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The 2002 Show Of Strength Pictures: Page 5.

The 2002 Show Of Strength Pictures!

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The Men's Contests - Continued...

Dexter, Ronnie and Gunter.
Craig Titus looking W-I-D-E!

Bob Cicherillo, Lee Priest and Chris Cormier.
Ronnie Coleman, most muscular pose.

Wide angle lens needed! Art, King and Johnnie.
Ronnie trying to fly away from the competition.

Art, Craig and Bob.
Ronnie Coleman!

Ahmad, Bob and Johnnie.
Posedown! Gunter, Ronnie and Chris.

Gunter and Mr. Olympia.
Chris, Gunter and Ronnie.

Dexter, Lee and Dennis.
Ronnie, Gunter and Chris.

Gunter and Ronnie check themselves out.
Ahmad and Craig on stage.

Johnnie, Dennis and Lee.
Craig Titus looked great!

Ronnie and Dennis!
Ronnie Coleman doing the splits.

Ronnie posing for the crowd.
Chris, Gunter and Ronnie.

Ronnie looking thick!
Gunter, Ronnie and Chris.

Dexter, Chris and Lee.
Ronnie's amazing back.

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