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2004 Fame Info.

2004 Fame, May 28 - 30, downtown Toronto, ON. Yes, perfect long weekend travel time for all you Americans!


May 28 - 30 **Yes, perfect long weekend travel time for all you Americans!


Downtown Toronto, ON (next to the SkyDome & CN Tower - right in the Toronto Entertainment District.

Why Come To FAME Canada?

3 Main Reasons:

  1. Learn How to 'Build' your Ultimate Body! Lose Fat! Tone Up! Finally Learn Why Your Past Diet and Training Techniques Were Holding You Back! Talk to Celebrity Trainers & Udo Erasmus (maker of Udo's Choice products)... scroll down for more.

  2. Get Discovered! Be Featured in Magazines! On TV! On Film! Kick Start your Fitness Model Career! Meet the 'BigWigs' of the Industry! Meet Robert Kennedy!! Future of Fitness Photo Shoots - on site! Be selected for Oxygen, American Health & Fitness, Musclemag, Beyond Fitness, Natural Fitness & Muscle, UMM, Apollo Male Model, Teeze, Pure Power, Fitness Trainer ... scroll down for more...

  3. Do Something Different: Hot Bods Everywhere! (great motivation)! Meet Fitness Models & Celebrities! Tons of Exhibitors! Huge Discounts! Door Prizes! On Site Challenges! And watch electrifying Stage Competitions - Musclemania Canada, Fitness Canada Pageant, International Fitness Model Search, IPD Power Dance, Cheerleading, Arm Wrestling, Baton Twirling & Ultimate Obstacle Challenge! scroll down for more..

It only comes ONCE a year and it's here now... Don't Miss It!

Build Your Ultimate Body

Enjoy over 300 exhibit booths, new product launches, seminars, workshops, and discounts all designed to help you in your endeavours to reach your Physique Goals - whether it's to feel comfortable in a bathing suit, increase your confidence, or even get ready for a Fitness competition!

Be sure to check out the booth!

    Click for list of Exhibitors - Click Here. Click for Workshops Descriptions & Seminar Topics - Click Here.

Get Discovered / Network!

Bring your Comp Cards! Bios! Resumes! Pics! This is a great opportunity for you to be seen and get your name out! Chat with the industry's best - including Elite Athlete Management, Publishers and Editors of the Major Magazines, Legacy Films, FAME Fitness Model Agency... Plus several companies are looking to Sponsor and Endorse those with Fit Physiques! Could it be you? Come to FAME Canada & find out!

See some of the Opportunities available at FAME Canada - Here. Click here to read about the Key Note Speakers -

Enjoy An Electrifying Weekend

So much all under one roof - International Stage Competitions (yes, the ones filmed for TSN across the country); on site Challenges (curl challenge, chin up, Obstacle Course, Tricep dips, and of course the famous 'Hot Bod' contest); Tons of Celebrities & all the big names from the magazines: Rachel Moore, Margaret Diubaldo, Ian Walling, Allison Ethier, Lee Labrada, Sylvia Tremblay, Derrick Brown, Kary Odiatu, Wendi West, Alicia Denson, Dawn Butterfield, Ocean Bloom, Holly Wilbur, Sheri McCall, Laura Creavalle, Martha Lombardo, Ron Palmer, Cory Holly to name a few, and for all the teenage fans - Shane Kippel (Spinner from Degrassi: The Next Generation)...

By the way, there are great prizes being offered at FAME including Trips, Gym Equipment, Sponsorships, and more!!! Just fill out a ballot and visit the exhibit booths &/or compete in an event.

  • Click for a Listing of all the Events.
  • Check out the 'Celebrities' who you can talk to, take pics with, and got autographs from.
  • Prizes & Giveaways
  • Click here for some examples of Sales & Promo that is going on at FAME

** If you would like to compete in a stage competition, it is not too late! Download an entry form now, click here! (Open to Americans & International athletes) (
* Click here for specific Athlete Details

What's New At FAME Canada?

  1. TV Opportunities: You all know that the Fitness Canada Pageant and the Musclemania Canada Nationals are already TV Events across the country. Well, it was just announced that Legacy Films will be filming and producing the Fitness Model Search Competition as well. They are now looking for hosts and athletes to feature & follow! Host auditions are this Saturday in Toronto. To be followed, you must be competing in the event and send an email to along with pics and reasons why you think you would make 'good tv'. As well, Impact Films is capturing the entire Ultimate Obstacle Challenge - which is hosted by Barrymore Richardson, the talk show host of the 2 Be Fit Hour on MoJo Radio. To be featured, you obviously just have to sign up and compete! Hit reply to request an entry application.

  2. Fitness Model Search goes International! You may have noticed that the title of the Fitness Model Search was the FAME North American Fitness Model Search. Little did we know that we would be attracting athletes abroad.... so we are now proud to introduce the new name of the event, the FAME International Fitness Model Search!! Top athletes also qualify for the annual, by invitation only, CHIN Bikini Model Search. If you would like to participate in this very popular and fun event, covered by Oxygen magazine, it is not too late to sign up. Hit reply to request an entry application.

  3. World Natural Sports Expands! WNSO, organizers of FAME Canada, is proud to announce its sister company, the new FAME Fitness Model Agency. FAME Fitness Model Agency was set up as a means to introduce all our athletes who seek 'exposure, work, and sponsorship' with our sponsors, exhibitors, & supporters who seek the very best fit individuals for ad campaigns, trade shows, endorsements, and tv/film work. A big welcome to Bren Peters, the President of the company.

  4. Incredible Judging Panel: Here's just a sample of the 'celebrities' who will be judging the WNSO stage competitions: Kerrie-Lee Brown (the Editor-in-Chief of Oxygen Magazine & American Health and Fitness), Ron Sears (of Chin TV and Chin Radio), Pierre Martino (Publisher of Beyond Fitness Magazine), Tony Gonzalez (Choreographer for the hit movie Bring It On 2 & The Hot Chick, and the tours for Jewel, Alicia Keys, and Snoop Dog...), Bren Peters (President of FAME Fitness Model Agency), Kevin Weaver (Head of Muscle TV), Ian Walling (Natural Pro Bodybuilder World Champion), Nash & Abbis (Publishers of UMM - Urban Male Magazine)... Top Name Photographers will also be on hand: Scott Appleby of; Glen Grant of; Michael Palmer of; Skip Faulkner of; Thomas Oed of; Bernard Clark of many more! Friday, May 28 is Media Day @ 3:30pm - great photo shoot opportunities!

  5. Team FAME Canada: If you would like to have a great time while helping FAME Canada to be as successful as possible, please join Team FAME Canada! Be a part of Street Stunts, Walk (or dance or jump in) the streets as a group, hand out flyers, chat with the media... If you are available to help out the weeks or days leading up to FAME, including the Thursday & / or Friday of FAME, please send an email to &

  6. Promotion Opportunities: If you have any 'catchy' stories or pictures that you think we can help you to promote prior to FAME Canada, please let us know. Or contact your local media yourself and see if you can get some promotion for your self as you gear up for FAME Canada. Then use our expertise for to get the most out of your exposure. Or pass along media contacts who we can contact on your behalf. If any of this interests you, please send an email to: Or if you recently been or will be featured in the media, let us know!

  7. Do You Have a Website? Or Database? If so, would it be too much to ask (or beg) if you can please post some information about FAME Canada on your home page or 'news' section? We can provide you with the details, banners, pictures etc... Or PLEASE forward this email to all those on your database who you feel would be interested!! Please also add '' to your mailing list! THANKS! We are also looking for anyone who wants to help out at FAME Canada itself - backstage, media section, general staff... Hit reply if you are interested or pass on this information to someone else.

  8. Over 340 booths! Wow, it's been a long journey, and we're almost nearing the end. Only a handful of booths remaining, so if you would like to be a part of 'The Only Event of Its Kind', that has everything and anything to do with Physique, Beauty, Health, Nutrition, Fitness, Modeling, and Confidence, do not hesitate to contact us to book your spot:

  9. Exciting New Product Launches at FAME - including the Faremon Fitness Fashion Show, featuring FAME Canada contenders.; NeXfit's MOG Online Exercise Bike. Hooked up to a home computer, the bike acts as a giant joystick allowing riders to get in the game while they get fit. Compatible with any PC-based game, now you can fully experience the thrills and hills of favourite games while benefiting from a high-energy cardio workout. Recently featured on Canada AM, Breakfast Television, the Toronto Star, now you can try them at FAME Canada. Perfect for trainers! Watch out also for new products from Green's Plus, Upper 49th, SlimSpa, Oceans Fish... Click here.

  10. Tickets On Sale Now: Only $15/day or $40/wkend - includes access to workshops, seminars, free samples, stage competitions, mini challenges, discounts, photo shoots, 'fame' opportunities, door prizes, and much much more!

    • Separate fees for Stage Seats for the Musclemania Canada, Fitness Canada Pageant, International Fitness Model Search, WNSO Figure Championships, and IPD - International Power Dance.
    • Special reduced fees for groups of 20 or more!
    • Request a Ticket Order Form to reserve your seats now or call 416 994-8665. Tickets will also be available at the door.

Special Thanks To...

A big Thank You to all our Sponsors and Exhibitors, especially FAREMON Sportwear, the presenter of FAME Canada! Also, thank you to: GNC, AllMax Nutrition, Fitness Source, Prolab, Detour, EAS Myoplex, Grizzly Fitness, Xenadrine, Muscle Marketing USA, Labrada, Molson Ultra, Muscletech...

A big Thank You to all our Media Sponsors: Oxygen Magazine, Musclemag, American Health & Fitness, American Curves, Beyond Fitness, UMM, Canada's Healthy Living Guide, Fitness Trainer Canada, Teeze, Pure Power, Apollo Male Model...

Travelling In?

  • Host Hotel - Holiday Inn on King - call 1800 263 6364. Special room rate code; FMUSC
  • Cheap Airfare - Total Vacations - 888 282 3783 - Code: WNSO

Quick Updates On What Is Happening

  • We have exceeded our expectations! We were hoping to hit 300 booth spaces and we are happy to say that we are currently at 326! There are only 14 potential spaces left (last year we had 158 booths)

  • Radio promotions began this week with tickets giveaways and promo spots on Toronto's top stations for our demographic market: Z103.5, The Edge 102.1, The Flow 93.5 and Mojo 640. Brand sell spots begin heavy next week - make sure to listen in!

  • FAME posters have been up all around the city for the last few weeks at New Ad Media locations and through the WNSO distribution network.

  • The newest posters have gone out on Monday - over 125,000 copies - and the last promo postcard will be hitting the streets this Friday with over 200,000 copies - that brings our total promotions this year to close to 2,000,000 pieces!!!

  • The FAME Street Team and FAME Demo Team have already been out in the streets, gyms, nutrition and fitness sources across the Toronto area and are being met with great success!

  • Name change! The Fitness Model Search has changed names to the International Fitness Model Search and will be taped by Legacy Films with the intention of creating a TV show. We will have a full 5 camera shoot with background interviews on selected athletes!

  • Impact Films will be taping the Obstacle Course Challenge with the intention of producing a show for one of the sports networks.

  • We will be launching our newest division of the company - FAME Fitness Model Agency! With thousands of athletes and models right from day one we are the only agency in Canada to deal with this select market! If you need fit people for demos, promotions, product launches, etc, give us a call and we are sure we can find someone for you!

  • If you are contributing to the prize giveaways and have not sent in your prizes, now would be the time!

Other Notes:

FAME Canada 2005 has been booked! Mark you calendars for June 10-12! We already have the new floor plan and will be talking with you at the show - we will hold first right of refusal on the booth spaces from this year until June 20th. (If you already are interested in being back for '05 and know that you want the same booth positioning please let us know)

Stay tuned for more quick updates next week!

Thanks again for all your support and we look forward to seeing you at the show!
Jeff, Mindy, Kathryn , Monika and Darin

See You There! Be Sure To Check Out The Booth!

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