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2005 Arnold Classic Polls!

Who do you think should have won? Were the judges fair? Should Arnold support pro bodybuilding?

The 2005 Arnold Classic Weekend was held on March 4-7th and was hosted by the city of Columbus. Bodybuilding fans from around the world came together to celebrate the sport of bodybuilding and learn about the latest trends in supplements, training and equipment. The expo was PACKED. Check out the great photos of your favorite pros and fitness models!

2005 Arnold Classic Expo Photos

Should Dexter Have Won The 2005 Arnold?
Yes - He Was By Far The Best.
No - Chris Cormier Should Have Won.
No - Gustavo Badell Should Have Won.
No - Somebody Else Should Have Won.

Who Do You Think Should Have Won The Most Muscular Award At The 2005 Arnold Classic?
Dexter Jackson.
Chris Cormier.
Gustavo Badell.

Do You Feel That Arnold Should Still Support Pro Bodybuilding?

Do You Think BSN Was Smart To Sign Ronnie Coleman To Promote Their Products?
Yes, It Will Help Their Sales.
No, They Are Wasting Their Money.

Does Dexter Have A Chance To Win The 2005 Olympia?

What Do You Like Better - Fitness Or Figure?

Are You Interested In Going To Fitness Expos?
Yes, They Are A Lot Of Fun.
No, Who Cares?