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The 2003 Arnold Classic Expo: Page 2.

The 2003 Arnold Classic Expo may have been the busiest one yet! Nearly every pro and magazine fitness babe was there. Check out these great pics!

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Jeff Willett from AST gave out advice to many trainees.
Nasser El Sonbaty talking with Kevin Levrone.
Matt Duval signed autographs in the MuscleTech booth.
Joey Rodrigues (left) and others from the SAN team!
Rachel Moore looking as hot as ever!
Even the great Shawn Ray was at the expo.
Garrett Downing was in the Optimum/ABB booth.
Brenda Kelly was busy taking pictures all weekend!
It was great to meet Layne Norton, Ansley and Drew (Toolegit2quit) in person!
Art Atwood almost needed a bigger booth!
Natural bodybuilder Skip LaCour was in the AST booth.
Former bodybuilder of the week Brian Whitacre met Amber DeLuca in our booth!

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