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2003 Emerald Cup Pics: Page 4.

2003 Emerald Cup Pics!

Brenda Kelly's Pictures From The Show!

Here are some PICS from the Emerald Cup weekend for the site. Promoters Brad and Elaine Craig put on a bang on show once again. The two day event had over two hundred competitors! The Saturday awards night show was SOLD OUT! I was a busy busy girl working at both and Merry Christine Bodywear as well as filling in for a sick trophy girl on the awards night! Whew! I love that show since it is my hometown so I get to see many old friends and meet many new ones.

I want to thank everyone at for making such a fantastic impression on our first Emerald Cup experience. Great job. Enjoy the PICS.

Brenda Kelly

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Valentina Chepiga, Lauren Powers and Brenda Kelly.
Valentina and Brenda looked hot in our booth!
Valentina, Russ DeLuca from and Lauren compare biceps!
Pic from backstage of Jay, Ronnie and Gunter!
Can you see the floor bending down?
Looking huge from all directions!
Sherry, Brenda and Nicole.
Is Ronnie doing the running man?
The place was packed! This is one of the biggest amateur shows.
The teens posedown!
Picture from backstage.
Russ, Kat Meyers and Merry Christine (with others in the background).
Here is Lauren with her trophy, Valentina and Russ.
Lauren, Valetina, Quincy Taylor and Brenda.
Lauren, Valentina and Brenda in our booth.
Gunter shows the new bowling pose.
Brenda and Kenny.
Brenda and Kat Meyers.
Brad and Elaine.
Oh baby! Julie, Brenda, Merry, Nicole, and Sherry.
Imagine the attention they get when they go out!
Valentina, Russ and Lauren... and the winner is...

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