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The 2004 Fitness Expo Info!

The 2004 Fitness Expo is going to be huge! This celebration of bodybuilding and fitness is a unique event in the Boise area. With Jay Cutler, Bob Cicherillo, Chris Cook, Sergio Olivia, Valentina Chepiga, and many more!
The 2004 Fitness Expo was at least twice as big as last year! This celebration of bodybuilding and fitness is a unique event in the Boise area.

There is no place else where you can see pro bodybuilders and national fitness stars and sample the latest products from the best brands. The Fitness Expo also displays local bodies and local fitness talent, many who will be national stars in the near future!

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See you again in 2005!

Pictures From The Show!

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Who Was There?

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Jay Cutler
# 2 ranked bodybuilder in the world!
Bob Cicherillo
IFBB pro bodybuilder.
Chris Cook
2003 NPC USA Super Heavyweight Winner.
Toney Freeman
IFBB pro bodybuilder.
Sergio Olivia
Only man to beat Arnold in a pro show!
Johnny Morton
Kansas City Chiefs Star.
Corey St. Clair
Pro strongman competitor.
Eric Masters
San Francisco magician.
Valentina Chepiga
2000 Ms. Olympia.
Carmen Garcia
Top fitness model.
Brenda Kelly
Top fitness model.
Kat Meyers
Top fitness model.
Kathleen Johansson
Top figure competitor.
Lauren Powers
Top female bodybuilder.
Sara Flom
Met-rx Model.
Liz Willet
WR Squat holder at 629 lbs (View).
Jessica Destefano
Contortionist. Pic 1 | 2 | 3
Katrina Humphrey
Fitness competitor.

What Went On?

On Stage:

  • Eric Masters - San Francisco Magiciam
  • Kathleen Johansson - Figure posing
  • Kat Meyers - WUSU exhibition
  • Katrina Humphrey - Fitness routine
  • Liz Willet - Bench press 400 lbs
  • Bob Cicherillo - Male bodybuilding routine
  • Lauren Powers - Female bodybuilding routine
  • Jessica Destefano - Contortionist
  • Cory St. Clair - Stongman demo

Music by: Broken Silence

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When & Where Is It?

The Big Easy Concert House - April 16th, 2004

    Doors open at 6pm. Show goes from 7-10 p.m.