3 with a 285 best to take first place his time out. Yasser then followed up in the Reps Division with 185 for 18 and a 16.48515 coefficient.

Michael Collet:

    Michael Collet (Park Ridge, IL) also wanted to lift in the 198's but came in at 209, having to move up to the 220's where he took first in the Masters 60-64 with a strong 260.

    Before his opening lift, the 64-year old founder and president of Strong Athletes Against Steroids spoke to everyone in attendance about the issues of steroids and related drugs in sports and society overall, which was met with enthusiastic applause.

    100% Raw Powerlifting is now partnering with SAAS to further promote drug-free sports, drug awareness and education nationwide, with strong focus on teens.

Kevin Beveridge & Gregg Mylin:

    Kevin Beveridge (Lake in the Hills, IL) and Gregg Mylin (Algonquin, IL) went head to head in the 242 Submasters. The friends and training partners had fun as Kevin took first with 405 and Gregg took second with 325.

Barry Blackmon:

    Barry Blackmon (Joliet, IL) came in at 265 and took first in the 275 Masters 50-54 with a 365 best. Barry then went on to rep 275 for 20 and a 20.75472 coefficient to lead the Reps Division!

Serge Ceralde:

    Serge Ceralde (Crystal Lake, IL) came in at an even 300 and put up 425 to take first in the 308's.

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    Serge Ceralde.

Jim Ray:

    Veteran Jim Ray (Madison, WI) put Wisconsin on the map with a 480 lift in the Masters 40-45 SHW's. Jim later amazed all in attendance when he put up 405 for 6 and a 7.253731 coefficient in the Reps Division. Yes, that's repping 405 after putting up 480 just minutes prior. If he'd had a longer rest period before the reps, there's no doubt that he would have cranked out a dozen reps easily!

John Dolan:

    The show-stopper and jaw-dropper was the Chicago Police Department's John Dolan who has become the first 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation lifter to bench 600 pounds in competition! At 311 bodyweight, John went 3 for 3: 570 - 585 - 600. Yes, at 311-lb RAW AND DRUG-FREE, he opened with what many equipped and untested bencher hope to max!

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    John Dolan Opens With 570.

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    Three Whites For John After His 600 Lb Lift.

    Not only has John set state and federation records with his monumental lift, it's a feat that may not be touched for quite sometime. We look forward to his performances at the 2006 Nationals and Worlds, and bringing more of Chicago's Finest into the federation.

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    Celebration After John's Lift.

Holiday Cash Bench Bash Video:

Raw Video:
This was a fast-moving and fun meet, and everyone had a great time.

A Fun Meet

This was a fast-moving and fun meet, and everyone had a great time. The lifters all like awards and records, but even more, loved to show that RAW MEANS TRUE POWER!