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The 2002 Show Of Strength Pictures: Page 4.

The 2002 Show Of Strength Pictures!

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The Men's Contests - Continued...

Lee Priest's huge back!
Ahmad Haidar, Bob Cicherillo and Johnnie Jackson.

King Kamali and Johnnie Jackson.
Gunter's awesome back!

Johnnie Jackson, Dennis James and Lee Priest.
Gunter and Ronnie pose down alone.

Gunter and Ronnie compare backs.
Dexter Jackson, Lee Priest and Dennis James.

Lee Priest came in 4th.
Gunter, Ronnie and Chris.

King Kamali, a fan favorite!
Johnnie Jackson, Dennis James and Lee Priest.

Art Atwood, King Kamalia and Johnnie Jackson.
Chris, Gunter and Ronnie.

Gunter, Ronnie and Chris hit the rear double biceps!
Lee Priest's famous pose.

Chris, Gunter and Ronnie.
Ahmad Haidar has been impressing a lot of people lately.

Art Atwood, Craig Titus and Bob Cicherillo.
Dennis James came in 5th!

Dennis James, Dexter Jackson and Lee Priest.
Chris Cormier's side tricep pose!

Lee Priest's front double biceps!
Dennis James, Craig Titus and Lee Priest.

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