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The 2003 Fitness Expo: Page 3.

Over 200 pics from the 2nd annual Fitness Expo in Boise, Idaho! Pros and fitness babes.

This is page three. Click HERE for page one.


The famous girls gave out samples with Brenda Kelly.
Watch for Crystal in the muscle mags real soon.
Katrina Humphrey is a Fitness America contestant.
Katrina performed her high powered routine.
The stage was small, but she used every inch of it.
The crowd was amazed at what she could do!
Pro fitness competitor, Nicole Rololaza performed her routine.
Her routine was amazing!
I got tired just watching her.
She did at least 6 one arm pushups in a row.
She is flexible, strong and has great dance ability.
Maybe too flexible!
Powerlifter Stacey Hammar showed how strong a woman can be.
She attemped 215 pounds...
Can she do it?
She did 3 reps with no problem!
Merry Christine performed her bodybuilding routine!
She designs all her own clothes/suits.
Watch for her at the 2003 Emerald Cup.
She motivated a lot of over 40 fans!

More Pics Coming Soon!