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2003 Emerald Cup Pics: Page 2.

2003 Emerald Cup Pics!

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The women were looking good!
One of the class winners!
Holding the sword.
More class winners!
Jay Cutler is one huge dude!
Ronnie prepares for his next pose.
Boom! The crowd was blown away.
Jay flexes hard and scares his competitors.
The crowd couldn't believe how big he was.
Jay's side chest pose can't be beat.
Ronnie wasn't in perfect contest shape, but he was still ripped!
Ronnie talks to the audience.
"I can't hear you!"
Jay flexes one of his massive biceps.
Looking down on his competitors.
Milos Sarcev, Ronnie Coleman and Gunter Schlierkamp.
Nicole Rolollazo and Quincy Taylor.
Laura Mak in the middle.
Valentina Chepiga, Lauren Powers and Brenda Kelly in our booth.
Shawn Ray and Flex Wheeler with a fan!
Big Quincy Taylor is always a fan favorite.
Jay Cutler with teen competitor Jared Stevens.

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