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2004 Arnold Classic Expo Pics: Page 8.

2004 Arnold Classic Expo Pics!

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Valentina And Christina.
The NOW Foods booth.
Bethany Howlett was also there!
The IDS Sports booth.
Timea. Did we mention she was there?
How would you have done at the arm wrastlin' competition?
The Vitalstate booth.
A close-up of Randy Couture.
Dave Draper and Scott Sonnon's booth.
Scott Sonnon is awesome!
Dave and Laree Draper.
Monica Brant is one of the most popular people there!
VPX girls were handing out tons of samples!
It was great to see Sly there!
Monica Brant competed in the figure competition.
Monica Brant shows us a new form of lifting.
People were freaking out when Stallone walked by.
Prolab's trampoline for Man Show remakes!
Will and Will Brink.
The Xenadrine NRG had a lot of people talking.
SAN's booth.
Next Nutrition had girls in their booth as well.
Frank Zane was there signing autographs!
I would not mess with him.
Russ DeLuca in the booth.
More VPX girls.
Kevin Levrone.
Had to fit in one more of Ronnie's arms.
Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman.
Free stuff was being thrown out all over! contributor & Special Assistant to the IFBB Rob Wilkins with Arnold.

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