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The 2003 Emerald Cup Pics: Page 1.

2003 Emerald Cup Pics!

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The 2003 Emerald Cup was a huge success with sold out crowds almost every day! Ronnie Coleman, Gunter Schlierkamp and Jay Cutler were the guest posers. Find out who won and check out the awesome pics in the sections below.

Check out the full results HERE. Who won each class?


Ronnie, Gunter and Jay doing the most muscular pose!
They are friendly to each other now, but come Olympia time...
Gunter, Jay and Ronnie hold a side chest pose!
Who's the widest? (More pics of these guys and more on page two.)
This year's amateur competitors were top notch!
Michael Kindred was the overall winner.
A side triceps pose during this routine.
Michael Kindred was in great shape.
Each class was a battle to the finish.
The EAS rep announces the class winners!
Most muscular pose.
The Master's Men class was huge!
The class winners are announced.
These guys were huge!
Everybody did a great job.
Jay Cutler announces the women's winners.
Jeremy DeLuca from announced the overall women's masters champion, Lori Schelling.
The men's teen class.
The famous Dave Draper pose.
Merry Christine is on the left.
Jay Cutler announces the winner.
Side chest poses!

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