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The 2003 Fitness Expo: Page 2!

Over 200 pics from the 2nd annual Fitness Expo in Boise, Idaho! Pros and fitness babes.

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Brokin Silence invited some audience members onto the stage.
Corey St. Clair lifted four huge rocks in a row.
One rock rolled onto the stage!
This little girl had never seen muscles like these before!
People crowded the stage all night.
Jeff Caves interviewed Quincy Taylor.
The Big Easy night club was packed!
Mandi from our store helped hand out free samples.
Bodybuilder/Model/Actor Christian Boeving was there!
The ladies hung around this booth all night for some reason.
Nicole Rollolazo signed authographs with Christian.
The big screens flashed logos all night and showed bodybuilding videos.
EAS fitness model Hayley Campbell sampled out Piranha all night.
Pro bodybuilder Idris Ward-El was looking huge!
Idris and Quincy signed autographs and answered questions.
Quincy Taylor was looking huge and in great shape!
Quincy's arms were bigger than his head!
Crystal Matthews gave out free t-shirts to everybody.

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More fitness routines and fitness babes.