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The 2003 Fitness Expo!

Over 200 pics from the 2nd annual Fitness Expo in Boise, Idaho! Pros and fitness babes.

The 2003 Fitness Expo was at least twice as big as last year! This celebration of bodybuilding and fitness is a unique event in the Boise area. There is no place else where you can see pro bodybuilders and national fitness stars and sample the latest products from the best brands. The Fitness Expo also displays local bodies and local fitness talent, many who will be national stars in the near future! Check out the pics from the show below.

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Brenda Kelly with Jeff Caves from KTIK/ESPN radio.
Brenda Kelly is a famous fitness model and muscle magazine covergirl.
Brenda did a hawaiian dance routine.
Oh yeah... she also looked HOT while doing it!
Quincy Taylor, Idris Ward-El and Russ DeLuca danced too!
She amazed everybody with her props.
Who is the best belly dancer out of them?
Her dance was a lot of fun to watch.
Brenda was definitely the best out of them all.
Quincy Taylor took his shirt off and posed for the crowd.
Idris Ward-El also posed for the crowd!
Brenda was one of the highlights of the show.
Brokin Silence performed 3 of their songs!
The girls loved their romantic songs.

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