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2003 NPC Nationals And Show Of Strength Pictures!

Check out these exclusive pics from the 2002 NPC Nationals and the 2003 Show Of Strength!

NPC Nationals - Results

Sherry Goggins, Lauren Powers & Brenda Kelly
Kelly Ryan & Fitness Diva Christine Bergeron.
Marvelous Melvin Anthony in front of the Pinnacle booth.
Women's lineup.
Jon Lindsey of Lindsey Productions.
Gunter Schlierkamp was looking huge!
Lauren Powers, Valentina Chepiga, Troy Alves, Kat Meyers, Kathleen Johansson.
Lauren Powers, Lee Priest, Valentina Chepiga.
Kathleen Johansson, Richard Jones, Kat Meyers, Valentina.
Brenda Kelly, Shawn Ray, Valentina & Kat.
Strongman Jesse Marunde and his fiancée in the Beast Nutrition booth.
Valentina, Kathleen Johansson.
Shawn Ray.

Show Of Strength - Results

GNC Girls vs... Girls... What Do You Think?
Who Has The Hottest Models?
Lenda Murrey & Russ DeLuca.
The Worldwide model is fitness model April Moore.
Fitness model Elaine Goodlad is hot.
Gerard Dente, Angela Mraz of MHP & Russ Deluca.
Susie Curry of Met-RX & Russ DeLuca.
Russ DeLuca & Laurie Vanimann.
Russ DeLuca & Tanji Johnson.
VPX Girls.
Showing off thier new product line Command and Russian Red. Coming SOON to Click here to sign up for our weekly updates.
Kat, Brenda, Russ & Valentina..
Art Atwood & Russ DeLuca.
Julie Shipley of Met-RX.
Bob Cicherillo, Brenda & Valentina.
Shannon Sharpe.
Amy Fahaldi and the MHP girls. Pushing the car.
Lee Priest with Twinlab babes.
Russ DeLuca kicking Idrise Ward-el's butt in arm wrestling.
Cathy Priest & Russ DeLuca.

What Do You Think Is Going To With The Show Of Strength Next Year?
Dexter Jackson
Jay Cutler
Kevin Levrone
Toney Freeman
Dennis James

Gunter Schlierkamp
Ronnie Coleman
Richard Jones
Dennis James